3 Reasons Why the Motor Home Community is Getting Younger

Historically, the 55+ crowd has dominated the RVing lifestyle and motor home ownership rates. And for good reason; the high cost of luxury Class A gas and diesel pusher motor homes coupled with the amount of time you really need to get the most enjoyment out of owning a coach has made it more common for retirees and individuals reaching retirement age to be likely purchasers. In the past, many people have viewed motor home ownership as something that needs to be achieved…that they need to reach a certain point in their life before owning a motor home becomes practical. These days, however, there’s a new, younger demographic of motor home shoppers on the rise that are dispelling these old ways of thinking.


young motorhome owners
Young families are taking the motor home industry by storm

Motor home manufacturers and dealers across the country have been seeing a rise in the amount of new customers they have in the 35-54 year old demographic. As the economy continues to rebound and retail markets and luxury brands start to experience accelerated financial growth, younger families are recognizing the benefits of, and are taking advantage of, the motor home lifestyle. The fact that banks are more willing to lend money these days and that people have more to spend are just part of the reason this relatively new group is flooding the motor coach market. Here, we’ll give you 3 reasons why we believe the motor home community is getting younger.

1.    Society is getting more active

As our society continues to put a higher emphasis on living a healthier and more active lifestyle, it makes sense that vacation trends would follow suit. Typically, younger couples are going to have more energy and therefore more eagerness to get outside and enjoy all that nature has to offer. It’s no wonder why younger families are becoming more attracted to the idea of being able to pick up and take a trip to their favorite outdoor destinations on a whim, something that motor home owners are graciously afforded. The amount of storage most Class A coaches offer makes it easy to pack in gear for a whole variety of different out door activities and still leave plenty of room to live comfortably while travelers are out on the road. When was the last time you saw someone check a kayak at baggage claim at an airport? Exactly.

2.    Motor Homes are getting a lot more luxurious

It’s no secret that motor home manufacturers are attempting to outdo one another in terms of amenities offered in their products with every new model year, and new shoppers are most certainly recognizing it. What other type of travel destination gives people the opportunity to live in a beautifully hand-crafted mansion of sorts complete with a full kitchen, plush leather furniture, indoor and outdoor entertainment centers, private bathrooms, AND can be transported from place to place whenever you want? Once prospective buyers see how gorgeous and easy to drive many new coaches are, the idea of packing up an entire family, traveling by plane, and staying in hotel rooms for every vacation almost seems crazy.

3.    Luxury motor home resorts are popping up everywhere

With the manufacturers making every effort to produce motor homes that keep getting more and more luxurious, campground owners are beginning to piggyback on that mindset. All across the country ‘luxury motor home parks’ are being constructed to compete with the more traditional RV parks many owners are used to. These new motor home havens are designed for easy accessibility for large motor coaches, and, like the coaches they cater to, they offer loads of luxury features. Everything from professionally designed 18-hole golf courses, to state of the art fitness centers, to waterfront parking spots complete with swanky outdoor furniture and entertainment (tiki bars included in some!), motor home owners have never had it so good. Young families and couples are now getting the opportunity to take great vacations in beautiful locations, while keeping their families close and having loads of bonding time. These new motor home resorts offer the best of both worlds for young families.

As we mentioned, there are literally dozens of reasons why the motor home community is starting to decrease in age, but these are the three (besides those related to money) that we believe are what make the motor home lifestyle the most attractive to this new group. After all, if you’ve ever been lucky enough to travel in a luxury coach, or have even been inside one before, you’re well aware that there’s nothing quite like it.

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