3 Tips For Staying Awake While Driving

When you’re on the road for countless hours each day, it can be a challenge to stay awake. Luckily, there are plenty of things that’ll keep you alert and ready while at the wheel.

Keep your passengers and yourself safe with these 3 tips for staying awake while driving.

Monitor What You Eat

Each time you pull over to fill up on fuel, it’s the perfect chance to load up on chips and other unhealthy snacks. Even though snacking on bad food is easy, it should be avoided. Many of these snacks may give you an immediate burst of energy, but you’ll soon grow tired after thirty minutes on the road. By repeating this cycle, you’re taking in empty calories that will result in weight gain.

Instead, plan healthy snacks that will give you lasting energy. Nuts, berries, granola, and other healthy options will keep you going strong. Not only are these wonder foods better for energy, but they are also the type of snacks that will keep your waistline in mind as well.

Finally, avoid prescription medications and other substances that may cause drowsiness or impair driving. For medications that you must take on a daily basis, be sure to stick to your routine regimen to avoid any disruptions while on the road.


Keep Yourself Entertained

We live in a great age for in-car technology. Remember that book you’ve been meaning to read? A road trip is a great chance to throw on the audible version as you listen while driving. Or if your favorite tunes give you a boost while driving, load up a playlist of your favorite songs to keep energized. You can even stream your favorite TV show or movie on Netflix and listen to the audio, just be mindful of keeping your eyes on the road to avoid putting others in danger.

Your road trip will never have a dull moment if you are ready at all times with great options to keep you entertained.

Avoid Erratic Fluctuations In Sleep Patterns

If you’re on the road for many hours of the day, that’s already one thing your body is likely not accustomed to. As you mix other variables into play, it can be even more dangerous. You should avoid trying to pull an all-nighter where you attempt to drive for days on end. It’s bad for your body and could result in you falling asleep at the wheel, putting others at risk.

Pro Tip – Consider a mid-day power nap. When you feel tired and are having a difficult time staying awake, hit the next rest stop and give yourself just a quick 20 minutes of rest. This will be enough to refresh your system, without getting too deep into sleep and disrupting your normal pattern.

It’s likely that you’ll get tired at some point during your next road trip. To stay active and alert, follow these 3 tips for staying awake while driving.

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