5 Tips To Keep Your Kids Occupied While Traveling In Your Motor Home

If your kids are like most others, they may have just a slight issue with exuding patience…especially on a long road trip. Even if you’re traveling in a luxury motor home with all (or most of) the amenities of home, it’s totally normal for kids to go a little stir crazy while on the road. When the TV and iPad fail, you’ll need a few tricks in your back pocket to keep the kids occupied. Check out these 5 tips to keep your kids busy on your next motor home road trip.

1.    Teach them card tricks

A deck of cards should be a staple item for every road trip you take. At the very least, you and the kids can play games like Go Fish, War, or Spit – all of which are super easy to learn and fun to play. However, teaching your kids how to pull of a (semi) flawless card trick will be a fantastic way to kill time. Not only will it take a considerable amount of time for them to learn exactly how to pull the trick off, but they’ll get a huge kick out of it. Check out this video to learn a few relatively easy card tricks to help your kids master on your next trip.

2.    Bring some board games

Pack some board games for your next trip for the kids to play (preferably those that don’t make a lot of noise). If they don’t know them already, which is a total possibility, introduce them to some of the classics. As we all know, the average length of a complete game of Monopoly is about 2 years (seriously, isn’t that printed on the inside of the box?). While it’s extremely unlikely that your kids will start and finish a full game of Monopoly in one trip, it may be enough to occupy a couple hours of their time.

A game of Monopoly can chew up a lot of time on your next road trip
A game of Monopoly can chew up a lot of time on your next road trip

3.    Build a model airplane

Remember when you used to do this as a kid? Guess what? Kids haven’t changed as much as you think and they’ll still get a cheap thrill out of constructing their own model plane. Most model sets take quite a bit of time to complete, so whether or not it gets finished in one trip, it’ll still serve its purpose. Take a look at HobbyShipper for a huge selection on model planes, cars, and tons of others to choose from.

4.    Play “I Spy”

What’s better than teaching your kids a game that requires nothing more than scenery? All you have to do is be somewhere and the game is on. For some reason, children absolutely love this game. Maybe it’s just their young, inquisitive minds getting a kick out of guessing what their siblings and friends are thinking. Whatever it is, don’t question it! Once they start getting a knack for it, a game of I Spy might take you from New Jersey to Florida!

5.    The License Plate Game

Much like I Spy, all this activity requires is for you to be on the road. The goal of the game is to find as many license plates from different states as possible. Easy enough right? You’ve got to love a game that makes staring out the window at every car that drives by an exhilarating experience. The best part about the license plate game is that it never ends. As long as you’re in the coach, they’re playing.

Your kids will get a kick out of playing the License Plate Game
Your kids will get a kick out of playing the License Plate Game

The best thing you can do when taking a long road trip with young children is to prepare and plan accordingly. Make sure you have enough activities for them to stay occupied for long periods of time and try and limit the “are we there yet” chants as much as possible.  Luxury coach or not, kids are still kids.


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