Best Interior Motorhome Cleaning Tips

Even if you aren’t a clean freak that obsesses over the cleanliness of your living quarters, you’ll still want to keep your motor home in the best of shape. Not only will a clean motor home make for a more enjoyable time while on the road, but it’ll also help you sustain value in your rig for when the time comes to trade it in.

Chances are that the cleaning considerations you make for your home will be different than those that you make for your motor home. So if you want to ensure that the inside of your rig stays as beautiful as the outside, here are the best interior motorhome cleaning tips to keep in mind.

Start From The Top Down

If it’s your first time cleaning a rig, be glad that you came here first. You won’t believe how many people start by cleaning the inside of their rig from the bottom, only to wonder why things have gotten dirty again so quickly. By starting from the top and working your way down, you’ll be able to do a more complete job of cleaning your rig. You’ll also avoid the frustration of having to go back and do everything a second time once you realize the mistakes you’re making.


Have A Routine

There are probably a million other things that you’d rather be doing with your Saturday, but being the owner of a motor home comes with responsibility. To make sure that you clean often enough, have a routine. Maybe it’s once a month if your family travels a lot, or just seasonal if you only take it out occasionally. Whatever it may be for your family, do yourself a favor and make the time for it and have a routine that you stick to.

Would You Wash Yourself With That?

Having a motor home is a big expense as it is. When it comes time to cleaning your rig, you may want to save some cash and go with cheaper options. However, keep in mind that your motor home is an investment that should last for years. If you use inferior cleaning supplies, chances are that you won’t get nearly as much for your rig as you had hoped when the time comes to resell.

Don’t Forget The Details

You’ve mopped the floors and wiped down the windows – that’s great. However, there are a ton of other things that you may be overlooking for cleaning the interior of your motor home. While cleaning, be sure to pay special attention to the vents, pipes, and other areas that are specific to a rig. You may not be used to cleaning these areas at your home, but you won’t want to overlook them in your rig.

When you first purchased your motor home and thought about all of the awesome adventures you’d be taking part in, chances are you didn’t jump up in excitement over the idea of cleaning it. But if you want to make sure that your rig stays as valuable as possible, for as long as possible, keep these tips in mind for your interior motor home cleaning considerations.

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