Best Scenic Roads In The US

Unlike anywhere else in the world, the United States offers some of the most diverse landscapes throughout its borders. From the seaside states on the coasts, to the Rocky Mountains and Great Plains in Colorado, there is a bit of beauty no matter where you look.

That being said, there are certainly some places that are surely more scenic than others. And for those who are loading up the motorhome and getting ready to head out on a countrywide trip, it’s important that you get in plenty of great views along the way. After all, that’s half the fun in a road trip.

To make your trip as fun as possible, here are some of the best scenic roads in the US.

Patchwork Parkway

The scenes that you view in Utah’s Patchwork Parkway will be some that you never forget. From rich reds to deep oranges, the color of the sunset will change that of the ridgeline along this 51-mile stretch. Breathtaking scenery is in abundance, and you’ve only been to one place on this list of five suggestions.

San Juan Skyway

Colorado offers some of the most beautiful scenic routes in the country, simply due to the diversity in terrain. You can start your way in the bustling city of Denver, but make your way along the San Juan Skyway in the San Juan National Forest. You’ll also hit Gunnison National Forest and Grand Mesa on this 233-mile trek.


Skyline Drive

In the mountains of Virginia are some of the most scenic routes you will ever see. The Skyline Drive consists of the crest along the Blue Ridge Mountains, and the road is 105 miles long. Keep in mind that there are size limitations that change all the time, so check ahead to make sure that your rig will fit on the roads of Skyline Drive

Overseas Highway

Get ready to head as far south as you can go in America, as you take the trip down to Key West. On your way, you’ll head down the historic Overseas Highway, which is the only way in and out of the Keys. You’ll start up north in Key Largo, but don’t stop till you make your way to Mile 0 in Key West. It’ll be a great time, and it only takes a few hours for this scenic tour.

Finger Lakes Region

You might not expect New York to offer a lot in terms of scenic views, but that’s not the case when you get outside of the city. The Finger Lakes are those that are located in the central part of New York State, and they contain 11 bodies of water. You can visit them all on a scenic tour that you’ll love taking with your favorite traveling partners.

It’s time to get out and see the country like never before in your motorhome. But if you aren’t sure where to start your journey, set your GPS system to any of the five options on this list as some of the most scenic roads in the US.

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