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Why You Should Tow Your Car With You on Motor Home Trips

Let’s be honest: motor homes aren’t always the most convenient form of transportation, especially when you plan on making short trips after you’ve arrived at your destination. That’s why many motor home travellers tow another vehicle along with them when they hit the road. There are a few downsides to towing a car–it can make your motor home slightly less maneuverable, for instance–but in most cases, the advantages far outweigh the negatives. Here are just some of the reasons why you should tow your car with you on your motor home trips.

Easier to Explore Around Your Destination

However many stops you make along your route, there will probably be nearby sights you want to see. If the attraction is across town or a little farther away, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to drive your motor home back and forth, especially in areas that are more densely packed and not great for motor home driving. Having a car to travel around with after you’ve parked your motor home will make you a bit more agile, so you won’t have to think twice about seeing all the sights.


Better Comfort When Running Errands

In reality, the attractions surrounding your campsite only make up part of the short trips you might have to make during your trip. At some point, you’ll have to run some errands, such as making a trip to the local supermarket or dropping by the post office to mail something off. Wouldn’t you rather do these chores from the comfort of a car, rather than at the seat of your motor home?

Money Saved If You Plan on Making Short Trips

One big drawback to towing a car behind a motor home is that it decreases your motor home’s fuel efficiency. That said, you could make up that difference depending on how much you plan on driving once you’ve parked your motor home. If it’s a concern, you might want to bust out a calculator to get some estimates on how much you’ll be spending on gas on either side of the equation. Still, plenty of motor home vacations would be happy to lose a little bit of money on the ease that bringing a car gets them.

More Options for Your Group

Solo travellers get to go where they want, when they want, but if you’re travelling with a group, you’ll have to make some sacrifices. For example, some might want to sleep in, while others may be up early and ready to go explore. An extra vehicle allows your group to split up and do the things they want to do.

Preparation for the Unplanned

Despite your best preparations, things happen. A wrong turn could leave you out of gas, or poor road conditions could result in a flat tire. It isn’t out of the question to plan for possible motor home maintenance while on the road, as unpleasant as it may be. So, rather than be stranded without a set of wheels, towing your car along with you can allow for a backup just in case you need one.

Whether you should tow your car with you in your motor home travels is up to you, but as you can see, there are many benefits you just can’t get without having an extra vehicle with you. From reasons of safety to concerns for logistics, you’ll most likely find that bringing your car along on your travels only improves the freedom that a motor home can provide for you.

Creative Road Trip Games to Help Pass the Time

Your motor home is the key to never ending entertainment, but that doesn’t mean every moment on the road is an exciting one. You surely know the boredom that creeps in when you’ve been travelling for a while and each signpost and mile marker starts to look the same. Remember, though, that’s it’s also about the journey, not just the destination, so it’s in your best interest to have as much fun as as possible on your trip. Liven things up with some of these road games, and you’ll pass the time a little more easily.

Exquisite Corpse

Never mind the grotesque name – this game is loads of fun and family friendly. There are a few variations on it, but they all require team input and startling results. In its original form, Exquisite Corpse is a drawing game, so you’ll need some paper and drawing utensils. Take a piece of paper and fold it across into however many players there are. Each player takes turns drawing on only their part of the paper, extending their art slightly onto the other spaces but also being mindful not to peek at what other players have drawn. When everyone’s finished, take a look at the finished drawing to find out what kind of baffling collaborative artwork you’ve all come up with.


Group Storytime

Exquisite Corpse can be fun, but it leaves the poor driver out of the game. If everyone wants to play, consider choosing a game that requires no pen or paper. Going around in a circle, take turns in providing one sentence to a growing story. The beauty of this game lies in its open-endedness, as how tame or ridiculous your tale ends up depends on your group. Plus, it can last as long as your players are willing to come up with a storyline. For extra credit, see who can come up with the best illustration for your group story.

Fortunately, Unfortunately

The idea of Fortunately, Unfortunately is similar to group storytelling, but with a clever twist. One player gives the group an unfortunate scenario, and the next player comes up with a way of getting out of that messy situation. Then, the next player provides an unfortunate twist to the second player’s solution. For example: “Unfortunately, I forgot to pack my lunch to school,” to which a player could respond, “Fortunately, I brought some lunch money with me.” A third player could then respond, “Unfortunately, a bully stole my lunch money,” and so on. After a few rounds, you’ll be laughing at how far you’ve come from the original premise.

Twenty Questions

While this classic game doesn’t win any points for novelty, it does take some creativity to play well. If you’re unfamiliar with the game, all it takes is at least two people and a little bit of brain power. One person takes a turn by thinking of something–anything–and the other players have to figure it out, but only by asking yes-or-no questions. As per the game title, they have 20 attempts to suss it all out. Is it a person? Is it a famous character? Perhaps. You’re only limited by your imagination.

When you’ve had enough of the road, you could always turn to the radio, or even a board game. However, these games rely on few materials and a lot of creativity, making them creative ways to pass the time. You might just find you and your group playing them even when you’re off the road!

Essential Items to Keep in Your Motor Home at All Times

The appeal of owning a motor home–as you’re probably well aware–is that you can bring the convenience of home with you, wherever you happen to go. However, just because you’ve always got a roof over your head doesn’t necessarily mean you’re always prepared. Whether it’s for convenience, safety, or just entertainment, these are some of the items you should always keep in your motor home.

For the Unexpected, A Safety Kit

It’s smart to keep a emergency preparedness kit wherever you happen to spend a lot of time, whether that’s at the office, in your car, or in your motor home. While the contents of your safety kit will differ depending on your specific needs and the conditions in which you’ll be travelling, there are some necessities that every roadside kit should contain: a first aid kit, a flashlight, an emergency a radio, spare food, a window breaker, a multi-purpose knife, emergency road triangles, and jumper cables. A benefit to travelling in a motor home is that you’ll have a bit more storage space to work with, so you should err on the side of caution when getting packed.

Tools for Around the Motor Home

Accidents happen, and although it may be more comforting to hope that they won’t, it’s much better to be prepared. With your motor home, there are going to be some repairs, such as changing a flat tire, that you simply can’t make without some help. However, there are some other minor things around your motor home you definitely can fix, which is a lot easier if you have some basic tools packed away. Wrenches, screwdrivers, duct tape, lubricant, and the like might not solve your problem completely, especially if you’re not very handy with vehicle repair. But, at the very least, they’ll do the job until you can get a professional to look at it.


Entertainment to Keep You Busy

Oftentimes, the things you see along the way to your destination are entertainment enough. However, on long-haul trips, you’ll want something to beat the boredom. Even if your motor home has a TV, you should be prepared in the event that you don’t get reception wherever you camp for the night. You’re sure to have some leftover storage space in your motor home, so don’t forget to bring whatever helps pass the time – novels, puzzle books, a musical instrument, even board games, which are great if you’re travelling with a group

Supplies for Your Destination

Wherever you happen to travel to, from the deserts of the Southwest to the thick forests of New England, you’ll need to consider the objects you’ll need to stay safe and comfortable when you arrive. Naturally, these will depend on where you’re heading to. Planning on doing some sunbathing in the Florida Keys? Better bring some sunblock and a towel. Heading to the Cascades? You might need to pack a jacket. While you’ll most likely be able to buy whatever you need when you get to your destination, you’ll save some frustration (and probably a little money, too) by thinking ahead of time.

Despite your best preparations, there’s still a chance you’ll forget something, so don’t be too hard on yourself if this happens. As you continue to travel around with your motor home, consider keeping a list of all the must-take essentials that’s tailored to your group. Not only will you be less likely to forget something before you leave, but it’ll also make the gearing-up process a little easier. With so many things to consider as you get ready for a trip, you’ll surely appreciate any little help you can get.

How to Make Your Tailgate Party Better Than the Rest

While you might not be too happy that summer is drawing to a close, there is one upside: football season is beginning! And with football games brings the equally fun tailgating parties. While having a motor home makes hosting a tailgate party much easier, don’t think that you can just roll in unprepared. Before you head out to the parking lot, make sure you’re ready with these tips for having the best tailgate party.

Have Plenty of Food at the Ready

It’s a tailgate party, so being well-stocked with food and drinks is pretty much a necessity. Grilling is a time-tested tradition of the tailgate party, so if you really want a legitimate gathering, make sure you pack a grill and all the utensils your guests will need to eat. And don’t forget condiments! Planning your food will require some idea of how many people you expect to join you, so lock down your guest list ahead of time.

While you’ll have a lot on your plate (both literally and figuratively) when hosting a cookout tailgate party, it’s important that you follow food safety guidelines. Keeping raw meats cold and separated from cooked foods will keep everyone healthy and happy. Also be mindful of the trash your group produces. It wouldn’t hurt to pack a few extra garbage bags.


Keep Your Guest Comfortable

You and your tailgate party guests are at an advantage with a motor home. Not only can you keep all your possessions safely kept away, but you also have all the comforts of your motor home within reach. Remember, however, to be prepared. Inform your guests of the limitations of your bathroom and be clear on what parts of your home are off-limits.

If your motor home has an awning, be sure to draw it so you can keep the sun off your guests. You’re likely going to be sitting outside for a good part of the day, and even if it’s cloudy weather, the sun’s UV rays can still have an effect. Sunburn is possible no matter what season of the year it is.

Be Tuned to the Game

What’s a tailgate party without following the action going on in the stadium? You and your guests will want to watch or listen to the game, so at the least, pack a battery-powered radio to set up outside. While your neighbors will probably be listening along on their own devices, stay courteous by not playing your own feed of the game too loudly.

If you really want to impress your group (and everyone else in the lot), you could bring a TV to set up outside. Or, depending on the size of your party, you could invite everyone in to watch it on your motor home’s interior television set. Of course, this requires a generator, so you’ll want to know in advance if the generator you’re using can handle the power draw of such a device.

A tailgate party is all fun and games, but you must still respect any rules of the parking lot. For example, the lot might not permit full-fledged gas grills, or there might be limitations on running a generator. You might not even be allowed to bring a motor home to your local stadium! Doing some research in advance and being organized before the big game day can save a lot of trouble and let you focus on the game and the fun you’ll be having with your friends.

Advantages of Staying in a Luxury Motor Home Over Traditional Camping

For generations, families have spent their summers hitting the road and getting back to nature, armed only with supplies and a tent. But while camping, in the traditional sense, is certainly one way of getting back to your roots, it isn’t necessarily the best way. As a luxury motor home owner, you have similar access to the outdoors, but with many more advantages. With a motor home, you have all the benefits of traditional camping and much, much more.


The Comforts of Home

The beauty of owning a luxury motor home is that wherever you go, you can take your home with you. Have you ever tried camping overnight in a tent? It isn’t exactly comfortable. Between the rough ground, limited space, and unknown things bumping in the night, it’s tough to get comfortable, let alone fall asleep. This can make for a vacation that’s more stressful than rejuvenating.

On the other hand, bringing your motor home along for the journey can give you the best of both worlds. While it only takes one step out the door to get back to nature, you also have more than enough space to be comfortable. You’ve got all your modern amenities with you, including a real bed, a kitchen, and even bathroom facilities. Plus, a motor home provides the safety that a simple zip-up tent cannot, meaning you have more privacy and protection from wildlife, the elements, and strangers.

Less Fuss, More Relaxation

While going camping is meant to be–and certainly can be–a relaxing activity, it ironically can take a lot of work to unwind. Camping outdoors means you have to trudge around with your gear, set up a tent and campsite, and maybe worst of all, deal with inclement weather. Good luck if you haven’t planned for a torrential downpour!

Taking your motor home with you ensures an easier camp setup, as your campsite is wherever you park it. There’s less need to pack and unpack supplies, as you’ve got more than enough space to fit everything you’ll need for your camping trip. And perhaps best of all, when you’re ready to move on to your next destination, it’s easier to get up and go.

More Options for a Memorable Trip

Traditional camping can take a lot out of you, and it can be even more work than it is a relaxing vacation. Because you’re expending a lot of energy getting your campsite set up and secured, there’s less a chance that you’re willing to hit up more campsites or even take part in the outdoor activities you’d planned to do.

With your motor home, it’s easier to get up and go, so you can more easily experience a variety of places. No matter if you’re in the middle of a bustling metropolis or in the middle of nowhere, you can sleep in the comfort of your home. And if you really want the “authentic” experience, you can always bring a tent along. In your motor home, there’s more than enough space for it.

All in all, taking your motor home camping only gives you more comfort and more options for your trip. Instead of being at the mercy of your environment, you choose when it’s time to experience nature and when it’s time to relax. You have nothing to lose – except maybe the unpleasant experience of having your tent rained in!

The Best Sporting Events to Tailgate With Your Motor Home

Owning a motor home doesn’t have to be all about travelling the country and staying at campgrounds. If you’re a sports fan, a motor home can also serve as a headquarters for some fun before-game festivities. Bringing a motor home to the stadium isn’t all that rare of an occurrence, but some sports are more welcoming for your coach than others. If you’ve got an itch to do something a little different with your motor home, consider hitting up one of these sports events.

College Football Games

Ah, the college football game: the natural habitat for tailgating. Whether you’re supporting your alma mater or you’re simply going to root for your area college’s football team, finding tailgating opportunities should be pretty easy. They’re fairly common amongst colleges, even the lesser-known ones. And don’t expect the parking lots to be full of students, either – many pre-game tailgating events attract people of all ages.

Although college games are some of the most common sites for tailgating, you’ll want to check ahead of time to make sure that the stadium does in fact accommodate tailgating and whether you’ll be allowed to bring your motor home. If you want to go local, it’s a good idea to go there ahead of time and scope out the lay of the land yourself to see if there’s a good tailgating culture and how accepting it is of motor homes.


Baseball: America’s Favorite Pastime

While football might be America’s most watched (and most tailgated) sport, baseball still holds a special place in many sports fans’ hearts. You might have a harder time finding tailgating events for baseball games than football matches, but they’re out there if you’re willing to do a little looking.

Similar to the college stadiums, you’ll want to make sure that you can bring your motor home to the baseball fields, as not all stadiums are made for tailgating. Wrigley Field in Chicago, for example, doesn’t have a centralized parking lot near the stadium; instead, fans park far away and take public transportation to get to the field, celebrating in nearby bars instead of in a tailgating atmosphere. As always, be prepared!

Indianapolis 500

The Indy 500 doesn’t just allow tailgating–specifically with motor homes–it encourages it. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway has multiple lots for motor home parking and allows for overnight camping, so you can assure you’ll be there in time for the race. You can find more information about camping on the Indy 500 website.

As the Indy 500 is the biggest American racing event of the year, tickets might be a little out of your comfort price range. It’s worth keeping in mind that racing stadiums around the country similarly allow motor home parking and tailgating. While you won’t get to see the pros in person, they’ll still be going so fast that you won’t be able to tell the difference.

We don’t usually think of sports game as a motor home destination, but tailgating with your coach can be a great way to have some fun and meet other fans before the game. It’s certainly a step up from watching the game on TV at home!

Spring Cleaning: A Guide to Prepping Your Motorhome For Travel Season

The snow is melting, the birds are chirping, and the open road is calling to you. Are you and your motorhome ready for the travel season? It’s important to take a break from planning your trip to make sure that your RV is road-ready; after all, it is the most important part of the equation! Here are a few things you should be doing to prepare for your travel before you hit the road.

Inspect for Any Winter Damage

If you live in an area where there’s snow or rain during the winter season, you’ll want to first check that there hasn’t been any damage over the past few months. However, this doesn’t mean just making sure the roof hasn’t caved in – you should look for other small damages that might not be readily apparent at first glance. Check your rig’s interior for moisture damage, and make sure no critters have made themselves a home!

Check Tire Pressure

If you’ve left your motorhome throughout the winter, there’s a good chance that its tires have deflated to a degree. Use a tire pressure gauge to ensure that the tires are within the range specified by the manufacturer. Do note that tires go through wear and tear, and the best time to buy new tires would be before embarking on your journey. Nothing lets the air out of a vacation like changing a flat tire on the side of a road.

Check Your Propane

Gas leaks in confined spaces are dangerous, as they can cause health and fire hazards. Unfortunately, they can also be hard to detect. To check your gas connections, you can buy RV gas leak detector fluid or make your own by mixing five parts water and one part liquid dish soap. Apply this fluid to all gas connections and turn on the propane. If you notice any soap bubbles popping up, you’ll know that you have a gas leak. As always, if you’re unsure of what you’re doing, get in touch with an RV repairperson.

Sanitize the Water Supply

If you winterized your motorhome with antifreeze, now is the time to sanitize the water supply. Fill your water tank with water and a couple of capfuls of bleach, and then run the faucets until the water has passed. Then, repeat this purging process with a tankful of clean water. By the time you fill your water tank a third time, the water system should be sanitized, but if you still detect a smell of bleach, run another tank of fresh water through the pipes.


Make It Pretty With a Wash and a Clean

Now that you have all the most important maintenance issues checked off your list, you’ll next want to give your house on wheels a proper cleaning. If the exterior could do with a bit of work, use soap and water for the first run, then give it a good wax to really shine. The interior could probably do with some cleaning, too. Dust, wipe, vacuum, sweep, and do whatever else you need to do to make the inside of your motorhome as impressive as the outside. Once you’ve finished, open up the windows to let some fresh air in.

While spring cleaning your RV can be a bit of a hassle, but hopefully, going through this preparation will get you more excited for your upcoming journeys. It’ll all be worth it once you’re out on the road!

Do you have questions about purchasing a new or pre-owned motor home or just about the luxury motor home lifestyle in general? If so, please contact us so we can answer all of your questions and concerns!

Tips For Getting Exercise In While On The Road

It can be a challenge trying to find the perfect balance of health and fitness while traveling. Nobody wants to spend a vacation worrying about counting calories or recording new personal bests for burpees, especially when there are countless restaurants to enjoy and activities to take part in while traveling. And yet, it’s vital that you keep your physical well being in mind while on the road if you want to stay in good health.

Just because you’re on the road doesn’t mean you have to give up your goals for fitness. Here are some tips for getting exercise while on the road and traveling.

The World Is Your New Gym

One of the biggest reasons that you may not work out while on the road is because you don’t have a gym you feel comfortable at. Even though some of the larger chains may offer gyms throughout the country, you can’t guarantee that you’ll always be parked in a convenient location to get in a workout.

Luckily, you don’t need a fancy gym membership to stay active. Instead, the world is your new fitness center. You can go for a quick jog around the RV camp or get in a CrossFit WOD near a national park. Turning the world into your gym is not only a great way to stay active, but also the perfect opportunity to work out with some beautiful backdrops and scenery around you. No matter where you go for your road trip, there’s sure to be a chance to exercise nearby.


Carve Out Time

It’s imperative that you make specific time for your workouts, or chances are that they will never happen. This might mean that you have to wake up before the rest of the family to get in a quick workout, or find time during the day when everyone else is out doing activities. If you don’t make room in your schedule, chances are you’ll continually push off today’s exercise goals. Avoid this by carving out time and sticking to this routine throughout your travels.

Mind Your Diet

It’s not just about the physical fitness that you put in, but also the way you care for your body while on the road. By planning meals ahead, you can avoid the urge to grab unhealthy snacks while filling up on fuel. Meal planning for your trips will also help you stick to a specific caloric intake regimen, which may otherwise be difficult to track while traveling. Your diet is going to be a vital part of staying healthy while on the road, so be sure to consider what you put into your body.

Plan Active Adventures

Sightseeing is great, but get active when you reach your destination while traveling in your RV. Whether it’s a hike up a mountain, a bike ride along a trail, or scuba diving in the ocean, staying active during your trip will help you to even better enjoy the adventure.

Traveling and exploring the country is a wonderful opportunity. During the adventure, be sure to consider these tips for getting your exercise while on the road.

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What Is Your 2016 Motorhome New Year’s Resolution?

Did you use your motorhome as much as you’d hoped in 2015? In many cases, you may look back and realize that you didn’t get out nearly as much as you’d hoped this past year. But while 2015 is forever in the books, it’s now time to set your sights on how to do more in the coming year.

What better way to make the most of your rig than by setting some epic travel goals that will last a lifetime? With the change of the calendar approaching quickly, here are some questions you can ask yourself as you determine what your 2016 motorhome New Year’s Resolutions are.

Travel More

It sounds so obvious that it’s not always best to just have a resolution to, “travel more.” Instead, as the New Year approaches, take the time to define what it is that you plan to do as you travel. You may find it easier to set these travel goals if you associate them with other objectives. For example, maybe you start a bucket list of goals that you hope to check off this year. Another good reason to get out there and travel is to take beautiful photos of all that is offered in the country. Whatever it is that interests you, set them as your goals and move towards them as you look to travel more in 2016.

2016-New-Years-Resolution 11.38.01 AM

Be More Green-Friendly

When you spend more time on the road than you do at home, it’s imperative that you are cautious of the impact you’re having on the environment. As the New Year approaches, consider taking your motorhome in for general maintenance. Caring for your rig will not only extend its life and keep it on the road, but it’ll also help to decrease your footprint while traveling. Or if it’s been a while, you may even want to consider upgrading your motorhome altogether. Newer models not only have upgraded options for technology, but most are also designed with being eco-friendly in mind.

Visit Family

Maybe 2015 was a great year for traveling and getting out to explore the country, but you didn’t have the opportunity to visit loved ones as much as you’d hoped. Time flies and you’ll never get those years back. Make 2016 one that you cherish by visiting family throughout the year.

Enjoy The Family

For many, your family may still be at home and 2016 is just another chance to travel together. Even if that’s the case, take time this year to reconnect and enjoy one another. Travel to places where you will be forced to disconnect from your mobile phone or computer and you’ll be amazed with how close you can get as a family.

Owning a motorhome is already a pretty amazing opportunity. But to maximize the time that you spend on the road and make the most of your year, consider these tips as you set your 2016 motorhome New Years Resolutions.

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Keeping Warm In Your Motorhome

Staying warm in your motorhome can be a challenge. Even if your rig has a heating unit, that’s not something that you’ll necessarily want to run all night and day. In addition, even if you have a newer rig that is better insulated than what could be expected with older models, it can still get pretty chilly considering the fact that most motorhomes simply aren’t made for cold weather.

Just because the temperatures are dropping and it’s getting cold out, that doesn’t mean that you’ll want to stay home. After all, the colder weather months provide just as many motorhome adventures as their warmer counterparts.

When you head out in cold weather, remember these tips for keeping warm in your motorhome.

Check For Leaks & Cracks

The older your rig is, the more susceptible it is to damage. Therefore, if you notice that your motorhome seems to be cold, no matter what you do, begin by checking for leaks and cracks throughout. Begin by inspecting around windows and doors, and work your way around your rig as you look for any seams that would allow for air to get in. Sometimes you can make the easiest of fixes to warm up the interior by quickly patching any cracks or leaks you may have in your motorhome.


Layer Up

Vacation is the perfect time for you to bundle up in your favorite comfy warm clothing. If you notice you’re still cold, consider adding additional layers. It’s easy to add and remove layers, so make sure you have plenty of options to choose from while traveling. This will help you keep warm, without running your rig at all times

Pro Camper Tip – Another option is to bring along an electric blanket. Not only can you add and remove a blanket as necessary, but you can adjust its temperature to maximize comfort and earthy.

Space Heater

Add a space heater to your motorhome and you’ll notice quite a bit more warmth. Space heaters are especially convenient for those who enjoy hosting and having people over, as everyone will bundle around to keep warm. Be sure to keep a close eye on your space heater and always unplug it when not in use. While it will surely keep you warm, space heaters also present some safety concerns that you’ll want to keep in the forefront of your mind while traveling.

Add Rugs

If your rig has hard flooring that is cold on your feet, add rugs for more warmth. Not only will accent rugs help to insulate and warm your motorhome, but they are also perfect for adding creative design features that show off your personality. Rugs are easy to add and can have a big impact on the comfort you experience in your motorhome.

Don’t let the cold weather deter you from getting out there and traveling during the winter months. Instead, consider these tips for keeping warm in your motorhome and you’ll enjoy your adventure no matter what the conditions are.

Do you have questions about purchasing a new or pre-owned motor home or just about the luxury motor home lifestyle in general? If so, please contact us so we can answer all of your questions and concerns!