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Best East Coast Areas for Riding ATV’s

If you own or are looking to buy a Garage Coach, you most likely own (or plan on owning) a toy or two. We recently reviewed the 2015 Show Hauler GarageCoach 45 MGDS which has a rear 9 foot drop garage included, and is an excellent choice for a fun Winter adventure. And if you are planning an ATV adventure trip, why not do a little sightseeing at the same time?


In Pennsylvania, the Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area is a fun new off-road park that just opened in May of 2014. The nearest city to the park is Shamokin, and the nearest city that you actually have probably heard of is Harrisburg. There are over 6500 acres of wood trails to explore, and the park is open year round during the weekends. Of course you need to have a valid ATV registration, and please make sure you check out all of the regulations. Roll cages are required if no factory hard top is present.

Moving a little further North and a little colder, the Tall Pines ATV Park in New York, is an excellent choice. It is a family owned and operated business and it offers 55 miles of ATV trails. There is also a working farm specializing in Christmas trees, pumpkins, and cattle. If you are planning an overnight, and want to spread out – cabins are also available to rent. Day and weekend pass prices are listed on the website. Trails are available for all experience levels.

Carolina Adventure World is a premier outdoor park situated on 2600 acres of private land and has over 100 miles of custom designed trails and it has won multiple best of awards over the years. Located in Winnsboro, South Carolina – it is only about 40 minutes north of Columbia, SC. More than just trails, Carolina Adventure World also has horse trails, camping, rental equipment, a dragstrip for competition, log cabin rentals, RV hookups, and then even have a disc golf course!

In West Virginia, the Hatfield-McCoy Trails offers 8 world class trail systems with a wide range of difficulty levels and over 600 miles of off road routes. This is probably not a great choice for the first time rider, but is heaven to the experienced who are up for a challenge. Hatfield-McCoy gets its name from the famous feuding between the Hatfield and McCoy gangs of the 1800’s that occurred in West Virginia, Kentucky, and Virginia.

If you’re lucky enough to get a visit this year from Power Sports Santa, then you’ve got to visit and experience these amazing ATV parks for yourself soon. So, get on the road this winter and fire up the ATV and rip up those trails! But, be safe as well and Happy Holidays!

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The History of NASCAR Haulers

When it comes to the high-intensity and fast-paced sport of NASCAR, it is vital that the race cars are protected and that they reach their destination in pristine condition. Though it might be the cars driven by guys like Jeff Gordon and Tony Stewart that get all of the glory, it is the NASCAR haulers that should certainly get more credit for their efforts.

NASCAR haulers have changed quite a bit over time. While at one time they may have been used as simply transport vehicles, they are now full-service stations that ensure drivers have everything they need once they get out on the track.

Here is a look at the history of NASCAR haulers and how they have progressed over time.

In The Early Days
It may be hard to believe now, but in the early days of professional racecar driving, there were no such thing as NASCAR haulers. This meant that drivers would actually drive their vehicle from their hometown to the location of the race event.


Not only did this mean that the car would rack up a whole lot of miles along the way, but there were plenty of other variables that could take place as well. For example, imagine a car getting into an accident during the race itself, and you can probably see how difficult it might be to get the car back to the racers hometown.

Flatbed Haulers and Box Trucks

It didn’t take long before racers realized that driving their vehicle to a race wasn’t ideal. Therefore, many of them started hauling their cars on flatbed haulers. However, these haulers offered no protection for the vehicles, which still allowed for a variety of issues when transporting the car.

After a short period of time, NASCAR drivers then transitioned into using box trucks, similar to that which you would see as a moving truck. The idea here was to haul the car behind the truck, while storing all of the vehicle maintenance equipment inside of the box truck itself.

A Dynamic Change

In 1982, Bud Moore was given credit for being one of the first NASCAR owners to bring vehicle to the track in a fully converted trailer. Inside of the Moore’s initial trailers was everything that a race team would need during their weekend at a racing event.

As others teams begin to see what Moore was doing, there was a dynamic change towards using covered haulers. It wasn’t long before other team owners started putting an emphasis on logistics and making even larger NASCAR haulers. This allowed for teams to bring multiple racecars, equipment, and everything else they might need during a racing event.

NASCAR Haulers Today

Today, NASCAR haulers act as full-service auto garages on wheels. They have countless tools, parts, equipment, and much more. In addition, most NASCAR teams have a fleet of haulers, which means they can bring even more equipment with them.

In the sport of NASCAR, you never know what might happen on the track. That is why haulers are such a vital and influential part of the sport, and their inclusion into racing has drastically changed NASCAR as we know it.

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Why Freightliner Makes the Best Motor Home Chassis

Your motor home is more than just a house on wheels. Instead, it is mobile accommodation that allow for you to view the world in a completely new way. With a motor home, you can choose where you decide to go and where you want to stay. You won’t have to plan ahead for a hotel, and you’ll also be able to travel with much more of your personal belongings. To some, a motor home is not just a house, but rather a way to make memories that will last a lifetime.

With so much that a motor home offers, it only makes sense that you’d want to ensure that it is as safe and reliable as possible. This is why one of the most important decisions factoring into your motor home purchase will be the chassis.

There are a variety of different chassis out there to choose from. However, there is no question that Freightliner makes models that are far above-and-beyond the competition. Here are some reasons why Freightliner makes the best chassis for your motor home.

Your Motor Home, Your Choice

No matter the size of the unit that you are pulling, or the power of the truck you are pulling it with, you’ll be able to find a Freightliner chassis that is perfect for you. Each chassis is built with precise detail to attention that ensures the safety of your motor home. With a variety of different options to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the chassis that is right for your personal setup.

A Customized Ride Height

The ride height of your chassis is one of the most important factors to consider for your motor home. With Freightliner, you’ll be able to adjust the ride height of the chassis to a level that is ideal for you. Not only will this make for an easier and smoother ride, but it will also limit the amount of general wear and tear that you otherwise might have on your vehicle and the motor home.


Specialized High Altitude Adjustments

There is no telling what sort of terrain you may come across while on the open road in

your motor home. Whether you are setting course across the flat highways of Kansas or the treacherous terrain of the Rocky Mountains, Freightliner chassis will help you reach your destination safely. There are a variety of different chassis options that prepare your motor home for whatever the road may bring. Unlike other chassis, which don’t provide nearly the same amount of security.

The Help You Need

With freightliner, you’ll never go at it alone. Instead, you’ll have the support that you need from a trusted and reputable team. Freightliner is dedicated to providing customer support to their clients, in order to ensure that you are safe while on the road. Whether you are having issues with the chassis itself, or if you simply have questions about maintenance, you can get the answers that you need in a timely fashion. With as important as your motor home is, it only makes sense that you’d want to protect it as best that you can. With a chassis from Freightliner, you’ll have the best chances to keep you and your family safe every time you hit the open road.

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Purchases You Must Make on Black Friday for the Motor Home Enthusiast

It’s the week of Thanksgiving and for many of you out there that means it’s time to start planning your favorite dishes, get busy in the kitchen, and coordinating travel plans with friends and family. For others, it’s looking ahead to a day of stuffing yourself to the point of exploding and watching football (and then repeating the eating portion until the dreaded day that the leftovers are gone). For us in the motor home community, it’s time to start thinking about all of the RV related Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals! The best holiday gifts for us involve things that we can use or do to enhance the experience of road tripping in our rigs, so don’t let your loved ones down this year. Here are some of the purchases you must absolutely make after you wake up from your tryptophan induced comas.

Grilling Accessories

Anyone who’s ever spent time at a campground will tell you, grilling is an absolutely necessary part of the experience. The emergence of competition BBQ and cooking shows based on the art of mastering the fire pit have helped to bring grilling to another level, and if you plan on stepping your game up, you’ll need the tools to do so. If you’re shopping for someone who is lucky enough to have a pullout grill built into the side of their coach, then you can save a few bucks on having to buy an expensive (and bulky) new grill, but you can absolutely go nuts on all of the accessories to enhance the cooking experience. We’re talking about high tech thermometers, grill racks for ribs and chicken, smoker boxes and wood chips, cutlery, and hundreds of other gadgets. Check out online retailers like BBQ Guys for free shipping and other deals geared around the holidays.

Electric Heaters & Cooking Appliances

If you and your family are into winter activates like skiing and plan on making a few trips to snowy and cold locations, then an indoor electric heater may be a solid gift this year. You may be asking yourself, “why use an electric heater or stovetop when I have gas in my motor home already?” Good question. The reason is that when you use your propane heat & appliances inside and it’s really cold outside, you end up creating a ton of moisture and humidity inside the coach. The electric heater and cooktops will reduce the presence of humidity (which will ultimately cause you to open windows/vents and let cold air in the cabin) and keep warm. Things like electric heaters and electric stovetops will make as awesome gifts. Basically every major retailer out there sells these things and there will surely be great deals to be found.

Outdoor Sporting Equipment

The folding Oru Kayak is a perfect gift for the outdoor enthusiast

It’s no secret that most people living the motor home lifestyle are major proponents of outdoor living. This includes being heavily involved in hiking, climbing, cycling, fishing, kayaking, and everything else that allows us to experience nature while we’re on our travels. The thing is, is that we want to bring all of our toys along but space can be pretty limited. Sometimes the things we want to bring with us aren’t necessarily things we need to bring with us and on occasion, not all of our gear makes the cut on our travel checklists. If this scenario applies to someone you’re shopping for, then take a look at the Oru Kayak. This revolutionary, fold up kayak is designed specifically for the outdoor enthusiast with limited space. As Oru puts it, the kayak goes “From box to boat in 5 minutes”…basically like sporting goods origami. Not only will this be an amazing gift for water sports lovers, but it will neatly fit into the underbelly storage of any motor home.

So between bites of turkey this year, start thinking about your motor home loving friends and family and see how you might be able to enhance their holiday season. As far as we’re concerned, Santa drives a diesel pusher, none of this “sleigh” nonsense.

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3 Reasons Why the Motor Home Community is Getting Younger

Historically, the 55+ crowd has dominated the RVing lifestyle and motor home ownership rates. And for good reason; the high cost of luxury Class A gas and diesel pusher motor homes coupled with the amount of time you really need to get the most enjoyment out of owning a coach has made it more common for retirees and individuals reaching retirement age to be likely purchasers. In the past, many people have viewed motor home ownership as something that needs to be achieved…that they need to reach a certain point in their life before owning a motor home becomes practical. These days, however, there’s a new, younger demographic of motor home shoppers on the rise that are dispelling these old ways of thinking.


young motorhome owners
Young families are taking the motor home industry by storm

Motor home manufacturers and dealers across the country have been seeing a rise in the amount of new customers they have in the 35-54 year old demographic. As the economy continues to rebound and retail markets and luxury brands start to experience accelerated financial growth, younger families are recognizing the benefits of, and are taking advantage of, the motor home lifestyle. The fact that banks are more willing to lend money these days and that people have more to spend are just part of the reason this relatively new group is flooding the motor coach market. Here, we’ll give you 3 reasons why we believe the motor home community is getting younger.

1.    Society is getting more active

As our society continues to put a higher emphasis on living a healthier and more active lifestyle, it makes sense that vacation trends would follow suit. Typically, younger couples are going to have more energy and therefore more eagerness to get outside and enjoy all that nature has to offer. It’s no wonder why younger families are becoming more attracted to the idea of being able to pick up and take a trip to their favorite outdoor destinations on a whim, something that motor home owners are graciously afforded. The amount of storage most Class A coaches offer makes it easy to pack in gear for a whole variety of different out door activities and still leave plenty of room to live comfortably while travelers are out on the road. When was the last time you saw someone check a kayak at baggage claim at an airport? Exactly.

2.    Motor Homes are getting a lot more luxurious

It’s no secret that motor home manufacturers are attempting to outdo one another in terms of amenities offered in their products with every new model year, and new shoppers are most certainly recognizing it. What other type of travel destination gives people the opportunity to live in a beautifully hand-crafted mansion of sorts complete with a full kitchen, plush leather furniture, indoor and outdoor entertainment centers, private bathrooms, AND can be transported from place to place whenever you want? Once prospective buyers see how gorgeous and easy to drive many new coaches are, the idea of packing up an entire family, traveling by plane, and staying in hotel rooms for every vacation almost seems crazy.

3.    Luxury motor home resorts are popping up everywhere

With the manufacturers making every effort to produce motor homes that keep getting more and more luxurious, campground owners are beginning to piggyback on that mindset. All across the country ‘luxury motor home parks’ are being constructed to compete with the more traditional RV parks many owners are used to. These new motor home havens are designed for easy accessibility for large motor coaches, and, like the coaches they cater to, they offer loads of luxury features. Everything from professionally designed 18-hole golf courses, to state of the art fitness centers, to waterfront parking spots complete with swanky outdoor furniture and entertainment (tiki bars included in some!), motor home owners have never had it so good. Young families and couples are now getting the opportunity to take great vacations in beautiful locations, while keeping their families close and having loads of bonding time. These new motor home resorts offer the best of both worlds for young families.

As we mentioned, there are literally dozens of reasons why the motor home community is starting to decrease in age, but these are the three (besides those related to money) that we believe are what make the motor home lifestyle the most attractive to this new group. After all, if you’ve ever been lucky enough to travel in a luxury coach, or have even been inside one before, you’re well aware that there’s nothing quite like it.

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Exercises That Are Perfect For Your Next Road Trip

For all the gym rats out there, just because you’re traveling in a motor coach this summer instead of staying in a hotel, don’t forget about your fitness goals. Who says you need a full gym to get a good workout in. Part of the reason we have luxury motor homes is so we can enjoy all the comforts and amenities that we’re used to at home while we’re on the road. So if you’re planning on taking a long trip this season, clear some space in the cabin and get a quick workout in! Here are a few exercises that you can do to pass the time on your next trip.

Your “gym equipment” is as follows:

–       SPRI resistance bands (these are available with varying levels of resistance depending on what you’re comfortable with)

–       Push up bars (with rubber or foam protectors so you don’t scratch that beautiful tile floor!)

–       Yoga mat

–       Ab roller

–       Pillows


Let’s start with traditional push-ups. With your push-up bars shoulder width apart, do 10-20 reps (or more if you’re feeling up to it). Make sure to go as far down as you can. Remember, the push up bars are there so you can get a deeper range of motion and get the most out of each rep. Traditional push-ups will work out your biceps, triceps, and pecs all at the same time.

Once you’ve finished your first set, take the bars from their current position and move them each about 4-6 inches to the left or right (respectively) so you can do wide push ups. Do another 10-20 reps. Wide push-ups put much more emphasis on your upper back muscles as well as your triceps.

wide push ups are great exercise for your next roadtrip
Wide Push Ups With Bars

To finish up this exercise, take the bars and move them only about 4 inches apart from one another so you can do some close grip push ups. These will really work your triceps. Do 10-20 reps and you’re all done with the push-up bars.

Close push ups with bars are great exercise for a roadtrip
Close Push Ups With Bars

Want a tougher version? Try propping your feet up on the couch or a chair and doing a set of decline push-ups with a wide grip

Front/Lateral Shoulder Raises

For shoulder raises, we’ll need to grab the resistance bands. While standing up, step on the band directly in the center with one foot. With your arms hanging down by your sides, lift the bands straight out in front of you until your arms are at eye level. Lower your arms back down, and then do a lateral raise out to your side. Got that? Good. That’s one rep! Do 3 sets of 10 and you’re all done.

front shoulder raises are exercises for road trips
    Front Shoulder Raises With Resistance Bands 


lateral shoulder raises are great exercises for a roadtrip
Lateral Shoulder Raises With Resistance Bands

Bicep Curls

With your feet close together, step on the center of the band with both feet, holding the handles of the bands down by your side.  Now, do a basic arm curl. You can either do one arm at a time or both at the same time – whatever you feel more comfortable with. Do 3 sets of 10-15 reps. If you really want to feel the burn, try widening your stance, which will create more resistance in the bands.

Want it even tougher? Keep the same wide stance (or slightly wider), but instead of having your arms directly against the sides of your body, move them out to laterally about 12 inches and then do your curls.


Lay down your yoga mat, grab the pillow for your knees (so you don’t hurt yourself on the hard tile floor), and get your ab roller. With your knees on the pillow, get yourself into a pseudo push-up position with the ab roller out in front of you. Roll all the way out and then pull the roller all the way back in. Repeat this 40-50 times (or until your abs burn so much you have to stop!) Check out this video for a quick example of how it’s done.

Like we said, there’s no need to put your workout routine completely on hold just because you’re not home. You just need to modify it a little bit. Hey, you may even find that you like working out on the road better, because, let’s face it…everything’s better when you’re on the road!

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Why Having a Luxury Motor Home is Better Than A Shore House

It’s finally Spring! Spring is a great time of year because the weather starts getting nicer (especially after the Winter we’ve had), the overall scenery becomes better to look at, and we can start thinking seriously about our plans for the summer. Being located in New Jersey the most obvious summer getaway for us is the Jersey shore.  Thousands of families from around the Delaware Valley migrate to beach towns lining the coast every summer to soak up the sun and enjoy all that the Jersey Shore has to offer. While staying at the shore is definitely a blast, we’re here to tell you that there’s a better alternative out there than renting and/or buying a beach house for the summer. For those that love the outdoors and are a bit more adventurous, owing a luxury motorhome and traveling the country is so much more fun. Here are a few reasons why…

You’re guaranteed a nice view every morning. Unless you buy or rent a house that’s directly on the beach, you’re not guaranteed to have breathtaking views every day while drinking your morning coffee.  However, when you and the family are vacationing and touring the country in your luxury coach, it’s up to you to pick and choose naturally beautiful locations to stay in. Here’s a list of the top 10 most scenic campgrounds in America. Let’s see you top some of those views in North Wildwood…


When you stay at the shore, you’re stuck at the shore. Not that it’s a terrible thing to be “stuck” in a beach town with beautiful weather and a laid back attitude, but why limit yourself on what you can see and do? We only get to experience this life once, so make sure that traveling is a priority for you and get out and see the country. As we mentioned, if you love being outdoors and creating adventures for yourself and your family, you’ll need a change of scenery from time to time and hitting the road is the best way to make that happen.  Even if you are outdoorsy and adventurous, you’re still entitled to love the beach too, so that’s why you’ll love this…

You can go to the beach in a motor home also! There are tons of campgrounds and motor home parks around the country that allow guests to park their rigs literally steps away from the sand. There are a few in Jersey, but we’d rather check out the Malibu Beach RV Park. Places like this allow people who don’t own $10 million + homes to experience some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world, all from the comfort of your coach. Not too shabby.

Malibu Beach RV Park
Malibu Beach RV Park

Your shore house will most likely only get used a few months out of the year. Who wants to spend time at the beach in the dead of winter? Not us, and probably not you either. When the weather starts to take a turn for the worse start planning your next trip to a warmer climate (and if the road conditions are bad, read our blog on driving your coach during inclement weather to stay safe). Head down to Myrtle Beach or Florida at your leisure and maximize your ability to take vacations and don’t get bogged down owning a home that gets limited use.

Owning a luxury motorhome will give you the flexibility you need to live your life the way you want. Do you get tired of being at the shore sometimes? Then leave! When you own a gorgeous motorhome like those we carry at our dealership, the entire country becomes your vacation spot. Sounds pretty nice.

Do you have questions about purchasing a new or pre-owned motorhome or just about the RV lifestyle in general? If so, please contact us so we can answer all of your questions and concerns!


The Benefits of Running Your Business From Your Motor Home

For many motor home enthusiasts, the idea of ditching your normal life and replacing it with one filled with adventure and exciting, new experiences by going full time in your coach can be very appealing.  Those that are already full timing or are strongly considering becoming full timers have probably heard of the term “Workamping”…a work/life combination that allows passionate RVers to earn a living while operating their businesses from the confines of their coach. Not every profession is conducive to this lifestyle, however. Workamping is much better suited for those in the fields of consulting, IT, graphic design, marketing, or sales to name a few.  Not only can Workamping be a ton of a fun and a great way to get away from the monotony of your everyday routine, but it can also be more financially rewarding in the long run as well.

Eliminating (or at least greatly reducing) the typical expenses associated with owning a home, renting office space, commuting, etc. can help you realize larger financial gains more quickly that you may have expected.  If you want a real life example, tally up your mortgage, homeowners insurance, taxes (especially if you’re in New Jersey!!), maintenance costs, and utilities and then compare that number to what it costs to make your monthly payments on your coach plus insurance and gas and you’ll see what we’re talking about.  Sure, you’ll be giving up quite a bit of space and some of the conveniences that you’re used to, but isn’t that the point? If you want to go full time and work from the road, there’s got to be some give and take.

Scenery is a huge plus to this life changing experience as well.  Do you ever get tired of looking out your office window at the same view every day? Taking your business on the road will change that in a hurry.  Check out this list of America’s Most Scenic Campgrounds by Travel & Leisure to get a taste of how beautiful your office view will be once you decide that you’ve had enough of the same old, same old. Snowy mountain peaks, rolling green hills, ocean views…the Grand Canyon.  Yes, please! Imagine if every time you wanted to get up from your desk to get a bit of fresh air you weren’t walking around a parking lot at an office building, rather, you were taking a bike ride alongside a crystal clear lake or strolling through a redwood forest. Don’t ever underestimate the value of quality of life.  You may find the freedom and flexibility that a life on the road can offer is far more valuable than material items.

Modern technology has done wonders for connecting people all over the world with ease and is a huge push in the right direction for those considering operating their business from their coach.  Email, cell phones, and innovative business apps available for all devices (check out Trello to help stay organized, for example) make it simple to communicate with your business partners and customers regardless of where you’re located. For around $50/month you can purchase a mobile hotspot plan from virtually any cell phone carrier and connect it to up to 8 devices.  Plus, most campgrounds these days have WiFi available for their visitors to take advantage of.  Now that you have internet access, consider these useful business tools to make your mobile business operate more efficiently…

QuickBooks Onlinefor 10 bucks a month you can connect your business bank accounts, invoice customers, and keep track of all your receivables right from your computer. The days of ledger books are over!

Square Credit Card Reader – Square Up allows business to take credit card payments from anywhere with their mobile device

Square reader mobile credit card processor
Square reader mobile credit card processor

And check out this article for more essential mobile office gadgets.

If you’re looking for a change of pace, scenery, and just an overall shake up to the same routine you’ve been in for decades and are in a profession that would allow it, running your business from your coach may be a good choice for you.  Of course, nothing is forever, but if you don’t try it you’ll never know what you’re missing.

Do you have questions about purchasing a new or pre-owned motorhome or just about the RV lifestyle in general? If so, please contact us so we can answer all of your questions and concerns!

How To Turn Your Diesel Pusher Into A Romantic Getaway For Valentine’s Day

It’s that time of the year, gents. That one day that allows a whole years’ worth of wrongs (not that you’re ever wrong…) to be righted with some proper planning, a few choice words, and a little bit of time.  And if you’re like the rest of us, you’ve been procrastinating up until now so let us help you out by giving you a few tips on how you can successfully turn your Diesel Pusher into the perfect romantic getaway.

There’s a few staples to creating a romantic evening she won’t soon forget.  Let’s start first with setting the mood.  Creating the right ambiance will go a long way in making your lady feel comfortable and that’s what it’s all about.  If your coach happens to be equipped with a fireplace, use that bad boy! What says ‘romantic evening’ more than curling up by the fire? We’ll tell you what…nothing. And make sure to keep the lights dimmed, but not too dim. You have to be able to make eye contact.  Women love that.


If you haven’t ordered her flowers yet, think about getting a couple dozen roses to put around your coach. She’ll go nuts for that and you’ll make her day because you know she’ll be sitting at work all day angry at you for not having flowers delivered to the office.  This is already working out pretty well, don’t you think?

Women love a man who can cook.  If you’re a horrible chef, don’t worry…we’ve has you covered. Here’s what you’re going to do: First, go to Target and get a fondue pot for $25-$30.  While you’re there, don’t forget to get fondue forks. Next, go to the supermarket and grab some peanut oil, fresh, deveined shrimp, scallops, and salmon.  Make sure to keep it all refrigerated until it’s go time. Fill the fondue pot up about 2/3 of the way with the peanut oil, let it heat up (no pun intended), dip the fish in the oil until it’s cooked and you’re golden. Don’t forget to pick up something chocolaty for dessert (we’re not even about to attempt to teach anyone how to bake, here). This will be extremely easy, fun, and most likely something completely different from the normal weeknight dinner you’re used to having with each other.  If the kitchen in your coach looks anything like the one in this 2014 Newmar Dutch Star, put it to good use and look like a hero.

Don’t ever underestimate the power of music. It’s the ultimate aphrodisiac and is the perfect way to put on the finishing touches.  Plus, your DP most certainly has a premium surround sound system.  Pop in Billy Joel’s “Just the way you are” and, if you’re smooth enough to pull it off, maybe a little Al Green “Let’s stay together”? She’s putty.

Finally, make sure you don’t go to all of these great lengths to have an elegant, romantic evening parked in your driveway.  Find a nice quiet lake or a wooded, secluded area that you can safely park in so it’s just the two of you…in your home away from home that’s now the ideal venue for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day and probably more to come if you execute properly. Guaranteed to be the most unique V Day you’ve had yet.  Good luck!

Do you have questions about purchasing a new or pre-owned motorhome or just about the RV lifestyle in general? If so, please contact us so we can answer all of your questions and concerns!

Why It’s Better To Watch Super Bowl XLVIII From Your Forest River Berkshire

2014 Forest River Berkshire 400QL
2014 Forest River Berkshire 400QL

It’s Super Bowl week!  For all of you football fanatics out there, the glamor of the Super Bowl and all the hype surrounding the game (perhaps the greatest QB of all time and the league’s record setting offense going up against one of the up and coming, play-making QB’s and the NFL’s top defense and the first ever cold weather Super Bowl.  Whew, that was a lot.) takes some of the focus away from the fact that it’s almost February and we’re cold.  Like, really cold.  But we’re men (and very strong women)!  We’re not going to let a little weather get in the way of traveling up to the Meadowlands and having an awesome tailgate in our motor home.  Wait? What’s that you say? Metlife Stadium isn’t allowing any tailgating before the game?  And tickets cost how much?!   Ah, don’t worry about any of those things.  Read on because we’re about to tell you exactly why it’s better to enjoy the entire experience of the spectacle that is the Super Bowl from the plush confines of your Forest River Berkshire rather than being at the game.

Tickets are insanely expensive

The cheapest ticket to this Super Bowl on StubHub is around $1,600 for nosebleed seats.  With 20 year financing at 5.99%, that’s more than your monthly Berkshire payment.  And if you plan on bringing the family along for the ride then you may be spending almost a years’ worth of payments on one football game! Is your company thinking about getting a suite to entertain some of your biggest clients?  No biggie, it’ll only run you around $500,000.  What?! That is completely ridiculous (unless the Eagles are in the Super Bowl, then you gladly dish out half a mil).  You could buy two Forest River Berkshire 400QL’s with that kind of cash which will bring you way more than one evenings worth of enjoyment.

Concessions are also insanely expensive

With the combination of already extremely inflated prices for drinks (both alcoholic and non) and food at NFL stadiums around the country, let’s now combine that with the fact that this is the Super Bowl and it’s in North Jersey.  Beers are regularly a measly $14.  And that’s not even for good beer, we’re talking about Bud Light here, people.  Hungry? $6 hot dogs, $11 chicken fingers, and $10 Sloppy Joe’s are bountiful at Metlife Stadium.  So let’s do some simple math.  You, your wife, and 2 kids go to the game.  Each kid eats chicken fingers and drinks 2 sodas, the adults have 2 or 3 beers a piece and 2 hot dogs each, you grab a game program, and hats for the kids…plus tickets.  Total bill (not including possible hotel, parking, and other transportation costs or Super Bowl inflation) = approximately $6,500.  Highly doubtful you’ll spend anywhere close to that eating awesome, healthy food and snacks you prepared in your Berkshire diesel that has more counter space than your kitchen at home, a full sized refrigerator, a gas stove, and a convection microwave.  Not to mention that it’s beautifully crafted and features LG HI-MACS solid surface countertops and a gorgeous tile backsplash.

Cooking fresh, quality food is so much better than eating junk at a stadium

Forest River Berkshire Kitchen
Forest River Berkshire Kitchen

As we just mentioned, the Forest River Berkshire 400QL has an amazing kitchen and appliances and the food at Metlife stadium, while tasty, isn’t exactly what you would call “high quality”.  So put that kitchen to work cooking up Super Bowl favorites that the family will love.  Check out these recipes and ideas from Food Network.  Oh, and we doubt you’ll spend anywhere near the cash you would drop at the game.

Your Forest River Berkshire is far more comfortable than sitting in seats so high up that you can use the moon as an armrest

Forest River Berkshire Living Area
forest river berk tv Forest River Berkshire Living Area

The Forest River Berkshire 400QL has 2 LCD TV’s, an L shaped couch, a booth dinette, a fire place, and heat!  None of those things will be available to you at Metlife Stadium, unless of course you opt for the luxury suite package in the $500k range.  Don’t forget, the captain’s chairs spin around to face the living area to add some extra seating for your family and guests.


So if you happen to be in the market for Super Bowl tickets, think twice before you purchase, because you may be missing an amazing opportunity to bring the family closer together and add an element of luxury to your life that has no equal.  Oh, and by the way, Forest River is currently offering a $10,000 Factory Rebate on all 2014 Berkshire and Charleston models and a $5,000 Factory Rebate on 2014 Legacy’s! Call us for details!

We almost forgot!  Dylans RV Center will be featured on FOX’s Good Day Philadelphia tomorrow and Wednesday where the show will be broadcasting from our 2014 Entegra Anthem!

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