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Review: 2017 Forest River Georgetown 3 Series

When you choose to spend a long time on the road with a motor home, you want a coach that isn’t just a great drive. You need something that also provides the comforts any other home would. Forest River is no stranger to making solid–yet comfortable–motor homes, and with its new 2017 Georgetown 3 Series, the everyman’s camper is better than ever. Here are some of the features that make the Georgetown 3 series a great motor home, inside and out.

A Chef’s Dream

Simply put, a traveller cannot subsist on fast food alone. Much of the appeal in the motor home lifestyle derives from the fact that you have the space and ability to bring the comforts of a traditional home along with you – a nice meal included. That’s why budding chefs will find the Georgetown 3 Series so exciting.

The kitchen prep area is one of the biggest and best that you’ll find, with an electric range, over-the-range microwave, and a double sink that includes a pull-out sprayer. That’s not including the plenty of solid surface counter space you’ll have for food prep. And when dinner is ready to be served, you and your guests won’t be cramped for space while you eat at a Dream Dinette Booth.


Outdoor Comfort

Your master-chef dreams aren’t limited to the Georgetown’s interior. One of this model’s stand-out features is the outdoor package, which includes a mini-fridge, sink, and cupboard all accessible from outside. Built within the Georgetown’s siding, these items will ensure that whether you’re taking your meal outside or you’re just snacking, you won’t have to make any unnecessary trips inside.

That isn’t the end of the Georgetown’s outdoor features. Along with those kitchen appliances, you’ll also find a flat-screen TV and speakers embedded within the side of the coach. And with a large awning, all of your happy guests will relax comfortably in the shade while they watch or enjoy a meal.

It’s All in the Details

Naturally, the Georgetown’s more readily-noticed elements are the ones that get all the love, but the finer details of this motor home are nothing to scoff at, either. Take, for instance, the attention paid to saving space without sacrificing convenience. You can see this in the main area’s sofa, which doubles as a hide-a-bed. There’s also the 32-inch TV that sits flush with your cupboards, hiding in plain sight.

These delightful particulars are also to the advantage of the driver and passenger. Side and rear cameras guarantee a safer, easier driving experience, while LED map, bunk, and accent lights will get you where you need to go without causing any distractions. Plus, with heated side mirrors, you’ll never have to worry about being unable to see who’s driving near you.

When it comes to motor home living, you need a coach that feels right, no matter if you’re pushing a full day’s drive or you’ve stopped for the night. The Georgetown 3 Series seems to strike that perfect balance between performance and comfort, for both the people behind the wheel and those along for the ride. And really, that’s just about what you’d expect from the pros at Forest River.

Review: 2017 Coachmen Pursuit 31SB

The end of the year is an exciting time to be a motor home enthusiast. While inclimate weather might make travel a bit more difficult, there’s at least one good thing. The year drawing to a close means that motor home manufacturers are beginning to release their new models! Motor homes get better and better every year, and it’s fascinating to see what the industry’s best motor home makers have included in their latest models. Let’s take a look at what Coachmen has included in the newest iteration of their luxury motor home, the Pursuit.

Entertain (or Be Entertained) Inside and Out

When you take your motor home out for a trip, you expect–and rightly so–that your journey and destination will provide all the entertainment you’ll need. But let’s face it: a road trip can get a little dull at times. In the Coachmen Pursuit, you’ll never want for entertainment, as it comes with all the requisite TV and radio features that you expect in a modern motor home. That includes a Bluetooth-enabled radio, a KING Jack TV antenna, and an outdoor entertainment system, too.

A Fully-Featured Home

You should always feel “at home” in your home. As such the Coachmen Pursuit has features that rival not just other motor homes, but all homes in general. Delicate touches, like the stained maple cupboards and drawers, delight the eye. Of course, appearances aren’t everything. With a king-sized bed, porcelain toilet, and shower with skylight overhead, you’ll be living in luxury. There’ll be no shame in inviting your friends, old and new, into your home. An open floor plan, which includes a booth dinette, makes it easy to interact with all your passengers and guests. Forget the radio and TV. Who says you can’t make your own fun?


Be Prepared With Travel Easy Roadside Assistance

You know the benefits of owning a motor home. A professionally-made coach gives you the freedom not only to go wherever you want to go, but to take the comforts of home with you as well. But with all the advantages that traveling with your motor home bring, there is one downside we don’t like to think about. All vehicles are at risk of getting a flat tire or having an engine malfunction, but motor homes are especially tricky to deal with when this happens. Unlike a four-door sedan, you can’t exactly jack the coach up and replace the tire. That’s why the Coachmen Pursuit comes with one year of Travel Easy Roadside Assistance, meaning you can travel freely with peace of mind.

Extra Comforts to Make Your Travel Even Easier

A well-designed, fully-featured motor home is great and all, but what about the perks? Sure enough, the Coachmen Pursuit is full of little details that put it over the top and make it a must-buy. The driver has a tough job at times, especially when parking, but all of that is made easier with a dashboard-mounted backup monitor. A mud room at the stepwell and hidden storage keep your home more easily organized than other motor homes. And as you sit outside and enjoy the sights of wherever you’re calling home that day, you can sit in the comfort of a power-driven patio awning. These aren’t features you find elsewhere very often.

Coachmen’s motto is, “Leader to the Great Outdoors.” As you take the wheel (or passenger’s seat) in this year’s newest Pursuit model, you’ll see why that is. In fact, you might just feel like a leader yourself. It’s an exciting time to be a motor home enthusiast, isn’t it?

Review: 2017 Newmar Ventana 4310

When shopping around for a new motorhome, it’s important to take a look at the under-the-hood specs. Of course, you want something powerful and reliable enough to take you wherever you want to go, without fail. However, the pure power of a motorhome is only half of the equation – it has to feel right, too.

With the new 2017 Ventana 4310, luxury motorhome manufacturer Newmar has brought back all the quality features of its top-of-the line models, along with some new additions. If you think you’ve seen everything there is to see in a motorhome, just wait until you check out the new Newmar Ventana.

The Space to Live Your Life How You Want

One of the more important features of a quality motorhome is the amount of space you have to work with. With the Ventana 4310, you never have to worry about feeling confined or running out of room. At an interior width of just about eight feet, you have plenty of room to move around in, and two full-sized bathrooms means both you and your guests will never be bumping into each other. Plus, with a sliding door that separates the master quarters from the rest of the coach and standard roll-down window curtains, you’ll go about your days without worry of privacy.

The amenities of the Ventana also give you more than enough room to work comfortably. In the kitchen, you’ll find a stainless steel sink that’s deeper than any previous Ventana model. You also have large pantry storage with adjustable shelves that allow you to set the height to whatever you need. Under the coach is an insulated, slide-out understorage, giving you easier access to your luggage and other possessions.


The Comforts of Home, Wherever You Go

One of the more difficult aspects of being on the road is having to sacrifice some of the simple comforts of home. Not so with the Newmar Ventana, which takes the best of home and puts it right at your fingertips. Along with the space to easily fit you and your guests, you can make yourself at home and cook in comfort with a fully-fledged kitchen. Maybe the most interesting feature of the kitchen is the induction burner mounted within the countertop. The burner, which is fully detachable, allows you to even take it outside to do some outdoor cooking.

As you know, living the motorhome isn’t all about getting the job done – it’s also about having fun. And in the new Ventana, you’ll have all the opportunities to kick back and relax. Sony televisions in the living area and master bedroom and a JBL sound system provide you with everything you need for a relaxing night in. And with large, comfortable furniture and six-point drivers’ seats, you’ll have no problem opening up your home to guests.

Newmar has been around for a long time, but that doesn’t mean that they’ve settled. Every year, their new models demonstrate leaps and bounds in luxury motorhome design, and this year’s Ventana is a testament to that. If you want to see one of the best motorhomes on the market right now, do yourself a favor and check out the Newmar Ventana.

Review: 2017 Newmar Canyon Star 3911

There’s a lot to love about the motorhome lifestyle. Whether you’re a fan of travelling, camping, or just seeing America first hand from the driver’s seat, a well-designed motor home gives you the power to make any place your home. Unfortunately, that dream isn’t always attainable for everyone. Most modern motor homes, while luxurious and state of the art, aren’t designed for all people, especially wheelchair users. The 2017 Newmar Canyon Star 3911, on the other hand, is. With its cutting-edge design that’s attractive and accessible, Newmar’s latest is a motorhome that’s worth checking out.

Making a Motorhome More Accessible

The standout feature of the Canyon Star 3911 is its wheelchair lift, but don’t be fooled: from front to back, this motorhome has been designed with accessibility in mind. The lift, which is compliant with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, can hold up to 800 pounds and features dual handrails and a backup pump. Once you’re in the motorhome, you’ll see for yourself how easy it is to navigate. The entire pathway within the motor home is 30 inches wide, meaning you’ll have all the space you need to get around your home. Plus, the bathroom is equipped with a roll-in shower, a shower seat, and grab bars, so you’ll be comfortable and safe at all times.


Accessibility Without Compromise to Style

Don’t forget that, while the Canyon Star 3911 has better accessibility than most motorhomes, it also features some luxurious design choices. Maple cupboards, polished countertops, and quality (and spacious) furniture delight, giving other coaches a serious run for their money. This is evident in the smaller details, too: hidden hinges on the cabinet doors, full extension drawers, and passenger seat work station mean that you’ll be cruising in comfort–and style–for the duration of your journey. You won’t be afraid to have guests over. In fact, with such quality furnishings, you’ll want to give them the full tour.

All the Features, and More, That You Expect

Just as you would expect from any modern motorhome, and especially from a Newmar, this coach is equipped with every feature that will make your time on the road entertaining. In the extensive kitchen, you’ve got a Norcold refrigerator with 8 cubic feet of space, a three-burner range, and a microwave oven. That means you won’t be relying on suspect fast food or campground offerings. Instead, your new travel buddies will be coming to you when you host dinner! Also, with built-in TVs, radio, and CD players, you’ll have all the entertainment you could possibly wish for.

The Power and Safety of a Newmar Coach

You know when you buy a Newmar, you’re buying quality – and that’s not just in the luxurious interior choices. The Canyon Star 3911 has some serious oomph to it, running off a 320 horsepower engine, so you’ll be able to go wherever you want, whenever you want, without worry. Installed in this Newmar are double-pane, tinted safety glass windows, so you’ll be able to rest with ease in your home.

No matter who you are or what your abilities may be, if you want to experience all the pleasures that owning a motorhome can bring you, you should be able to do so, just as anyone else. That’s the purpose behind this motor home, and with Newmar’s attempt in marrying luxury with accessibility, it’s clear they have a success on their hands.

Review: 2017 Coachmen Mirada 35LS

The main purpose of motor home is to get you to the place you need to go and provide you some comfort when you’re there. A quality coach, on the other hand, should be no different from any other home. That is, it should be a place where you feel comfortable to hang your hat, whether it’s for a night or for a year. With the exquisite features both inside and outside the 2017 Coachmen Mirada 35LS, you’ll have no problem calling this coach your home.

Relax in the Comfort of Home

The beauty of a motor home is that you can pack up to head upstate or even across the country. Yet, no matter where your journey takes you, you’ll always be home in the Mirada 35LS. However, what’s a home without comfort? In the living area, relax on the L-shape sofa lounge while the fireplace blazes in the background. Or, catch the latest game on a 32-inch TV from the comfort of your queen-sized bed.

Without a doubt, a good home needs a good kitchen. The Mirada features all stainless steal appliances, including a double-door refrigerator with eight cubic feet of space, a three-burner range, a microwave oven, and a pull-out pantry. That way, there’ll be no need to worry about relying on takeout or questionable campground meals. Instead, your neighbors will be coming to you for a quality, home-cooked meal.


An Easy Drive

Feeling comfortable in your motor home is only half of the equation. After all, the thing has to get you from one place to another, too. At 320 horsepower and 460 pound-feet of torque, running on a Ford V-10, that place can be just about anywhere.

Of course, driving isn’t all about brute strength. The Mirada also has finesse and goes out of its way to harness that power into something that’s easy for the driver to control. For instance, parking is made a cinch with a back-up monitor and cameras. Cruise control and swivel seats ensure that the drive will a comfortable one. Your copilot, too, will find it an easy journey thanks to the computer work station built into the passenger seating area.

Keeping Your Home Protected

Unexpected events–intended or not–happen. Rather than just cross your fingers and hope that something bad never occurs, it’s always best to be prepared for any unlikely happening. In the Mirada, you can sleep easy knowing that your home is protected and ready to alert you in case of danger.

Standard in the Mirada, you can find a propane leak alarm, a smoke detector, a carbon monoxide detector, and a fire extinguisher. Plus, with a deadbolt lock on the motor home door, you won’t have to worry about unexpected guests. Above all, the safety of you and your family is what’s important, and with the Mirada, you’ll be in good hands.

Whether you’re on the road or you’re calling it quits for the night, you’ll feel at ease in the Mirada 35LS. With the memories you’ll be making in your 35LS, you won’t hesitate to think of it as more than simply a vehicle – it’ll be your home on wheels.

Review: 2016 Forest River Berkshire 38B

When you’re looking into buying a luxury motor home, you expect only the most quality amenities. Most luxury coaches are fitted with full-feature kitchens, comfy sofas, extensive driver controls, and all the technical features you require to make your adventures run smoothly. The 2016 Forest River Berkshire 38B certainly has all of that, but what makes it special is just how homey it really is. With a superior build, spacious interior, and full-featured entertainment system, the Berkshire is home on wheels.

A Build You Can Trust

Forest River is no stranger to the motor home industry, and they’ve produced quality coach after quality coach for decades. Much of their success comes from their manufacturing process. Everything takes place within one facility, meaning all of the finest materials are brought together under one roof, each rig being carefully inspected during the manufacture process.

The Berkshire is sturdy from the floor to the ceiling, built with a Freightliner XC-R chassis and upfitted with a MORryde Tru-Brace reinforced frame. The result is a strong rig with an impressive performance on the road. With a Forest River coach, you can expect only utmost, tried-and-true quality.


All the Space You Need

The freedom of the road means nothing if you’re cramped the entire time of your journey – nothing can ruin a trip like not having the space you need to create wonderful memories. With the Berkshire 38B, you can put these fears aside, as the coach has not one, not two, but three slideouts. Talk about room to stretch your legs!

The roominess extends to all parts of the motor home, especially the master bathroom, which includes a fiberglass shower with glass door, a closet, his and her sinks, and a porcelain toilet. Of course, you’re going to want space for all your precious cargo, both above and below deck. Ride in ease knowing that your gear–easily packed away with pass-through storage–is protected by the rig’s steel basement structure.

Fun… Inside and Out

When it comes to entertaining guests or just having a relaxing night in, the Berkshire has all the interior features that you’d expect of a truly top-of-the-line motor home. A television in the living room, a television in the bedroom, and a Bluetooth-enabled soundbar allow everyone the entertainment they want.

But what really sets the Berkshire apart from its competitors is its exterior features. How many motor homes do you know that offer an outside entertainment system? Catch the latest game on a 32-inch HDTV installed in the exterior sidewall while enjoying the great outdoors at the same time. Or, plug your own tunes into the stereo as you take in your new surroundings under the shade of the Berkshire’s 18-foot exterior awning.

Home is where the heart is, and the Berkshire has plenty of that. Whether you’re fully secure as you guide the coach along your journey, or you’re kicking back and putting your feet up after a long drive, you won’t need to close your eyes to imagine that you’re home – you will be home.

Review: 2016 American Coach American Dream 45T

Take just one step into American Coach’s flagship and you’ll realize that the American Dream isn’t necessarily about having a nice house and a white picket fence–it’s the ability to be independent and provide your family with the best that life has to offer. That’s what you get with the American Dream 45T, the top of American Coach’s line of motor homes, a quality coach that strikes the perfect balance between comfort and performance.

The Comforts of Home

Comfort: It’s the difference between a home and any old place you can rest your head at night. The comforts of the American Dream can be found from the very front of the coach all the way to the back. From the driver’s seat, you’ve got dual screen monitors and adjustable brakes and throttles to give you complete control of your journey. Of course, the comfort extends beyond the driver’s seat. Two ultraleather sofas allow for the relaxation of home, and with a king-sized bed and additional air mattress, there’ll be no issue sleeping a group of people. Plus, with a max interior height of seven feet and dedicated master bathroom, you’ll have all the space you could ever need.


Built for Entertaining

Everyone knows that it’s the journey, not the destination, that matters, and the American Dream isn’t going to be holding anyone back from having fun on their ride. When you’ve grown tired of viewing a Blu-Ray on the built-in HDTV, take in all the passing natural scenery through one of the Dream’s large passenger windows. Play host or hostess for your residents or guests by cooking a quality meal with the electric cooktop and convection microwave oven. Or, take a load off while resting in front the Dream’s electric fireplace.

Good Design, Engineered for a Great Adventure

Of course, it’s one thing to have a lot of great features, but it’s another thing to pull them together usefully. Fear not, as the American Dream experience is nothing short of luxurious, with a full tile floor, hardwood cabinets, and a polished countertop. Along with other wonderful features like dimmer switch lighting, a shower skylight, and an in-unit washer and dryer, the Dream is an exercise in pure quality. You’d have a hard time finding this level of quality craftsmanship anywhere else.

Heavy Duty Power

Don’t let the quality interior experience of the American Dream fool you: she’s ready for the road, too. The 45T, the largest of American Coach’s Dream fleet, runs on a 600 horsepower engine, so you’ll have no problem getting wherever you need to go. And with a hitch rating weight of 15 thousand pounds, you can easily tow along your vehicle or trailer with no need for worry. Harness that power with peace of mind, as the Dream comes equipped with all the safety precautions you’d expect: side docking lamps, scare lights, a smoke and carbon monoxide detector, a fire extinguisher, and more.

As they say, if you’re going to do something, you might as well do it right. With American Coach’s American Dream 45T, you could certainly be doing it worse. In this top-of-the-line motor home, you won’t just be cruising the road in style and comfort–you’ll be living the dream.

Review: 2016 Georgetown Standard 364TS

Quality motorhome manufacturer Georgetown’s motto may be “Engineered for the road,” but if the model 364 is anything to judge by, they’ve spent some good time on all the other great things you want in an RV. The 364TS is Georgetown’s largest model, but don’t let think that they’ve wasted any space. This quality rig is spacious yet efficient, and it’s more than ideal for just about anything, from a weekend camping trip to some cross-country sightseeing. There’s plenty to love about this coach.

Spacious Floor Plan

The one thing that will come to mind when you first step into the 364TS is, “Wow, this place is big!” If you’re planning on taking this couch with the family or a group of friends, there’s no need to worry about bumping into each other, because this rig is built for people. It sleeps up to eight, and with a standard bathroom and an added bathroom attached to the master bedroom, there’s no need to worry about taking turns.



When it comes to being fully stocked, the 364TS is just as impressive as it is spacious. Along with the basics, such as air conditioning and heating, you can expect a full kitchen with refrigerator, microwave, and range. Along with a pair of bunk beds, there’s a fold-down bed at the front of coach, just in case you need the extra room. Besides the necessities, you can expect to be fully entertained inside your house on wheels, which includes a TV and radio/CD player and comfortable seating for whomever is joining you on your tour.

The Little Details

While the 364TS may win you over with its large floor plan and luxurious facilities, it’ll be the understated details that make you love it. With some of the subtle design choices of the 364TS, Georgetown has proven that it doesn’t need to be extravagant to wow you (though it does that, too). Take, for instance, the TV/DVD combos included in each of the bunk bed areas, giving your guests choice to watch whatever they want. Or take the kitchen area’s Fantastic Fan, that, by many happy customers’ accounts, lives up to its name. Plus, with a flush-floor construction throughout the floor plan, you don’t have to worry about tripping over steps. Awning support on the exterior means that you’ll be comfortable on the outside, too.

Power Under the Hood

At 22,000 pounds of gross vehicle weight, the Georgetown 364TS is heavy, but the Ford V-10 under the hood is more than capable of powering this beauty of a coach, so you don’t need to worry about handling curves and hills. Additionally, because the 364TS sports side and rear cameras, parking and reversing has never been so easy. Just as good as this RV is on the inside, it’s matched by power and capability on the inside.

At its size, the 364 is a Class A motorhome, but it isn’t just its size that makes it top class. Whether you’re looking for your first RV or you’re trading up, the Georgetown 364TS has everything you could possibly need, and more!

Review: 2016 Newmar Ventana LE 4037

Are you ready to hit the road in style and fully equipped? Newmar is betting you’re all in with its 2016 Ventana LE 4037, a rig it’s billing as its most affordable diesel coach. But don’t let that make you believe that Newmar has had to make concessions to bring down its prices for customers. From the inside out, the 2016 Ventana is impressive, luxurious, and uncompromising.

A Comfortable Home on Wheels

Just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the comforts of home. The Ventana LE comes standard equipped with such features as a king-sized bed, a fiberglass shower, a three-burner range, and an over-the-range microwave oven. Besides the practical comforts, the Ventana is ready for entertainment, too. Enjoy a rainy (or just lazy) day in with a JBL 180-watt sound system and an LED TV. The RV has a crank-up TV antenna, but it’s also ready for a satellite if you choose to install one.


Expert Interior Craftsmanship

With carpeted floors, decorative wall art, and bedroom carpeting, it’s almost easy to mistake the Ventana with a traditional home. The motor home comes fitted with sleek, glazed maple cabinetry and a solid-surface countertop that makes meal preparations a joy. But it’s not only the instantly-notable features that count – the Ventana is full of little details, too. Take, for instance, the dry erase board found inside the pantry cabinet door. Or consider the concealed door hinges and the passenger seat work station. The Ventana will keep surprising you and your travel mates long after your first run.

Good Looks (and Features) on the Outside, Too

What’s a great RV without an impressive exterior design? After all, you and your companions won’t be the only ones who’ll be seeing your motor home as you take your journey. It’s a good thing that Newmar extended its design tastes to the outside of the Ventana, because the rig, with its Masterpiece Finish paint job, is just as good-looking on the outside. But as an RV owner, you aren’t going to be concerned only with the looks. Put your concerns aside with knowing that the Ventana is just as feature-packed on the outside as it is on the inside, with such components as an entrance door with automatic steps, hydraulic leveling jacks, and a rear hitch for towing cars.

A Build That Rivals Its Design

It’s not just the interior and exterior design that counts. Your rig has to be able to handle the literal ups and downs of its journey. Thankfully, the 2016 Ventana LE is ready for just about any challenges it faces. The 4037, near the top of the Ventana line’s builds, sports a 360 horsepower engine, and its net carrying capacity is just under 7000 pounds. This means less time spent worrying about the capability of your home on wheels and more time spent enjoying your trip.

Whether it’s artful design or the power of a well-tuned machine, the 2016 Newmar Ventana LE 4037 has a little something for everyone. With a compelling combination of form and function, the Ventana is a great choice for your next coach.

Do you have questions about purchasing a new or pre-owned motor home or just about the luxury motor home lifestyle in general? If so, please contact us so we can answer all of your questions and concerns!

Review: 2016 Show Hauler GarageCoach 45

For the ultimate adventurer, a regular motorhome simply won’t due. Instead, they’ll need something a little extra that offers enough added space for additional toys and vehicles. Whether you’re bringing along your personal car for easy transportation or a set of ATVs for the family to play with when you reach your destination, a garage coach will help you bring along those additional vehicles.

The new 2016 Show Hauler GarageCoach 45 is perfect for your next family outing. Not only is there plenty of room in the back for all of your toys, but you’ll also be impressed with the general quality workmanship provided with this model.

Here’s a review of the 2016 Show Hauler GarageCoach 45, a superior option atop the list for those needing something extra for their next road trip.

Riding In Comfort

The inside of the 2016 Show Hauler offers a favorable floor plan with plenty of room for everyone. The length of the rig is 42’, giving all of your guests plenty of space to stretch out. Keep in mind that some of that is designated for storage in the back, but you’ll be pleased with how the floor plan allocates the space available. A fully stocked kitchen and eating area is great for entertaining guests. As you make your way to the back, a full bath and large bedroom are separated from the rest of the unit. Every square of inch is utilized in the GarageCoach 45, which is perfect for the true adventurer.

A Beautiful Design

Quality workmanship can be seen throughout the 2016 Show Hauler. The kitchen offers stainless appliances and dark wood cabinetry. Head outside and you’ll notice that the diamond coating paint job is equally as detailed. With this rig, you get a hauler that you can tell is built to last. That should make you feel better about your adventure, no matter where you’re going.


Keeping Your Toys Safe

The boxed area in the back of the GarageCoach 45 is big enough for a midsized car, a few ATVs or snowmobiles, or a handful of other toys and games. This area is really appreciated, as it makes it much easier to bring along additional items without sacrificing your personal comfort. It also helps with better utilizing storage space, which means you’ll have more room to stretch out.

You’ll also rest easy, as the back area has a secure locking system. Also consider a video monitoring system, which will better help you to protect your investment. Safety is a priority when on the road, and this rig is crafted with that in mind.

Ready For The Road

Load up your bags and get ready to hit the road. No matter what adventure lies ahead, your entire family will experience it all with this toy hauler. With plenty of space in the back, power under the hood, and comfort inside, you’ll have everything you need with the 2016 Show Hauler GarageCoach 45.

Do you have questions about purchasing a new or pre-owned motor home or just about the luxury motor home lifestyle in general? If so, please contact us so we can answer all of your questions and concerns!