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Pros and Cons of Traveling In The Winter Vs. Summer

With an RV in your garage, it’s always the perfect time to travel. After all, there is always somewhere in the country that you can visit, no matter what time of year it is. However, it’s important to keep in mind that there are typically some pretty big differences when it comes to traveling in the winter versus traveling in the summer.

For some, you may simply prefer to travel during a certain time of year due to the road and weather conditions. Others may enjoy having their RV camped out in warmer climates during the colder months, while migrating to more mild temperatures in the summer. Whatever the case may be, there will always be reasons to travel and considerations to make depending on the time of year.

Here are some things to keep in mind as you look at the pros and cons of traveling in the winter vs. the summer.

Summer Travel


It’s hard to argue that summer isn’t the best time to travel in your RV. The weather should be warm, nature will be in full effect, and there is plenty for you to do whenever you reach your destination. If you really want to get out and enjoy the country, you’ll soak up every weekend that you have in summer. That means you’re also in for plenty of firework shows, holiday experiences, and so much more.

Summer is a great time to travel, especially in your RV.


Many people love traveling during the summer because it’s warm. But have you thought about whether or not it will be too warm? If you travel through Florida or other humid areas during the summer, be ready to sweat in the event you get stuck in traffic. And since there are sure to be so many other travelers out there during the summer, you can bet it won’t be smooth sailing every time you get on the road.

Summer can be a horrendous time of year when it comes to scorching humid temperatures and insane amounts of traffic everywhere you go.


Winter Travel


Not everyone is willing to tough it out during the winter. That means that for those who are, you’ll get prime selection to see some places that others only dream of. While America offers countless spectacular summer views, there’s a certain wonder of winter unlike any other. Go places, do things, see wildlife, and photograph it all in ways like never before in the winter.


Winter travel should not be considered without great concern for safety. As the roads get wet, slick, and icy, your rig is more susceptible to damage. This puts you and your passengers, as well as others on the road, at risk. Be sure that if you are driving during the winter, you are prepared for the changing road conditions.

No matter the time of year, it’s always a good opportunity to travel in your RV. As you try and determine the best season for you to hit the road, consider these pros and cons of traveling in the winter vs. summer.

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Winter Travel Destination: Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

Utah is full of countless natural wonders, each with their own unique beauty that you truly have to see to believe. Among the many places that are worth visiting, Bryce Canyon National Park is especially beautiful during the winter. For those that are packing up their RV and hitting the road this winter, you’re in for quite the treat when setting your destination point to this National Park.

Here’s a look at an excellent option for your winter travel destination: Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah.


About The Park

Located in south Utah, Bryce Canyon has been a National Park since 1928. Despite its name, you won’t find any canyons here, but instead an accumulation of natural amphitheaters. This unique land formation makes up the Paunsaugunt Plateau, which has changed over the years. Made up of rocks that vary in colors of red, white, and orange, visitors to Bryce Canyon are in for a true beauty like never before.

While visiting Bryce Canyon during the winter, you’ll also see any number of 400 species that call this area home. Bryce Canyon is home to deer, cougars, bobcats, fox, and even black bears. You can also expect to find plenty of birds – including swallows and swifts.

With so many natural beauties to see, Bryce Canyon is the perfect place for you and your family to get away from the demands of everyday life.

Things To Do

Bryce Canyon has no shortage of options for sightseeing, hiking, biking, fishing, camping, and so much more. There are countless activities that the entire family will enjoy once you reach Utah, making it the perfect destination for your winter vacation. Keep in mind that the weather will have an impact on what activities you can enjoy, but there will be plenty to do no matter what the conditions may be.

Places To Eat

Near Bryce Canyon are many different dining options for you and your family. While you may want to take the time to eat inside your RV or at the campsite, you can easily get to any number of restaurants within a short drive. Ebenezer’s Barn and Grill is dinner and a show, making it one of the top options to see while at Bryce Canyon. Stone Hearth Grille is great for classic American food, and Pizza Place offers tasty pizza right off Main Street. No matter what you have a hankering for, you’ll find some tasty eats near Bryce Canyon.

When winter rolls in, your options may be limited for vacation destinations. But even with unpredictable weather conditions and many parks closed for the season, you can find a great destination in Bryce Canyon National Park. The sights that you’ll see may be second to none in any park in America. In addition, there is plenty to enjoy for the entire family. As you look for the perfect winter travel destination, set the GPS in your rig to Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah.

Riding Shotgun: How To Be A Great Co-Captain

To some, riding shotgun is simply a way of getting more legroom or having your choice with what’s on the radio. However, sitting shotgun is a serious responsibility! Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to be a great co-captain while on the road. In order to ensure that you and your crew get to your destination safely, here are some tips for riding shotgun and how to be a great co-captain.

Keeping On Course

If there is anything that a captain will tell you while driving, it’s that they know where they are going. With that in mind, it’s never a good idea for the co-pilot to keep chiming in with, “I think we’re lost,” or “Do you know where we are?” However, that doesn’t mean that you should disconnect with things completely. Instead, a great co-pilot will always be aware of where you are and where you’re going, and only chime in whenever the captain gets completely off track.


Avoiding Distractions

When a captain is distracted, it is putting everyone in the vehicle at risk. That is why it’s vital that the co-captain keeps everyone else in the car under control and calm. If your crew is jumping around, yelling, or acting wild while in the back of your motor home, it’ll be difficult for the driver to stay focused on what matters, which is the road in front of them.

Play That Music, DJ

Keeping your captain and the rest of the crew entertained is a must for any co-captain! That is why it’s important to have some awesome music selections that everyone will love. If you are heading out on a long road trip, you won’t want to rely on local radio stations that fade in and out. Instead, load up your smartphone with a ton of music that all of your travelers will enjoy, and you’ll be the DJ that everyone will be complementing while on the road.

Finding The Best Places To Stop

While there may be a final destination, the great part about road trips is the other things you’ll stop and see on the way. As a co-pilot, it’s your responsibility to find the best places to stop along the way. Whether it’s the world’s largest ball of yarn or an amusement park for a day of enjoyment, a great co-pilot will have suggestions that everyone will enjoy.

Confirming Plans

A co-pilot will use the time while on the road to ensure that everything is ready when they get to their final destination. The driver has a lot going on and needs to rest once you get to where you’re going, so make sure everything accommodates for that once you park your rig. Whether it’s making sure that the camping grounds are ready for you or that you have a great place to eat once you get in, let your captain relax once you reach your destination by having everything ready for them.

Being a great co-pilot will make for a better adventure for everyone. To ensure that your driver can concentrate on the road ahead, consider the tips on this list for being a great co-captain.

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Mapping Your Next Foodie Trip – Part 2 of 2

Welcome back! In Part 1 of our foodie guide, we took a look at some tasty places around the country that are worth taking a road trip to. Those options included juicy fruits in the south and midwest, as well as tender seafood along the coasts. Here is a look at some other places, including a few familiar ones, as we finish off Part 2 of our guide for foodies.

Visit The Great Lakes And Enjoy Some Cherries

If you love freshly picked cherries, then you’ll certainly need to visit Michigan. While you are there, you can also visit the Great Lakes as well. Be sure to visit around mid-July, as this is when fresh cherries are best for picking. If you have even more time, stop by Traverse City for the annual Cherry Festival and you’ll experience a unique event like none other in the country.

Relax With A Glass Of Wine In Missouri

You’ve probably already made your way out west to some of the fine California wineries, so now it’s time to set course for Missouri. It might come as a surprise, but just 80 miles from St. Louis is one of the biggest chain of wineries in the midwest. The valley is known for being set up along the Missouri River, which provides fresh water for the variety of options that the wineries offer. If it’s just you and someone special, and you are looking for an equally special moment, then this is it in Missouri.

Lancaster Desserts

Have Dessert In Pennsylvania

If you’ve made it all the way through this guide, congratulations! After all, our stomachs are growling just writing it out. But before you hit the road, don’t forget to set your final destination for Pennsylvania. Not only can you soak up a lot of American history, but you can also enjoy plenty of rich chocolate as well. In Amish Country, chocolate production is a popular staple in the economy. That means you’ll get to indulge in some of this chocolate from straight out of Lancaster, with this as the last spot on your foodie road trip.

There you have it. Here are some of our favorite foodie places across America. Whether you are looking for a short or long road trip, you’ll be sure to find something that will fill your belly at the end of the adventure.

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Mapping Your Next Foodie Trip – Part 1 of 2

There are a lot of reasons to take a road trip. Maybe you live in the middle of the country and want to head to the ocean. Or if you’ve never left your hometown, it’s quite possible that you finally want to visit Disney World or Times Square with your family. Whatever the reason may be, we highly advise that you pack up your coach and hit the open road.

Another reason that people take off on exploration is to find delicious food. After all, this country has tons of tasty treats, as long as you know where to look to find them.

To better help you find some of those hidden gems, here are some tips for mapping your next foodie trip. This is a two part series, so be sure to also visit Part 2 as well.

Head South For Delicious Fruits In The Spring

If you can handle the heat, then it’s time to pack up the motor home and head to the south in the spring. Specifically, Florida and Georgia offer plenty that any foodie will be sure to love. In Georgia, you won’t be able to drive very far without realizing why it’s called the Peach State. Sinking your teeth into a juicy peach will remind you why you drove this far, as well as just how tasty fresh-fruit can be.

In Florida, there is nothing like starting your day with a tall glass of orange juice. But while most other states import their orange juice directly from Florida, the Sunshine State gets all of theirs grown right in the backyard. While you are in Florida, be sure to also pick up some boiled peanuts, which are a different taste to a traditional treat.

Midwest Fruit Picking

If the South is too far, but you still consider yourself a big fruit foodie, then head to Idaho. It’s here that in the summer and fall seasons people can come to pick their own fruits. Namely, this includes potatoes and apples. Stop in Gem Country during these seasons, and you’ll be able to experience the season at prime picking time.

Lobster Roll

Seafood On The Coasts

You know that there is nothing quite like fresh seafood. That’s why it can be worth making the trek to either coast, depending on where you are. If you are closer to the Atlantic Ocean, head up to Massachusetts and Maine for lobster in the warmer months. Or if you are on the west coast, then crab season begins in Washington in July. Head from Tacoma to Seattle, and you’ll find plenty of different eateries with seasonable crab.

If your stomach is growling, we’re just getting started. Be sure to head over to Part 2 of our foodie guide to find more places that are certainly worth visiting for tasty treats in America.

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How To Tour The Great Lakes In your Motor Home

One of the greatest scenic routes that you can take in America is to the Great Lakes. Not only does the shore along the Great Lakes make for beautiful drives and countless breathtaking views, but there are also many different national monuments along the way.

Here is a look at all that there is to see during your trip to the American Northeast. Along with these tips for how to tour the Great Lakes in your motor home, you’ll also find some other suggestions to make the most of your time as well.

Niagara Falls

It was already mentioned, and there is no question that Niagara Falls is one of the most popular draws near the Great Lakes. On one side is New York, and on the other is Canada. Right in the middle is a massive waterfall that is considered to be one of the most popular landmarks in all of America. No tour of the Great Lakes is complete without visiting Niagara Falls.

Mackinac Bridge

Another national monument to consider viewing is the Mackinac Bridge. Located just north of Niagara Falls, the bridge is near Soo Locks in northern Michigan. While you are here, you can also see the Welland Canal, which is also north of Niagara Falls.

Great Lakes

Fun For The Entire Family

No matter what age you are or what you enjoy, you’ll be sure to find something that you’ll like at the Great Lakes. This area offers some of the most popular botanical gardens and most elaborate zoos in the nation. Families that come to the area will love seeing the animals and wildlife that is in these parks.

Further Your Education

Those that are looking at attending college can use a trip to the Great Lakes to also take in all of the universities in the area. Known for the many powerful Big 10 teams, the region offers some of the most popular universities in the country; including Notre Dame, Ohio State, Indiana, and more.

Amish Country

Your trip along the Great Lakes can also go through Amish country in America. It’s here that your motor home was likely made, so consider taking in a tour of a plant. Not only is it a neat way to see behind the scenes, but it’s also a fun adventure during your time at the Great Lakes.

Eight States Of Activities

If you aren’t sure where you plan to go in your motor home, there are few better options than the Great Lake region. That is because they sprawl across eight states, including New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. There are few better ways to see so much of the United States, with so many beautiful sights to see along the way.

A trip to the Great Lakes is going to be a fun time no matter what. But if you are taking the trip in your motor home, you’ll have an even more enjoyable experience because you can see so much more. Consider seeing the options on this list, as well as many other sites that you’ll come across on your travels.

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Motor Home Sleeping Tips

A motor home is meant to be a luxurious home-away-from-home that allows you to see the country in places like never before imagined. However, just because you have your own set of sheets and toiletries, that doesn’t mean that you are guaranteed to get a great night’s sleep.

Luckily, there are plenty of things that you can do to improve the comfort that you have while sleeping in your motor home. Not only will these sleeping tips help you feel more rested each day, but they’ll also help you have a more enjoyable time on vacation with the people you care for most.

Here are some motor home sleeping tips to consider for your next big trip.

White Noise

One of the biggest problems that people have while sleeping in a motor home is dealing with the sounds of things going on around them. Whether it’s the noise from children playing in the lake or cars driving by the freeway, there are always plenty of things that will go bump in the night and keep you awake.

To drown out the annoying noises, consider bringing in a white noise device. This can be an independent machine, or you can find an app for your smartphone. In either event, you can then choose which sound you want to hear. Whether it’s owls hooting, crickets chirping, or the static of a broken television, white noise might be just what you need to get a full night’s sleep.

Motor Home Sleeping tips

The Perfect Quarters

A lot of people try to limit how much they invest in their sleeping quarters of their motor home, especially if they only plan to be in it a few days out of the month. However, not getting the right sleep during those few days can be very detrimental to the rest of your vacation. Therefore, make sure that you have the right sheets, pillows, and other sleeping equipment that you need to rest peacefully.

Detailed Cleaning

Not only should you be sure to have the right equipment for sleeping, but you should also clean everything after each trip as well. You might think that you’ve only slept in your sheets a few times, and they can wait to be washed. However, leaving them to sit in your motor home until your next trip might cause bacterial buildup that lingers over time. Instead, keep your motor home as clean as possible, and you’ll get more restful sleep.

Talk With Your Traveling Partner

If you are traveling with someone, which you probably are if you are in a motor home, then let them know of any sleeping concerns you have. Letting them know of the sleeping problems that you have will help them accommodate to your schedule a bit better.

It’s important that you get plenty of rest while on vacation in your motor home. But even though the conditions may be much more familiar than a hotel, that doesn’t mean everyone sleeps well in their motor home. To improve the likelihood that you’ll get the rest you need, consider the tips mentioned here.

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Best Scenic Roads In The US

Unlike anywhere else in the world, the United States offers some of the most diverse landscapes throughout its borders. From the seaside states on the coasts, to the Rocky Mountains and Great Plains in Colorado, there is a bit of beauty no matter where you look.

That being said, there are certainly some places that are surely more scenic than others. And for those who are loading up the motorhome and getting ready to head out on a countrywide trip, it’s important that you get in plenty of great views along the way. After all, that’s half the fun in a road trip.

To make your trip as fun as possible, here are some of the best scenic roads in the US.

Patchwork Parkway

The scenes that you view in Utah’s Patchwork Parkway will be some that you never forget. From rich reds to deep oranges, the color of the sunset will change that of the ridgeline along this 51-mile stretch. Breathtaking scenery is in abundance, and you’ve only been to one place on this list of five suggestions.

San Juan Skyway

Colorado offers some of the most beautiful scenic routes in the country, simply due to the diversity in terrain. You can start your way in the bustling city of Denver, but make your way along the San Juan Skyway in the San Juan National Forest. You’ll also hit Gunnison National Forest and Grand Mesa on this 233-mile trek.


Skyline Drive

In the mountains of Virginia are some of the most scenic routes you will ever see. The Skyline Drive consists of the crest along the Blue Ridge Mountains, and the road is 105 miles long. Keep in mind that there are size limitations that change all the time, so check ahead to make sure that your rig will fit on the roads of Skyline Drive

Overseas Highway

Get ready to head as far south as you can go in America, as you take the trip down to Key West. On your way, you’ll head down the historic Overseas Highway, which is the only way in and out of the Keys. You’ll start up north in Key Largo, but don’t stop till you make your way to Mile 0 in Key West. It’ll be a great time, and it only takes a few hours for this scenic tour.

Finger Lakes Region

You might not expect New York to offer a lot in terms of scenic views, but that’s not the case when you get outside of the city. The Finger Lakes are those that are located in the central part of New York State, and they contain 11 bodies of water. You can visit them all on a scenic tour that you’ll love taking with your favorite traveling partners.

It’s time to get out and see the country like never before in your motorhome. But if you aren’t sure where to start your journey, set your GPS system to any of the five options on this list as some of the most scenic roads in the US.

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Motor Home Trip To Disney – Mid April Is A Great Time To Visit

No matter how old your driver’s license may say that you are, your inner child will always be begging you to take it to Disney World in Orlando, Florida. After all, Disney is the place where adults can let their spirit run free as they get caught up in the happiness throughout the park.

While some families may pack their luggage and hop on a plane to get to Orlando, those that have a motor home know that a road trip is instead going to be much more enjoyable. After all, your trip to Disney World isn’t just about your time at the park. Instead, it’s also about that ride down either I-75 or I-95 as you head into Orlando. There is a certain magic that will overcome you as you enter the city that is home to the ‘Happiest Place On Earth’ in your luxury motor home.

In order to ensure that your visit to Disney is great, here are some things to consider.

Mid April Is A Great Time To Visit

When determining the best time of year to visit Disney World, you may have a lot of personal factors that come into play. For example, do you have to get off from work or factor in your children’s school schedules? However, if you do not have to worry about any schedule but your own, then mid-April is a great time to visit Disney.

Mid-April has historically been considered to be a time of year that gets great weather in Orlando. Although Mr. Walt Disney originally bought the plot of land that is now Disney World because he knew it would offer accommodating weather year-round, there is no denying that mid-April certainly has the most favorable conditions.

In addition, mid-April is also a time when most students and families are in school. Therefore, this means there may be shorter lines when wanting to ride your favorite amusement park roller coaster.


Endless Options For Motor Home Parking

There are a lot of places around the country that accommodate to those who are traveling in a motor home. However, Disney World may quite possibly be a worldwide leader when it comes to offering world-class accommodations for motor home drivers. Because people from all over the country come to Disney looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience, motor home parks are always looking to ensure the satisfaction of its guests. Some of the top options to consider for your Disney World trip in may should include:

  • The Campsites At Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort – The Campsites At Fort Wilderness are often considered to be Disney’s most inclusive motor home resort. They are located directly on the Disney grounds, making it easy for families to get up early in the morning and beat the lines for the best rides. There is also plenty to do in Fort Wilderness, including fishing, camping, and much more.
  • Sherwood Forest Resort – Taken directly from a Robin Hood story, Sherwood Forest is also a great motor home destination for your mid-April motor home trip. This park is located just a few miles away from Disney, and it offers a lot of space for your motor home hookups.
  • Ponderosa Resort – Ponderosa is a quieter motor home resort that is great for older visitors. If you are looking to avoid the hassle and bustle of some of the other campsites, Ponderosa is the best option to consider.

When planning a trip to Disney World, taking your motor home is an excellent choice. You’ll be able to experience Florida in a way that is very unique, and you can also choose how you go about your vacation. But with so many times during the year to choose when to go, keep in mind that mid-April offers plenty of benefits for visitors.

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Motor Home Trip Series: Michigan

Located in the midst of the American Great Lakes, Michigan is often a destination for travelers in motor homes. There is plenty to do along the way to Michigan, and the choices certainly won’t decrease once you cross the state line.

With so much to do, let’s not waste any time. Here’s a look at some of the best options to make the most of your motor home trip to Michigan.

Manistee National Forest

Manistee National Forest is one of the most influential draws in the entire state of Michigan. With countless picturesque lakes, sand dunes and scenic drives, that the stretch as far as the eye can see, Manistee National Forest is truly a wonder that you must see for yourself. When driving your motor home, you can get to Manistee National Forest from I-196, or Highway 131. Once you are in Manistee, you’ll have everything that you need for an unforgettable vacation.

To make things easier on motor home drivers, Manistee National Forest has many parks located within close distance. Some of the top options to consider include:

●       Pere Marquette Oaks Park – One reason that so many people enjoy Pere Marquette Oaks Park is because of its great central location in Manistee National Forest.  Though it may take a bit more of a drive to get inside of the park that has over one million square acres of preserved land, you’ll be pleased that you won’t have to leave Pere Marquette Oaks Park to get anything that you may forget at home. Instead, you’ll find everything you need within reach of the campgrounds, making for a more enjoyable vacation.

●       Vacation Station Resort – The draw to Vacation Station Resort is the fact that it’s so closely located to Lake Michigan. Those who stay at Vacation Station Resort will be able to quickly access Manistee National Forest, or they can enjoy countless water sport activities on the lake.


Alcona Park

As Manistee National Forest is ideal for those that are on the west side of Michigan, Alcona Park might be better for those on the east. Alcoa Park is known for offering some of the best fishing in the entire state, as it’s right on Lake Huron. Along with miles of space for fishing, Alcona Park also offers campsites and hookups for your motor home. Some of the most reliable motor home parks include:

●       Oscoda KOA – Located right on Lake Huron, Oscoda Koa offers plenty of benefits that make it an ideal campground to park your motor home at. The staff is very friendly and there to help you, and there are also plenty of amenities located right on the campgrounds.

●       Rollways Campground – Rollways Campground is a great choice for those that want to stay right in the middle of Alcona Park. This campground is nice because even though it may not be located on Lake Huron, it is however right next to the Loud Dam Pond, which is a stream from the lake. Oftentimes, Rollways Campgrounds will be less busy than some of the other campgrounds in the area.

A trip to Michigan provides for some wonderful experiences that you won’t soon forget. As people choose to visit Michigan throughout the year, you’ll be sure to enjoy yourself on your motor home trip at one of the destinations listed here.

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