City Highlight: Nashville, Tennessee

America’s best cities always have one or two things that make them special and like any other in the country. Los Angeles has the film industry, Miami the beaches and Cuban culture, and New York City its fashion. No one need tell you what Nashville is all about, and while the music is this city’s main attraction, you’ll soon find that it’s not the only thing it has going for it.

The Music Capital of the Country

Let’s face it: the musical history of Nashville is probably the city’s most defining feature and the one that makes it most worth visiting. There’s a reason it’s called Music City, after all. Be sure to hit up the Grand Ole Opry, the decades-old radio show and institution of not just Nashville, but of America as a whole. If your tastes are a little more… refined, be sure to check out the renowned Nashville Symphony Orchestra at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center. You need not spend money to see a performance, however: Nashville has tons of free musical shows you also can attend.


A City With Some Stories

With such musical roots as Nashville’s you know there are bound to be some great stories to be found. Indeed, Nashville has a lot of history to it, and you can find here plenty of museums detailing the city’s rise to destination for many aspiring musicians. If Nashville’s musical history piques your interest, you’ll need to visit the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, which has many exhibits detailing some of the most important events in country music history. You can also find in Nashville the Johnny Cash Museum, home to memorabilia related to the singer. Of course, it’s not all about music history in Nashville, as you can also find many restored artifacts of Southern history, including relics of the Civil War.

Cuisine With a Southern Touch

Nashville isn’t just a feast for the ears; it can be a literal feast for the stomach as well. The city has a large food scene, with dishes good enough to warrant claims that the city is one of the culinary jewels on the United States. Hot chicken, which hails from Nashville, is the city’s speciality, and you can expect to find a lot other Southern-tinged comfort food to fit your fancy. Still, there’s plenty else to satisfy your taste buds, with food trucks in particular making up a large and diverse part of Nashville’s edible attractions.

Motor Home Friendly

If you plan on making a visit to Nashville with your motor home, you’ll find that the city’s surrounding areas will be quite amenable to your plans. Although Nashville is a major city in its own right, it doesn’t take long to get out to quiet peace of nature, which is something that many campgrounds nearby use to their advantage. Among Nashville’s top campgrounds are the Two Rivers Campground and Nashville KOA, both of which are located central to the action. And if you find Nashville rubbing off on you during your stay, you can always try your hand at the Grand Ole Resort karaoke Saturdays!

While many make their pilgrimage to Nashville in order to start a musical career, as a visitor, there’s plenty else that will draw you in. From the obvious must-visit musical attractions to the hidden dietary treasures, you’ll find that while “Music City” is a fitting label for Nashville, it isn’t near enough to describe everything the city has offer.