Effectively Blocking Heat and Insulating Your Motorhome

The insulation of your motor home will have a large impact on your overall ability to stay comfortable while on the road. During the summer, long standstills in traffic or days at the lake both make for scorching weather conditions inside your rig. Fast-forward a few months to the winter, and you’ll quickly notice those temperatures plummet to near-zero levels. In order to help keep your motor home properly insulated throughout the entire year, we have some tips for you.

Here is how you can effectively block heat and insulate your motor home throughout the year.

Keeping Cool During The Summer

Whether you are sitting in a parking lot at Disney or you’ve made your way to a campsite lake, summer is the perfect time of year for you to take the RV out. Unfortunately, those beautiful summer days quickly turn into hot conditions inside your RV. To keep things cool, some things you can do include:

Tinting Your Windows

Many people think that window tint is ideal for vehicles that want privacy. While window tint certainly does give you the privacy that you are looking for, it’s also an ideal tool that will help keep the inside of your rig cool and comfortable. It’s estimated that the interior of your rig can be roughly 10° cooler with the help of tint, which means you can ease up on the air conditioning and save on gas mileage while on the road. It all adds up, which is why window tint is a worthy investment to consider.


Open Your Awnings

When you are parked, keeping the area around your rig cool will help to keep temperatures down inside as well. If you have an awning on your rig, open it up to add shade to area around your motor home. In doing so, you’ll cool the surface area surrounding it, making for more comfortable temperatures inside.

Heating Up During The Winter

Properly Insulate Your Rig

Staying cool in the summer is perfect, until the seasons change and you decide that you’d like to warm things up. To ensure that your motor home is ready for whatever weather conditions it comes across, properly insulate it to prepare for the winter. For some rigs, this may mean that you need to get behind the walls and check out the area in-between them and the exterior of the rig. Often times, water gets caught in this area, freezes during the winter, and then can make your unit incredibly cold. By getting behind the walls to ensure that everything is functioning properly, motor home owners can better insulate their rigs for year-round enjoyment.

Unlike a car, a motor home requires a lot of attention to detail in order to ensure the proper temperature inside. With larger interiors and more space needing to be kept under control, consider the tips on this list for moderating the temperature of your motor home throughout the year. Whether it’s keeping the heat out or insulating things during the winter, you’ll be more comfortable with a bit of due diligence and preparedness.

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