Exercises That Are Perfect For Your Next Road Trip

For all the gym rats out there, just because you’re traveling in a motor coach this summer instead of staying in a hotel, don’t forget about your fitness goals. Who says you need a full gym to get a good workout in. Part of the reason we have luxury motor homes is so we can enjoy all the comforts and amenities that we’re used to at home while we’re on the road. So if you’re planning on taking a long trip this season, clear some space in the cabin and get a quick workout in! Here are a few exercises that you can do to pass the time on your next trip.

Your “gym equipment” is as follows:

–       SPRI resistance bands (these are available with varying levels of resistance depending on what you’re comfortable with)

–       Push up bars (with rubber or foam protectors so you don’t scratch that beautiful tile floor!)

–       Yoga mat

–       Ab roller

–       Pillows


Let’s start with traditional push-ups. With your push-up bars shoulder width apart, do 10-20 reps (or more if you’re feeling up to it). Make sure to go as far down as you can. Remember, the push up bars are there so you can get a deeper range of motion and get the most out of each rep. Traditional push-ups will work out your biceps, triceps, and pecs all at the same time.

Once you’ve finished your first set, take the bars from their current position and move them each about 4-6 inches to the left or right (respectively) so you can do wide push ups. Do another 10-20 reps. Wide push-ups put much more emphasis on your upper back muscles as well as your triceps.

wide push ups are great exercise for your next roadtrip
Wide Push Ups With Bars

To finish up this exercise, take the bars and move them only about 4 inches apart from one another so you can do some close grip push ups. These will really work your triceps. Do 10-20 reps and you’re all done with the push-up bars.

Close push ups with bars are great exercise for a roadtrip
Close Push Ups With Bars

Want a tougher version? Try propping your feet up on the couch or a chair and doing a set of decline push-ups with a wide grip

Front/Lateral Shoulder Raises

For shoulder raises, we’ll need to grab the resistance bands. While standing up, step on the band directly in the center with one foot. With your arms hanging down by your sides, lift the bands straight out in front of you until your arms are at eye level. Lower your arms back down, and then do a lateral raise out to your side. Got that? Good. That’s one rep! Do 3 sets of 10 and you’re all done.

front shoulder raises are exercises for road trips
    Front Shoulder Raises With Resistance Bands 


lateral shoulder raises are great exercises for a roadtrip
Lateral Shoulder Raises With Resistance Bands

Bicep Curls

With your feet close together, step on the center of the band with both feet, holding the handles of the bands down by your side.  Now, do a basic arm curl. You can either do one arm at a time or both at the same time – whatever you feel more comfortable with. Do 3 sets of 10-15 reps. If you really want to feel the burn, try widening your stance, which will create more resistance in the bands.

Want it even tougher? Keep the same wide stance (or slightly wider), but instead of having your arms directly against the sides of your body, move them out to laterally about 12 inches and then do your curls.


Lay down your yoga mat, grab the pillow for your knees (so you don’t hurt yourself on the hard tile floor), and get your ab roller. With your knees on the pillow, get yourself into a pseudo push-up position with the ab roller out in front of you. Roll all the way out and then pull the roller all the way back in. Repeat this 40-50 times (or until your abs burn so much you have to stop!) Check out this video for a quick example of how it’s done.

Like we said, there’s no need to put your workout routine completely on hold just because you’re not home. You just need to modify it a little bit. Hey, you may even find that you like working out on the road better, because, let’s face it…everything’s better when you’re on the road!

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