Go Green with a Coachmen Motor Home

Going Green. It’s one of those terms that has invaded our daily lives and has, in many cases, changed the way we live. Studies show that approximately 90 percent of Americans recycle, 4 percent actively attempt to reduce their utility usage, and basically every company on earth has started or has gotten involved in some sort of “Green” initiative. So it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that large motor home manufacturers are beginning to design Green coaches. Really, it’s the best of both worlds for consumers; you can still purchase a beautiful, luxury motor home while doing your part to promote an eco-friendly society.

coachmen mirada motorhome
Coachmen Mirada motor home’s are designed with certified green best practices

Coachmen, a Forest River entity, has been producing Silver and Gold TRA certified (TRA-Certification, Inc. is an independent, internationally accredited, third-party green certifier since 1967) RV’s for over a year now with great success. The Green certification is predicated on a few different factors – production technique and building with environmentally friendly materials being the most prevalent. The TRA has given both the Encounter (read our review of the 2015 Encounter 36BH here) and Mirada, Silver certification levels.

Weight is something that can have a large effect on how Green a motor home is. The heavier your coach, the more fuel it will ultimately require, thus making it less friendly to the environment. To combat the weight issue manufacturers face when constructing a motor home, Coachmen uses Azdel composite sidewalls instead of traditional wooden sidewalls. These super light panels are made from a combination of polypropylene (a thermoplastic polymer resin used regularly in toys, carpeting, paper, loudspeakers, and hundreds of other products consumers use on an everyday basis) and fiberglass. In addition to weighing just half of traditional wooden RV panels, Azdel composite panels are also extremely durable. They are 100% resistant to water, rotting, and mold. That isn’t to say you shouldn’t keep your coach housed somewhere covered in the off season, but it will be next to impossible for the walls of your Coachmen to be damaged by the elements. These panels also have 3 times the amount of insulation to that of their wooden counterparts. More insulation means less heat in the wintertime and less AC in the summer, which means less gas guzzling. Azdel panels are completely odorless, absorb sound extremely well to help keep your ride quieter, and are impact and puncture resistant.

coachmen green motorhomes

The Green motor home’s Coachmen are putting out sets a nice precedent for the rest of the RV world. You can still produce a high quality, luxury coach that is not only efficient from a production standpoint, but that efficiency (without a higher price tag) can be passed along to the consumer. Sounds good to us

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