How To Prep Your Motorhome For Tailgating

It’s almost time for kickoff, as football season is just a few weeks away. That means it’s time to dust off your lucky jersey, as you get ready to support your favorite university or professional team.

While everyone knows that bragging rights are earned on the field, a true fan knows that what goes on in-between the lines is only half of the excitement. That’s because hours before the game even starts, the day begins with tailgating outside. And if you have a motorhome, that’ll make your tailgating even more enjoyable.

To make the most of game day for your favorite team, here are some tips for how to prep your motorhome for tailgating.

Plan Ahead

The more that you plan ahead, the less you’ll have to deal with on game day that will give you a headache. Call ahead to make sure that you know the space restrictions for the lot that you’ll be parking your rig at. With a motorhome like the New Class C – 2016 Dynamax Corp REV 24TL, you’ll be able to fit into even the snuggest of parking spaces. However, if you have an oversized rig, then you will need to show up early if you plan on parking where all the action is going to be.

Something else to plan ahead for with your motorhome is food safety on game day. You’re obviously going to be cooking up some delicious eats for your guests to enjoy, so make sure that you keep all food properly stored before you begin cooking it. This will keep everyone cheerful once the game starts, rather than down due to a illness.


Who’s Coming With?

Keeping your guests in mind while tailgating will ensure that everyone has a great time. Are you bringing people within your motorhome, or are people meeting you there? Are you planning on letting people sleep in your rig after the game, or are you heading out right away? By planning for how many people you have to accommodate for on game day, you’ll be sure to avoid any issues that would arise due to limited space.

Let Everyone Know Who You Support

There will be no denying the team that you support when you are rolling down the interstate on the way to the game. That’s because you’ll want to load up your rig with decals and other team gear that lets others know where you are headed. Once you get to the game, put on the body paint to let your true spirit show.

Leave Some Things For Next Time

Don’t forget that game day isn’t over until you get home and properly secure your rig until next time. There is likely to be some things, such as toiletries, that you can keep in your rig. However, if there is any food that needs to be taken out of the fridge, or sheets and towels that need to be washed, then be sure to handle this once you get home. Even though you may want to relax after your team wins the big game, it’s important you properly maintain your rig if you want it to last for years to come.

Make game day even better with these tips for prepping your motorhome for tailgating.

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