Keeping Warm In Your Motorhome

Staying warm in your motorhome can be a challenge. Even if your rig has a heating unit, that’s not something that you’ll necessarily want to run all night and day. In addition, even if you have a newer rig that is better insulated than what could be expected with older models, it can still get pretty chilly considering the fact that most motorhomes simply aren’t made for cold weather.

Just because the temperatures are dropping and it’s getting cold out, that doesn’t mean that you’ll want to stay home. After all, the colder weather months provide just as many motorhome adventures as their warmer counterparts.

When you head out in cold weather, remember these tips for keeping warm in your motorhome.

Check For Leaks & Cracks

The older your rig is, the more susceptible it is to damage. Therefore, if you notice that your motorhome seems to be cold, no matter what you do, begin by checking for leaks and cracks throughout. Begin by inspecting around windows and doors, and work your way around your rig as you look for any seams that would allow for air to get in. Sometimes you can make the easiest of fixes to warm up the interior by quickly patching any cracks or leaks you may have in your motorhome.


Layer Up

Vacation is the perfect time for you to bundle up in your favorite comfy warm clothing. If you notice you’re still cold, consider adding additional layers. It’s easy to add and remove layers, so make sure you have plenty of options to choose from while traveling. This will help you keep warm, without running your rig at all times

Pro Camper Tip – Another option is to bring along an electric blanket. Not only can you add and remove a blanket as necessary, but you can adjust its temperature to maximize comfort and earthy.

Space Heater

Add a space heater to your motorhome and you’ll notice quite a bit more warmth. Space heaters are especially convenient for those who enjoy hosting and having people over, as everyone will bundle around to keep warm. Be sure to keep a close eye on your space heater and always unplug it when not in use. While it will surely keep you warm, space heaters also present some safety concerns that you’ll want to keep in the forefront of your mind while traveling.

Add Rugs

If your rig has hard flooring that is cold on your feet, add rugs for more warmth. Not only will accent rugs help to insulate and warm your motorhome, but they are also perfect for adding creative design features that show off your personality. Rugs are easy to add and can have a big impact on the comfort you experience in your motorhome.

Don’t let the cold weather deter you from getting out there and traveling during the winter months. Instead, consider these tips for keeping warm in your motorhome and you’ll enjoy your adventure no matter what the conditions are.

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