Keeping Your Motor Home Safe & Secure During the Off-Season

The seasons have officially changed. Most of us have shifted gears, for lack of a better term, from thinking about our next weekend getaway or extended road trip to making plans for the holidays. But before you start solidifying your Turkey Day and Christmas plans, you may want to sure up a safe place to stash your coach until spring.

As any motor home owner will tell you, their rig is their prized possession (children excluded…maybe) and keeping it safe and secure is of utmost importance. We spend lots of money on purchasing and maintaining our motor homes to keep them running and looking good, and while we do everything in our power to make sure our rigs are pristine, some less than desirable characters may be taking notice as well. A 40-foot diesel pusher motor home screams luxury and could be a prime target for thieves looking for a quick score.

If you keep your coach stored at home during the late fall and winter months, there are several security measures you need to go through to make sure that your rig is protected. For starters, and most obviously, remove all of your valuables from the cabin and storage areas. Even if you’re confident that you emptied your coach out after your last trip of the season, check it again. The last thing you need is to find out your motor home has been burglarized and an expensive piece of camping equipment was taken. (Side Note: keep an inventory of everything in your coach and update it every couple of months. That way, if you do have a break in, you’ll have an accurate list of all of the valuables in your coach that you can provide your insurance carrier with to be indemnified). After you’ve determined that anything worth considerable dollars has been removed (that’s capable of being removed), it’s time to start considering other options to ensure the safety of your coach.

Here is where you have to choose a path down the proverbial ‘motor home security fork in the road’. One option is to invest in a relatively expensive RV specific security/surveillance system. There are several products like this on the market and they are sufficient for monitoring your coach remotely via video and sounding an alarm if a door or window is broken to deter further damage or theft – but is that enough? Why put yourself in a position where the attempt to steal or damage your property is even possible? Now think about your second option…to store your motor home in a state of the art, properly maintained and secured facility that is designed specifically for housing and servicing Class A diesel and Super C motor homes. Sounds expensive, doesn’t it? Perhaps more so than the aforementioned RV security system? Not even close. Just $129 per month is all it costs. That nominal fee will get you a spot in a facility that is locked, video monitored, climate controlled, and the perfect place to give you the peace of mind you’ve been seeking.


If you’re asking yourself where you can find such a place, the answer is at Dylans RV Center’s brand new storage, service, and concierge center in Sewell, NJ. We’re currently open for service and our storage center will be opening shortly! Spots are filling up quickly, so email or call us at 856-228-0090 to reserve your storage space and get a 10% discount on your first month of storage.


Do you have questions about purchasing a new or pre-owned motorhome or just about the luxury motor home lifestyle in general? If so, please contact us so we can answer all of your questions and concerns!

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