Keeping Your Motorhome Smelling Fresh

There are plenty of odors lingering in your motorhome. Even if you’ve grown accustomed to the smell, just imagine the scents that may be off-putting to others. Whether it’s the rotten food that you left in the fridge, or remnants left in the bathroom in the back of the rig, the list goes on for items that are sure to make your motorhome smell poorly.

While some of these odors may be normal, and therefore difficult to get rid of, there is plenty that you can do to make your motorhome smell great. The better your rig smells, the more you are sure to enjoy using it. And for those that love to entertain, your guests will surely be thankful that you were considerate of how things smell as well.

Regain control of your rig and consider these tips for keeping your motorhome smelling fresh.

Clean Your Motorhome Like You Would Your House

Just because your motorhome isn’t as big as your house, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t care for it with as much diligence. Therefore, make sure that you are taking the time to clean your rig as frequently as you would your home. If you’re on the road and using the kitchen, clean it after each meal you prepare. Before you store your rig for the winter, purge the fridge and cabinets of food that may spoil and attract rodents. By cleaning your motorhome, you can get rid of smells and odors that would otherwise linger.

Keep Your Motorhome Ventilated

Even the largest of motorhomes aren’t all that big. With such confined space, there isn’t a lot of room for odors to disperse and instead they will linger in place. In order to prevent this, keep windows and doors open when possible. The more that you keep your motorhome ventilated, the better air will flow throughout the entire unit. This will help to eliminate bad smelling odors from lingering in place.


Do You Have A Pet?

Families that travel with pets will have to work extra to keep things smelling great. Even if your pet is trained to not use the potty inside your motorhome, animals have a certain scent to them that can become overwhelming when cooped up inside a motorhome. This is especially the case after a long day of getting dirty at the lake. Wash your pet thoroughly before bringing them inside the rig, but also understand that there may be some scents you can’t get rid of if you want to bring your furry family members along.

Use The Right Products

Outfit your motorhome with cleaning products and other fragrances that will smell great. There are options such as air fresheners and potpourri, both of which will add fresh scents to your rig. Be cautious of adding too many powerful fragrances, as this can become overwhelming. However, just a bit of air freshener can go a long way in a confined motorhome.

Good or bad, your motorhome is sure to smell. In order to ensure that it’s not the latter, consider these tips for keeping your motorhome smelling fresh throughout the year.

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