Mapping Your Next Foodie Trip – Part 1 of 2

There are a lot of reasons to take a road trip. Maybe you live in the middle of the country and want to head to the ocean. Or if you’ve never left your hometown, it’s quite possible that you finally want to visit Disney World or Times Square with your family. Whatever the reason may be, we highly advise that you pack up your coach and hit the open road.

Another reason that people take off on exploration is to find delicious food. After all, this country has tons of tasty treats, as long as you know where to look to find them.

To better help you find some of those hidden gems, here are some tips for mapping your next foodie trip. This is a two part series, so be sure to also visit Part 2 as well.

Head South For Delicious Fruits In The Spring

If you can handle the heat, then it’s time to pack up the motor home and head to the south in the spring. Specifically, Florida and Georgia offer plenty that any foodie will be sure to love. In Georgia, you won’t be able to drive very far without realizing why it’s called the Peach State. Sinking your teeth into a juicy peach will remind you why you drove this far, as well as just how tasty fresh-fruit can be.

In Florida, there is nothing like starting your day with a tall glass of orange juice. But while most other states import their orange juice directly from Florida, the Sunshine State gets all of theirs grown right in the backyard. While you are in Florida, be sure to also pick up some boiled peanuts, which are a different taste to a traditional treat.

Midwest Fruit Picking

If the South is too far, but you still consider yourself a big fruit foodie, then head to Idaho. It’s here that in the summer and fall seasons people can come to pick their own fruits. Namely, this includes potatoes and apples. Stop in Gem Country during these seasons, and you’ll be able to experience the season at prime picking time.

Lobster Roll

Seafood On The Coasts

You know that there is nothing quite like fresh seafood. That’s why it can be worth making the trek to either coast, depending on where you are. If you are closer to the Atlantic Ocean, head up to Massachusetts and Maine for lobster in the warmer months. Or if you are on the west coast, then crab season begins in Washington in July. Head from Tacoma to Seattle, and you’ll find plenty of different eateries with seasonable crab.

If your stomach is growling, we’re just getting started. Be sure to head over to Part 2 of our foodie guide to find more places that are certainly worth visiting for tasty treats in America.

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