Motor Home Trip Series: Arizona

Arizona offers some of the warmest temperatures on average amongst other states in the USA. Because of this beautiful weather, Arizona is a hotbed for golf courses, pools, and plenty of other leisure activities that will be sure to keep you busy.

Because Arizona has so much to offer, it’s often a destination that many set course for when driving their motor home across the country. If you are hoping to plan an unforgettable trip to Arizona, here are some things that you should be sure to consider.

Grand Canyon National Park

You can’t really argue that the biggest attraction in all of Arizona is the Grand Canyon National Park. This natural wonder is something that you truly cannot comprehend in size or beauty until you see it for yourself firsthand. For many who have visited the Grand Canyon, they’ll be sure to tell you about its overwhelming magnitude and the surreal feelings that go hand-in-hand. Be sure to catch the Grand Canyon during sunrise or sunset, as this provides the best chance for you to see unforgettable colors that reflect off the mesas and canyons.

During your time at Grand Canyon National Park, you also can raft down the Colorado River, ride mules along the canyon walls, and hike for miles and miles. In addition, you can also park your motor home at:

●       North Rim Campground – Located in the near center of Grand Canyon National Park, staying at North Rim Campground will make it easy for guests to do and see more. When you park your motor home at North Rim Campground, you’ll be conveniently located in the park, with everything that you need on the property grounds.

●       Trailer Village – Those who set a destination towards Trailer Village often do so because they want to be conveniently located near the bike trails near the canyon. In addition, Trailer Village offers service that is quite helpful, which will make your trip to Arizona more enjoyable.

kofa national wildlife refuge

Kofa National Wildlife Refuge

There are few places in the country that are as entrancing as Kofa National Wildlife Refuge. Located in Southwest Arizona, this refuge has been put together to help preserve bighorn sheep and other animals that are indigenous to the area. Those who are looking to go to the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge from the Grand Canyon National Park can do so by driving on I-40. This makes for a scenic drive that offers memorable views along the way.

Once you get to Kofa National Wildlife Refuge, some of the motor home parks to consider staying at include:

●       Blue Sky Park – Blue Sky Park is located on the southern side of the wildlife refuge, making it an ideal destination for those coming from southern California, or those driving along I-8 from New Mexico. There are plenty of hookups for your motor home at Blue Sky Park, and it’s one of the closest parks to the refuge.

●       Rose Park – Rose Park is located on the northern part of the refuge, and it’s often the best place for those coming from Phoenix on I-10. Rose Park has been praised for how clean they keep their grounds, as well as the amount of convenient locations that are located nearby.

If you’ve yet to visit Arizona, you don’t know what you are missing out on. The state offers beautiful weather throughout the year, as well as plenty of fun and adventurous activities that the entire family will enjoy. When planning your Arizona motor home trip, be sure to make time to visit Grand Canyon National park and Kofa National Wildlife Refuge.

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