Motor Home Trip To Disney – Mid April Is A Great Time To Visit

No matter how old your driver’s license may say that you are, your inner child will always be begging you to take it to Disney World in Orlando, Florida. After all, Disney is the place where adults can let their spirit run free as they get caught up in the happiness throughout the park.

While some families may pack their luggage and hop on a plane to get to Orlando, those that have a motor home know that a road trip is instead going to be much more enjoyable. After all, your trip to Disney World isn’t just about your time at the park. Instead, it’s also about that ride down either I-75 or I-95 as you head into Orlando. There is a certain magic that will overcome you as you enter the city that is home to the ‘Happiest Place On Earth’ in your luxury motor home.

In order to ensure that your visit to Disney is great, here are some things to consider.

Mid April Is A Great Time To Visit

When determining the best time of year to visit Disney World, you may have a lot of personal factors that come into play. For example, do you have to get off from work or factor in your children’s school schedules? However, if you do not have to worry about any schedule but your own, then mid-April is a great time to visit Disney.

Mid-April has historically been considered to be a time of year that gets great weather in Orlando. Although Mr. Walt Disney originally bought the plot of land that is now Disney World because he knew it would offer accommodating weather year-round, there is no denying that mid-April certainly has the most favorable conditions.

In addition, mid-April is also a time when most students and families are in school. Therefore, this means there may be shorter lines when wanting to ride your favorite amusement park roller coaster.


Endless Options For Motor Home Parking

There are a lot of places around the country that accommodate to those who are traveling in a motor home. However, Disney World may quite possibly be a worldwide leader when it comes to offering world-class accommodations for motor home drivers. Because people from all over the country come to Disney looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience, motor home parks are always looking to ensure the satisfaction of its guests. Some of the top options to consider for your Disney World trip in may should include:

  • The Campsites At Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort – The Campsites At Fort Wilderness are often considered to be Disney’s most inclusive motor home resort. They are located directly on the Disney grounds, making it easy for families to get up early in the morning and beat the lines for the best rides. There is also plenty to do in Fort Wilderness, including fishing, camping, and much more.
  • Sherwood Forest Resort – Taken directly from a Robin Hood story, Sherwood Forest is also a great motor home destination for your mid-April motor home trip. This park is located just a few miles away from Disney, and it offers a lot of space for your motor home hookups.
  • Ponderosa Resort – Ponderosa is a quieter motor home resort that is great for older visitors. If you are looking to avoid the hassle and bustle of some of the other campsites, Ponderosa is the best option to consider.

When planning a trip to Disney World, taking your motor home is an excellent choice. You’ll be able to experience Florida in a way that is very unique, and you can also choose how you go about your vacation. But with so many times during the year to choose when to go, keep in mind that mid-April offers plenty of benefits for visitors.

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