Motor Home Trip Series: Michigan

Located in the midst of the American Great Lakes, Michigan is often a destination for travelers in motor homes. There is plenty to do along the way to Michigan, and the choices certainly won’t decrease once you cross the state line.

With so much to do, let’s not waste any time. Here’s a look at some of the best options to make the most of your motor home trip to Michigan.

Manistee National Forest

Manistee National Forest is one of the most influential draws in the entire state of Michigan. With countless picturesque lakes, sand dunes and scenic drives, that the stretch as far as the eye can see, Manistee National Forest is truly a wonder that you must see for yourself. When driving your motor home, you can get to Manistee National Forest from I-196, or Highway 131. Once you are in Manistee, you’ll have everything that you need for an unforgettable vacation.

To make things easier on motor home drivers, Manistee National Forest has many parks located within close distance. Some of the top options to consider include:

●       Pere Marquette Oaks Park – One reason that so many people enjoy Pere Marquette Oaks Park is because of its great central location in Manistee National Forest.  Though it may take a bit more of a drive to get inside of the park that has over one million square acres of preserved land, you’ll be pleased that you won’t have to leave Pere Marquette Oaks Park to get anything that you may forget at home. Instead, you’ll find everything you need within reach of the campgrounds, making for a more enjoyable vacation.

●       Vacation Station Resort – The draw to Vacation Station Resort is the fact that it’s so closely located to Lake Michigan. Those who stay at Vacation Station Resort will be able to quickly access Manistee National Forest, or they can enjoy countless water sport activities on the lake.


Alcona Park

As Manistee National Forest is ideal for those that are on the west side of Michigan, Alcona Park might be better for those on the east. Alcoa Park is known for offering some of the best fishing in the entire state, as it’s right on Lake Huron. Along with miles of space for fishing, Alcona Park also offers campsites and hookups for your motor home. Some of the most reliable motor home parks include:

●       Oscoda KOA – Located right on Lake Huron, Oscoda Koa offers plenty of benefits that make it an ideal campground to park your motor home at. The staff is very friendly and there to help you, and there are also plenty of amenities located right on the campgrounds.

●       Rollways Campground – Rollways Campground is a great choice for those that want to stay right in the middle of Alcona Park. This campground is nice because even though it may not be located on Lake Huron, it is however right next to the Loud Dam Pond, which is a stream from the lake. Oftentimes, Rollways Campgrounds will be less busy than some of the other campgrounds in the area.

A trip to Michigan provides for some wonderful experiences that you won’t soon forget. As people choose to visit Michigan throughout the year, you’ll be sure to enjoy yourself on your motor home trip at one of the destinations listed here.

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Motor Home Trip Series: Arizona

Arizona offers some of the warmest temperatures on average amongst other states in the USA. Because of this beautiful weather, Arizona is a hotbed for golf courses, pools, and plenty of other leisure activities that will be sure to keep you busy.

Because Arizona has so much to offer, it’s often a destination that many set course for when driving their motor home across the country. If you are hoping to plan an unforgettable trip to Arizona, here are some things that you should be sure to consider.

Grand Canyon National Park

You can’t really argue that the biggest attraction in all of Arizona is the Grand Canyon National Park. This natural wonder is something that you truly cannot comprehend in size or beauty until you see it for yourself firsthand. For many who have visited the Grand Canyon, they’ll be sure to tell you about its overwhelming magnitude and the surreal feelings that go hand-in-hand. Be sure to catch the Grand Canyon during sunrise or sunset, as this provides the best chance for you to see unforgettable colors that reflect off the mesas and canyons.

During your time at Grand Canyon National Park, you also can raft down the Colorado River, ride mules along the canyon walls, and hike for miles and miles. In addition, you can also park your motor home at:

●       North Rim Campground – Located in the near center of Grand Canyon National Park, staying at North Rim Campground will make it easy for guests to do and see more. When you park your motor home at North Rim Campground, you’ll be conveniently located in the park, with everything that you need on the property grounds.

●       Trailer Village – Those who set a destination towards Trailer Village often do so because they want to be conveniently located near the bike trails near the canyon. In addition, Trailer Village offers service that is quite helpful, which will make your trip to Arizona more enjoyable.

kofa national wildlife refuge

Kofa National Wildlife Refuge

There are few places in the country that are as entrancing as Kofa National Wildlife Refuge. Located in Southwest Arizona, this refuge has been put together to help preserve bighorn sheep and other animals that are indigenous to the area. Those who are looking to go to the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge from the Grand Canyon National Park can do so by driving on I-40. This makes for a scenic drive that offers memorable views along the way.

Once you get to Kofa National Wildlife Refuge, some of the motor home parks to consider staying at include:

●       Blue Sky Park – Blue Sky Park is located on the southern side of the wildlife refuge, making it an ideal destination for those coming from southern California, or those driving along I-8 from New Mexico. There are plenty of hookups for your motor home at Blue Sky Park, and it’s one of the closest parks to the refuge.

●       Rose Park – Rose Park is located on the northern part of the refuge, and it’s often the best place for those coming from Phoenix on I-10. Rose Park has been praised for how clean they keep their grounds, as well as the amount of convenient locations that are located nearby.

If you’ve yet to visit Arizona, you don’t know what you are missing out on. The state offers beautiful weather throughout the year, as well as plenty of fun and adventurous activities that the entire family will enjoy. When planning your Arizona motor home trip, be sure to make time to visit Grand Canyon National park and Kofa National Wildlife Refuge.

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Motor Home Trip Series: Wyoming

The great state of Wyoming offers plenty for those that are traveling through in their motor home. From beautiful views and national parks, to historical monuments and man-made wonders, Wyoming has it all.

When planning your trip through Wyoming, it’s likely that you’ll want to have a good idea of what you’ll do during your adventure. While it’s often likely that your motor home excursions end up in plenty of destinations that you weren’t planning for, having a general idea of what you plan to do will always be beneficial.

Here is a look at some of the best things to do in Wyoming as you are driving through in your motor home.

Yellowstone National Park

There is no doubt that the biggest draw in Wyoming is likely Yellowstone National Park. This pristine and preserved area of land is one of the most iconic parks in all of the country. There is countless wildlife that calls Yellowstone home, as well as views that you won’t soon forget. There is so much space in Yellowstone that you can plan to come back multiple times, and each experience will be completely different than the last.

During your time in Yellowstone, some of the motor home parks to consider visiting include:

  • Jackson Hole Campgrounds – A favorite amongst those familiar with the area, Jackson Hole Campground is the ideal location for you to go in your motor home. They offer plenty of hookups, as well as spacious lots for you to enjoy.

  • Redrock RV & Camping Park – Located more directly in the park, Redrock RV & Camping Park is ideal for those that are looking to bring along their ATVs with their motor homes. There are plenty of trails in the area, all of which are perfect for four-wheel off roading.


Bighorn National Forest

While it may not get the same attention as Yellowstone, Bighorn National Forest is another scenic area that is worth visiting during your time in Wyoming. This recreational area has been reserved for campgrounds, trails, and other outdoor activities. There are also plenty of hookups for your motor home, so you can plan to stay at Bighorn National Park for a while once you make your way here.

Some of the motor home parks to consider at Bighorn National Forest include:

  • Sheridan / Big Horn Mountains – This is the premier campsite for those that are coming in their motor homes. It’s also convenient located on I-90, making it easy to get to on the road and up to Montana.

  • Ten Broek – Ten Broek Park is located on the southern side of Bighorn National Forest, making it a better option for those that are considering visiting Sheridan, Casper, Cheyenne, or any of the other busy cities in Wyoming.

A trip to Wyoming allows for you to see some of the most pristine land that has yet to be touched by humans. What makes that trip even more exciting is when you are in your motor home, as this will let you decide how long you stay and what exactly you do while you’re in town. If you are planning a trip to Wyoming, be sure to consider the options here to keep you busy.

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Emergency Roadside Assistance

Buying a new motor home can be a costly investment. Along with the cost of the unit itself, it’s very likely that you’ll be offered emergency roadside assistance services as well. Emergency roadside assistance is a service that has grown in popularity as more-and-more people see how convenient it can be.

Even though emergency roadside assistance is something that offers plenty of great benefits, it’s still something that some people might not realize they need. Unfortunately, the time to realize that you do need it should not be after an emergency takes place.

If you are wondering what extra costs are really worth it with your motor home, here are some reasons why you shouldn’t overlook emergency roadside assistance services.

On-Site Emergency Services

The number one reason to get emergency roadside assistance is because of the help that you’ll get when you need it most. When you are driving in your motor home on a beautiful sunny day, you may not realize how different things could be if it was the middle of the night and you were stuck with a flat tire. Luckily, with emergency roadside assistance, you’ll get the help that you need for that flat tire, or any other problems you have with your motor home. Not only will this help to get your motor home quickly seen to, but it’ll also keep you safe as well.

roadside assitance

Motor Home Service Assistance

It’s very important that you get your motor home serviced. This includes after a long drive, but also after a long spell where it hasn’t been driven either. If you fail to service the motor home properly, you could be looking at a variety of issues that end up being very costly. Since planning your own appointments for servicing can be tedious, emergency roadside assistance services will help you find the best service location in your area.

Motor Home Technical Help

Your motor home is full of bells and whistles, so it can be difficult for you to organize it all. When that happens, the motor home technical help that you get from your emergency roadside assistance services will come in very handy. They can walk you through simple and complex problems, making it easier for you to make the most of your motor home.

Emergency Trip Assistance

There is a chance that your motor home could be damaged every time that you take it on the open road. If that happens and you are far away from home, you could be in serious trouble when it comes to getting back home. However, emergency roadside assistance can help reimburse these types of costs. Some of the reimbursement includes:

  • $300 for a rental vehicle
  • $1000 for an airline ticket
  • $700 for food and lodging accommodations

Having an emergency while on the road is never an easy situation and it’s sure to cause a lot of headaches. However, you can limit the amount of strife that you feel with the protection of emergency roadside assistance.

Roadside services will also help you get in touch with your family, and they’ll also help you plan your next vacation. As you can see, emergency roadside assistance for your motor home isn’t just something to help protect you, but it’s also the peace of mind that might make for a better vacation the next time you’re on the road.

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Best Motor Home Factory Tours

A motor home is a unique piece of craftsmanship that requires precision input from every person along the creation line. That is why a motor home factory is an incredibly interesting place to visit, and why many motor home factories offer tours of their facilities.

For many people who have a motor home, there are plenty of reasons to make a detour when on the open road. Therefore, what better reason to divert from the expected course than to see where your particular motor home was created?

If you are looking to make a detour of your own, here are some of the best motor home factory tours across America. Whether you are wanting to see how your specific unit was made, or you just want to look at the process for yourself, these tours offer some truly magnificent insight into the motor home creation process.

Newmar Factory Tour – Nappanee

You’ll quickly find that most of the motor home tours in America can be found in Northern Indiana. The economy in this area thrives off motor home production, which is why many companies off tours for those who are interested in more information.

Of the companies that you can visit, Newmar is one of the most well-known names in the entire industry. The tour that they offer is available Monday-Friday, and there are showings at 10am and 1pm. Please keep in mind that children under the age of 8 aren’t allowed, and they prefer that you wear closed-toed shoes. In order to ensure that you, and others who are also visiting, can enjoy your tour as much as possible, please adhere to the requests of the Newmar Factory Tour.

newmar factory

Forest River Industries – Goshen, Indiana

Forest River is known for providing high-quality motor homes, fifth wheels, travel trailers, and much more. They offer some of the most-requested upgrades that can be put in a motor home, making them a destination for those that want to see how fully customizable units are created. Forest River Industries is in Goshen, Indiana, and tours can be scheduled by appointment. Call ahead to schedule your visit, and you’ll get access to Forest River Industries in a way like never before.

Dynamax Corp. – Elkhart, Indiana

Dynamax Corp is also located in Elkhart, Indiana. The Dynamax line of motor homes offers a variety of different units that are ideal for drivers of all kinds. Whether you are looking for something that is accommodation to just you and your travel partner, or something that can house an entire family for extended stretches, you’ll be able to find plenty of options from Dynamax. Because Dynamax offers such an expansive line of products, their manufacturing tour is very unique. During this tour you’ll be shown just how much planning goes into each Dynamax motor home, and the end result that comes out at the end of the line.

Building a home on wheels is something that takes precise accuracy and attention to detail. For the manufacturing companies in Indiana, they welcome you to see just how precise this process is. When taking a trip in your motor home, consider the tours listed here to learn more about the vehicle that you are driving to your destination.

Do you have questions about purchasing a new or pre-owned motor home or just about the luxury motor home lifestyle in general? If so, please contact us so we can answer all of your questions and concerns!

Poconos Skiing Trip With Your Motor Home

The Pocono Mountains sprawl throughout northeastern Pennsylvania. For anyone who lives in the state, the Poconos are one of the most attracting draws in Pennsylvania. And for anyone who is planning a visit to the Poconos, plan for a trip that you won’t soon forget.

One reason that people flock to the Ponchos is to get in a skiing trip that consists of fresh powder, diamond slopes, and plenty of hot beverages after a days worth of runs. For those that have a motor home, a trip to the Poconos can be even more enjoyable, as you’ll have the opportunity to bring a lot of you personal belongings with you.

Here are some other things to keep in mind for your Poconos skiing trip with your motor home, which will help you ensure that you make the most of your vacation.

Plan Ahead

The Poconos often draw in people from around the world. These people come to Pennsylvania looking for great skiing and the chance to glide down some of the most famous mountain ranges in America. Because there are so many people that go to the Poconos, be sure that you plan ahead to ensure that your skiing trip will be all that you want it to be.

Some of the best campgrounds to consider heading to in the Poconos include:

  • Otter Lake Camp Resort – Known for having plenty of space for visitors and extra amenities for the things you left at home. They also are close-by to many ski outlets and retailers, which will make it easier for you to get gear before hitting the slopes.
  • Mount Vista Campground – Ideal for families who are looking for a family-friendly campground environment. Plenty of fun Poconos attractions located conveniently nearby for your family, as well. You can also leave the kids while the adults hit the slopes for the day.
  • Promised Land State Park – For first-timers to the Poconos, Promised Land State Park has a welcoming staff that will ensure your vacation is a memorable one. They can assist you with finding other activities in the area for your Poconos ski vacation as well.

Poconos Skiing

If you prefer to have quiet time with your family, you may want to consider a slower weekend where others won’t be flocking to the slopes. Or if you plan to go during the holidays, make sure that you plan plenty in advance to get a campground to park your motor home. If you plan to just show up and hope to find a space, you’ll be sadly mistaken and it could ruin your skiing trip all-together.

Park And Be Set

Keep in mind that the area around the Poconos has developed economically to accommodate for those who are coming in from out of town with the motor homes and coaches. If you plan your trip to the Poconos in your motor home, know that you’ll find all you need once you get set. There are campgrounds with laundry services, convenience stores, pools, and much more, all located on the grounds so that you and your family won’t have to go anywhere once you park your motor home. Prepare Your motor home Properly Before you head out to the Poconos, be sure that you are ready for the changes that the winter will bring. Driving in Pennsylvania during the winter, especially in the winding and sloping roads of the Poconos mountains, can be quite treacherous if you are not careful. To be extra cautious, prepare your motor home with chains for your tires, flares, blankets, non-perishable food, and more.

In addition, prepare in advance to safeguard your motor home for the winter weather conditions. If you are coming from a warm climate, such as Florida, then your motor home will need special maintenance to ensure that it can handle the colder temperatures once you get to Pennsylvania.

A skiing trip to the Poconos provides for an excellent time with family or friends. If you are planning to take your motor home on this trip with you, consider the tips here to ensure you have the best time possible.

Best Winter Motor Home Resorts Near National Parks

The winter is a great time for you to take your motor home out on the road. You don’t have to have your rig for long to realize that seeing the country during the winter provides for completely unique and original views that you may not see during other seasons.

When you decide to get out on the road, it’s likely that you’ll want to have some sort of destination point that you plan to go to – even though half the fun of a road trip in your motor home is to divert your attention and get lost along the way! As you begin looking for these destination points, a great consideration to make are the many national parks in America.

Keep in mind that not all national parks will allow for you to park on them. Therefore, here are some of the best winter motor home resorts that are near national parks. Plan your vacation with these spots in mind, and you’ll be sure to have a great time.

colorado springs


Colorado Springs KOA – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Located in Fountain, Colorado, Colorado Springs KOA is a beautiful park to visit if you are planning a trip to the Rocky Mountains during the winter. What’s really great about Colorado Springs KOA is how well the park is maintained. There are a variety of different parks in the area, so it’s easy to get around once you are stationed at Colorado Springs KOA. Along with over 50 family-friendly attractions located nearby, the campgrounds include laundry services, wi-fi, an on-site convenience store, and more. It’s hard to beat a visit to Colorado during the winter, and Colorado Springs KOA makes it easy for you to park your coach.

Silver Lake Resort – Yosemite, California

There is no denying the beauty that is Yosemite National Park in California. Even though you may not see as many topical changes to the park as those in colder climates, you’ll still be amazed by how much can change during a Californian winter at Yosemite. Silver Lake Resort is the best place to park your rig, as their campground is located at a beautiful spot in the middle of the park. There are also plenty of hookups to attach to, which makes pulling up and plugging in your rig much easier. If you prefer to stay away from the snow in the winter, don’t count out Yosemite for your motor home road trip.

Seward Waterfront – Kenai Fjords, Alaska

Ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Consider a trek up to Kenai Fjords National Park in Alaska. In this national park you will see tons of natural wonders in the form of glaciers, sunsets, and an abundance of animals and sea life. If you are looking for a place to stay during your time in Kenai Fjords, the Seward Waterfront is the place to plan for. From these campgrounds you’ll have plenty of views of the water wonderland that is ahead of you. A trip to Kenai Fjords is something that you won’t forget for the rest of your life, and staying at Seward Waterfront will make sure that you have a nice place to stay once you reach the national park.

As you get ready to take your luxury motor home out this winter, be sure to consider the many national parks to choose from. And if you are looking for the perfect place to park, you can’t miss with the the top options on this list.

2015 Newmar Dutch Star 4312 Review

Those looking for a superior riding experience while on the open road should look no further than the new 2015 Newmar Dutch Star 4312. Newmar is no stranger to the motorhome industry, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they hit the nail on the head with their newest Dutch Star Model. This home on wheels has everything you need to ride in comfort, while also having a money-saving engine under the hood as well. Here’s a further look into what makes the Dutch Star such a feasible option to purchase in 2015.


If you do it right, which isn’t hard to do, then you can sleep up to eight people in the Newmar Dutch Star 4312. It might be more likely that you don’t have eight family members or friends that you travel with, but at least you know that you can accommodate if the situation presents itself.

The length of the motorhome is 43’. This size is ideal for having enough room for guests, but it’s not something that becomes too difficult to control while on the road. Even those who are getting behind the wheel of a motorhome with less experience than a well-traveled driver will be at ease with the size of the Dutch Star.


Other Specifications

Even though gas prices are dropping, it still is important that you get the most out of the gas mileage on the road. That is why the Newmar Dutch Star was created with a diesel engine that will help you go the extra mile on your next trip. Knowing that you can plan for longer stretches of driving without having to worry about hitting E on the gas tank will make for more enjoyable trips around the country.

Additional Comfort

You can rest assured knowing that you will be getting plenty of comfort in the Dutch Star 4312. Aside from room for eight, this motorhome also offers:

Exterior Features:

  • A heated underbelly
  • Screen door and power entrance step
  • Tinted windows and thermal window panes
  • Side view cameras

Interior Features:

  • Multiple different beds
  • Wardrobe and closet
  • Glass shower
  • Sofa cabinet

The list goes one when it comes to features available with the Dutch Star. Whether you are traveling with one partner on the road or your entire family has tagged along for the journey, the Newmar Dutch Star 4312 will be prepared for the trip. And during the ride, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll be riding in the most satisfying and comfortable accommodations available in a motor home.

Final Thoughts

For most people, a motorhome can be a major purchase and investment. With the Newmar Dutch Star 4312, travelers will get a motorhome that is ready for whatever the road brings. And with first-rate features and interior conditions, the trip will be sure to be as relaxing as it is entertaining.

Want to see the 2015 Dutch Star 4312 for yourself? Click here! Do you have questions about purchasing a new or pre-owned motorhome or just about the luxury motor home lifestyle in general? If so, please contact us so we can answer all of your questions and concerns!

Preventing Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in Your Motor Home

Most homeowners are aware of the risks and concerns that come with carbon monoxide in the home. However, many people fail to realize the risk of CO poisoning that could be present in their motor home. If not prevented and prepared for properly, then carbon monoxide poisoning could lead to potentially fatal outcomes for your family. Therefore, here are some things to keep in mind to help you avoid CO poisoning in your motor home.

Have A Detector

One of the easiest and most obvious solutions to preventing issues related to carbon monoxide poisoning is to have a detector in your motor home. Once you have the CO detector in your motor home, make sure that it is working properly by checking the batteries and ensuring it’s in working order. If it is, then you’ll know if your motor home has dangerous levels of carbon monoxide.

Look For Openings To The Exterior Of Your Motor Home

It’s important that the exterior of your motor home is maintained properly and kept sealed if you want to keep the inside warm. In addition, it’s equally as important to separate inside and outside air if you want to avoid issues with CO poisoning. If there are places where exhaust can enter the motor home, then you are putting your fellow travelers at risk. Therefore, checking for any damage can help you avoid this from happening.

CO - Be Alarmed!

Inspect Your Motor Home’s Exhaust System

Along with the exterior itself, you can also check your exhaust system as well. By making sure that your exhaust system is running properly, you can limit the potential for any mishaps that lead to CO poisoning. If you are unfamiliar with maintaining the exhaust system of your motor home, then visit your trusted mechanic before you head out on any extended vacations.

Be Aware Of Your Surroundings

When on the open road, drivers need to be continually aware of their surroundings. This includes knowing where to avoid parking. For example, parking near snowbanks, close to buildings, or in other low-circulated places could all lead to CO poisoning concerns. Therefore, be sure to park in large, open, well-circulated areas when you decide to rest up for the next long stretch.

Avoid Using Damaged Equipment

It might look like something is damaged in your motor home, but maybe it’s not bad enough to stop you from driving. However, keep in mind that an improperly functioning motor home is more likely to be dangerous and give you problems. If you notice any damage to your motor home, have it seen to before you hit the open road.

Know What To Look For

If you start to feel lightheaded or otherwise sick, then it’s important that you do not drive your motor home. Instead, pull over and examine your vehicle. If carbon monoxide has entered your motor home, it could make you sick and prove to be difficult for you to drive safely. You can avoid putting yourself and others at risk by pulling over instead.

You and your family are at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning every time you get into your motor home. To keep everyone safe, consider the tips here for preventing carbon monoxide poisoning and staying safe while on the road in your motor home.

Do you have questions about purchasing a new or pre-owned motor home or just about the luxury motor home lifestyle in general? If so, please contact us so we can answer all of your questions and concerns!

The Great Diesel Pusher Debate

We’ve already touched on the key differentiators on diesel and gas motor home’s, now let’s compare some of the finest Luxury Diesel Pushers on the market.

There are a large variety of Luxury Diesel Pusher options to choose from. However, the three names that stand at the head of the industry include:

  • Forest River
  • Newmar
  • Winnebago

For purposes of this “debate”, let’s compare these 3 specific models:

A 2015 Forest River Berkshire 380RB

A 2015 Newmar Dutch Star 4312

A 2015 Winnebago Forza 34T


Forest River

Forest River makes a variety of different motor home models, the most popular of which being the Berkshire, Charleston, and Legacy each loaded to the gills with so many amenities that it can be difficult to choose one over another. With that being said, we’re confident you’ll find something that is perfect for you.  Also of note, Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway has owned Forest River since 2005. Any organization affiliated with Buffett definitely adds some allure.

One of the first words that comes to mind when you think of Forest River units should be, “comfort.” Every single one of their units comes with large and spacious areas that will fit multiple family members or travelers. This comes in incredibly handy, and can make a huge impact when it comes to how you feel about your Forest River.

Another reason to consider Forest River is because of the amount of decor options that come with each unit. No matter how you want to personalize and specialize your unit, you can do so by contacting Dylan’s RV. Being able to make your coach your own allows for you to take it to the next level in terms of what you are looking for in a motor home.

Some of the specific features for the 2015 Forest River Berkshire 380RB that help it stand out amongst the others are:

  • 340HP Cummins Motor with Allison 6 Speed Transmission
  • 2 Slide Bunk Floor Plan
  • 1.5 Baths
  • Fireplace
  • Tons of counter space
  • Auto leveling jacks
  • Power Patio Awning
  • Dual ducted AC Units
  • 39 Foot, 2 Slide Outs
  • Sleeps 8
  • $189,988

Forest River has a great reputation and this Berkshire sits at an excellent price point.  Let’s see if the other 2 can hang in this debate.


Where Forest River knocks it out of the park with comfort inside, Newmar should be applauded for the comfort that you’ll feel when driving. Thanks to their unique Comfort Drive system, travelers will have a smoother experience while they are on the open road. You’ll really notice how the Comfort Drive comes into play when you are on varying terrains. For example, Comfort Drive will make your adventure through the Rockies just as smooth as any stretch of Midwest flat land. Whether you’re a motor home veteran or are new to the life, Newmar’s patented Comfort Drive system makes navigating roadways in a 40-foot coach as simple as driving your everyday passenger vehicle.

Newmar also provides a multitude of different personalized and specialized options for inside of the motor home as well. If you want to have a fully upgraded kitchen, you can; or you can opt for more beds, if you plan on having more travelers. In either event, you can decide how you want your Newmar to look inside.

As for the 2015 Newmar Dutch Star 4312, check out these great features:

  • A one of a kind Full Wall Slide out with 1.5 Baths
  • Freightliner XCR Tag Axle Chassis
  • Cummins 450 HP ISL Motor
  • 3 Separate 15,000 BTU A/C Units with Heat Pumps
  • 2 Piece Washer/Dryer
  • 43 Foot, 3 Slide Outs
  • Sleeps 8

At $399,956 MSRP, the Newmar stands at almost double the price of the Forest River – however you get a much larger engine, a stronger chassis, and an extra AC unit.  And, of course, the Newmar Comfort Drive system.  And more space.


Winnebago is one of the most popular names and industry leaders when it comes to RVs and motor home. When purchasing a Winnebago, you can bet that you are going to get a quality unit that will last for years. And with many of the all-electric coach options that Winnebago offers, you’ll also save money while on all of your trips.

Winnebago’s are also beautifully crafted and specialized for what you need as a driver.

As for the 2015 Winnebago Forza 34T, you are looking at the most inexpensive of the 3.  Currently listed at $159,999 with an MSRP of $209,139, you still get a loaded Diesel Pusher.

Check out these quick list of features:

  • Freightliner XCS Chassis
  • Cummins 340 HP Motor and an Allison 6 Speed Transmission
  • Large In Lounge Sofa with Roll Away Dining Table
  • Fireplace
  • Loft Bed
  • Dual Ducted A/C Units
  • Auto Leveling Jacks
  • 35 ½ Feet, 2 Slide Outs
  • Sleeps 6

At $159,999 you are sacrificing a few things.  The Winnebago sleeps 6, and both the Newmar and the Forest River sleep 8.  This is a function of having a little less space in the Winnebago.  It sits 35 ½ feet long and the other 2 are either 39 or 43 feet long.  The Newmar also has an extra Slide Out as compared to the Winnebago and Forest River, thus it is priced accordingly and higher.

An investment into a new Diesel Pusher is something that should considered with plenty of debate.  And comparing and contrasting.  How much space do you need?  What is your budget?  At Dylan’s RV, we have a big on-site inventory of Diesel Pushers for you to choose from.  You really need to stop in and spend a few hours viewing them in person.  We hope to see you soon.  Our professional and experienced staff is ready to answer all of your questions and get you situated into your dream Motor Home today!

Do you have questions about purchasing a new or pre-owned motorhome or just about the luxury motor home lifestyle in general? If so, please contact us so we can answer all of your questions and concerns!