Best Road Trip Destinations for New Years

The New Year is quickly approaching and 2014 will be over before you know it. But before the ball drops and you set those resolutions into motion, it only makes sense that you welcome 2015 with a bang. Here are some of the best New Year’s Eve parties around the country this year.

Jackson Square – New Orleans

It should come as no surprise that the Big Easy throws a big party on New Year’s Eve. This year, partygoers will flock to Jackson Square to see fireworks, eat southern treats, and have their fair share of drinking and dancing as well. For those that want to get the best view of the fireworks, they should be sure to book a steamboat cruise in advance. Bourbon Street knows how to party, and there will be plenty of activities to take part in to ring in the New Year in New Orleans.

Fremont Street Experience – Las Vegas

Las Vegas knows how to party 365 days out of the year, but their New Year’s bash might be the biggest of all. You can join up to 300,000 other partiers who are looking to drink, dance, and gamble their way into the New Year. If you are looking for something delicious, be sure to stop by miX for tasty food and an epic dance setting. You can also see DJ Calvin Harris and Fergie at Hakkasan Night Club. If you are in your early to mid-20s, then Vegas is the place to be this New Years.


The Big Orange – Miami

If some of the other places on this list seem a bit too cold for you on New Year’s, you’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful weather of Miami at the Big Orange party near Biscayne Bay. Over 250,000 people are expected to come to Miami this year for the Big Orange to see their choice of live bands and other family-friendly activities for people of all ages. Some of the most eventful activities on the evening include live DJs and an open bar at De Rodriguez, and Juvia is a multi-story penthouse that brings together infusions of different cultures into one spot in South Beach.

Cleopatra’s New Year’s Eve Ball – Los Angeles

It’s an all day event if you find yourself in Los Angeles during New Years. Cleopatra’s New Year’s Eve Ball will take place on December 31st, as nightclubs like The Edison and W Hollywood are the top places to be. You’ll find everything from food trucks and live music, to celebrity events and so much more. The fun doesn’t stop at midnight, though, as New Year’s Day will include the annual Rose Bowl Parade and football game.

Time Square And Meatpacking District- New York City

It’s hard to top the events at Time Square in New York City on New Year’s Eve. Unquestionably one of the most popular and well-known New Year’s Eve events around the world, millions of people flock to New York to watch the ball drop at midnight. There will be countless bars, clubs, restaurants, and other activities for everyone to enjoy on the final night of the year.

Whatever your fancy may be, or wherever you may be on the map, there is a bit of everything for everyone on New Year’s. These five are certainly the most popular of events taking place on New Year’s 2015.

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Best East Coast Areas for Riding ATV’s

If you own or are looking to buy a Garage Coach, you most likely own (or plan on owning) a toy or two. We recently reviewed the 2015 Show Hauler GarageCoach 45 MGDS which has a rear 9 foot drop garage included, and is an excellent choice for a fun Winter adventure. And if you are planning an ATV adventure trip, why not do a little sightseeing at the same time?


In Pennsylvania, the Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area is a fun new off-road park that just opened in May of 2014. The nearest city to the park is Shamokin, and the nearest city that you actually have probably heard of is Harrisburg. There are over 6500 acres of wood trails to explore, and the park is open year round during the weekends. Of course you need to have a valid ATV registration, and please make sure you check out all of the regulations. Roll cages are required if no factory hard top is present.

Moving a little further North and a little colder, the Tall Pines ATV Park in New York, is an excellent choice. It is a family owned and operated business and it offers 55 miles of ATV trails. There is also a working farm specializing in Christmas trees, pumpkins, and cattle. If you are planning an overnight, and want to spread out – cabins are also available to rent. Day and weekend pass prices are listed on the website. Trails are available for all experience levels.

Carolina Adventure World is a premier outdoor park situated on 2600 acres of private land and has over 100 miles of custom designed trails and it has won multiple best of awards over the years. Located in Winnsboro, South Carolina – it is only about 40 minutes north of Columbia, SC. More than just trails, Carolina Adventure World also has horse trails, camping, rental equipment, a dragstrip for competition, log cabin rentals, RV hookups, and then even have a disc golf course!

In West Virginia, the Hatfield-McCoy Trails offers 8 world class trail systems with a wide range of difficulty levels and over 600 miles of off road routes. This is probably not a great choice for the first time rider, but is heaven to the experienced who are up for a challenge. Hatfield-McCoy gets its name from the famous feuding between the Hatfield and McCoy gangs of the 1800’s that occurred in West Virginia, Kentucky, and Virginia.

If you’re lucky enough to get a visit this year from Power Sports Santa, then you’ve got to visit and experience these amazing ATV parks for yourself soon. So, get on the road this winter and fire up the ATV and rip up those trails! But, be safe as well and Happy Holidays!

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The History of NASCAR Haulers

When it comes to the high-intensity and fast-paced sport of NASCAR, it is vital that the race cars are protected and that they reach their destination in pristine condition. Though it might be the cars driven by guys like Jeff Gordon and Tony Stewart that get all of the glory, it is the NASCAR haulers that should certainly get more credit for their efforts.

NASCAR haulers have changed quite a bit over time. While at one time they may have been used as simply transport vehicles, they are now full-service stations that ensure drivers have everything they need once they get out on the track.

Here is a look at the history of NASCAR haulers and how they have progressed over time.

In The Early Days
It may be hard to believe now, but in the early days of professional racecar driving, there were no such thing as NASCAR haulers. This meant that drivers would actually drive their vehicle from their hometown to the location of the race event.


Not only did this mean that the car would rack up a whole lot of miles along the way, but there were plenty of other variables that could take place as well. For example, imagine a car getting into an accident during the race itself, and you can probably see how difficult it might be to get the car back to the racers hometown.

Flatbed Haulers and Box Trucks

It didn’t take long before racers realized that driving their vehicle to a race wasn’t ideal. Therefore, many of them started hauling their cars on flatbed haulers. However, these haulers offered no protection for the vehicles, which still allowed for a variety of issues when transporting the car.

After a short period of time, NASCAR drivers then transitioned into using box trucks, similar to that which you would see as a moving truck. The idea here was to haul the car behind the truck, while storing all of the vehicle maintenance equipment inside of the box truck itself.

A Dynamic Change

In 1982, Bud Moore was given credit for being one of the first NASCAR owners to bring vehicle to the track in a fully converted trailer. Inside of the Moore’s initial trailers was everything that a race team would need during their weekend at a racing event.

As others teams begin to see what Moore was doing, there was a dynamic change towards using covered haulers. It wasn’t long before other team owners started putting an emphasis on logistics and making even larger NASCAR haulers. This allowed for teams to bring multiple racecars, equipment, and everything else they might need during a racing event.

NASCAR Haulers Today

Today, NASCAR haulers act as full-service auto garages on wheels. They have countless tools, parts, equipment, and much more. In addition, most NASCAR teams have a fleet of haulers, which means they can bring even more equipment with them.

In the sport of NASCAR, you never know what might happen on the track. That is why haulers are such a vital and influential part of the sport, and their inclusion into racing has drastically changed NASCAR as we know it.

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Why Freightliner Makes the Best Motor Home Chassis

Your motor home is more than just a house on wheels. Instead, it is mobile accommodation that allow for you to view the world in a completely new way. With a motor home, you can choose where you decide to go and where you want to stay. You won’t have to plan ahead for a hotel, and you’ll also be able to travel with much more of your personal belongings. To some, a motor home is not just a house, but rather a way to make memories that will last a lifetime.

With so much that a motor home offers, it only makes sense that you’d want to ensure that it is as safe and reliable as possible. This is why one of the most important decisions factoring into your motor home purchase will be the chassis.

There are a variety of different chassis out there to choose from. However, there is no question that Freightliner makes models that are far above-and-beyond the competition. Here are some reasons why Freightliner makes the best chassis for your motor home.

Your Motor Home, Your Choice

No matter the size of the unit that you are pulling, or the power of the truck you are pulling it with, you’ll be able to find a Freightliner chassis that is perfect for you. Each chassis is built with precise detail to attention that ensures the safety of your motor home. With a variety of different options to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the chassis that is right for your personal setup.

A Customized Ride Height

The ride height of your chassis is one of the most important factors to consider for your motor home. With Freightliner, you’ll be able to adjust the ride height of the chassis to a level that is ideal for you. Not only will this make for an easier and smoother ride, but it will also limit the amount of general wear and tear that you otherwise might have on your vehicle and the motor home.


Specialized High Altitude Adjustments

There is no telling what sort of terrain you may come across while on the open road in

your motor home. Whether you are setting course across the flat highways of Kansas or the treacherous terrain of the Rocky Mountains, Freightliner chassis will help you reach your destination safely. There are a variety of different chassis options that prepare your motor home for whatever the road may bring. Unlike other chassis, which don’t provide nearly the same amount of security.

The Help You Need

With freightliner, you’ll never go at it alone. Instead, you’ll have the support that you need from a trusted and reputable team. Freightliner is dedicated to providing customer support to their clients, in order to ensure that you are safe while on the road. Whether you are having issues with the chassis itself, or if you simply have questions about maintenance, you can get the answers that you need in a timely fashion. With as important as your motor home is, it only makes sense that you’d want to protect it as best that you can. With a chassis from Freightliner, you’ll have the best chances to keep you and your family safe every time you hit the open road.

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Review of the 2015 Show Hauler GarageCoach 45MGDS

If you have been reading our blog for the past few months, you might remember we already touched on the benefits of buying a Garage Coach as your next motor home.  The brand new 2015 Show Hauler Garage Coach 45 MGDS has a 9 foot rear drop garage for your car or all of your toys!  This Show Hauler also has incredible living space with 2 slide outs, and tons of cool bells and whistles to keep you ogling for years.


The Power

A 600 Horsepower Cummins engine is the most popular heavy-duty engine in North America, and is exactly the power plant Show Hauler owners have come to expect in a coach.  Paired with the Freightliner Cascadia Chassis, it is designed to reduce drag and maximize fuel efficiency. An impressive 40k tag hitch with 7 way Bargman Plug is included that supports a 6000 tongue weight on the tandem axle. If you have lots of storage, a car (or two), toys, or all of the above, this is the perfect rig for you.


The Exterior

Fully insulated walls, floors, and ceilings are standard fare for the 45MGDS. This particular unit has one of the most eye catching and clean looking paintjobs Show Hauler has ever come up with. A full-width, electric awning and outdoor entertainment center (flat screen TV included) make the perfect haven for families looking to relax outside without giving up any luxury living amenities. Residential style, tinted windows give the 45MGDS a sleek look and do wonders when it comes to insulating the interior of the cabin during hot summers or cold winters.  showimagerv.ashx


The Interior

The interior is incredibly well designed with multiple seating and sleeping options.  The kitchen table has a nicely padded cushion for your back and converts easily into a bed.  A matching couch is right next to the table and also converts into a bed and a comfortable matching recliner is across the wide aisle.  The main bedroom has a Queen bed and is just 4 short steps up past the spacious shower surround and luxurious double bowl sinks.  An 80 amp converter with 50 amp service and adapter will run your refrigerator, TV, and the majority of your appliances without a hiccup.  There are plenty of TV’s throughout that are connected to the 360-degree Antenna with booster. LED lighting, handcrafted woodworking, and beautiful tile floors throughout the coach give the subtle touch of elegance this caliber of motor home commands.



Whether you belong to a racing family or are just an avid motor home enthusiast, the Show Hauler 45MGDS Garage Coach is exactly what you’ve been waiting for. Just look at it, there’s no way you could be disappointed.

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Purchases You Must Make on Black Friday for the Motor Home Enthusiast

It’s the week of Thanksgiving and for many of you out there that means it’s time to start planning your favorite dishes, get busy in the kitchen, and coordinating travel plans with friends and family. For others, it’s looking ahead to a day of stuffing yourself to the point of exploding and watching football (and then repeating the eating portion until the dreaded day that the leftovers are gone). For us in the motor home community, it’s time to start thinking about all of the RV related Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals! The best holiday gifts for us involve things that we can use or do to enhance the experience of road tripping in our rigs, so don’t let your loved ones down this year. Here are some of the purchases you must absolutely make after you wake up from your tryptophan induced comas.

Grilling Accessories

Anyone who’s ever spent time at a campground will tell you, grilling is an absolutely necessary part of the experience. The emergence of competition BBQ and cooking shows based on the art of mastering the fire pit have helped to bring grilling to another level, and if you plan on stepping your game up, you’ll need the tools to do so. If you’re shopping for someone who is lucky enough to have a pullout grill built into the side of their coach, then you can save a few bucks on having to buy an expensive (and bulky) new grill, but you can absolutely go nuts on all of the accessories to enhance the cooking experience. We’re talking about high tech thermometers, grill racks for ribs and chicken, smoker boxes and wood chips, cutlery, and hundreds of other gadgets. Check out online retailers like BBQ Guys for free shipping and other deals geared around the holidays.

Electric Heaters & Cooking Appliances

If you and your family are into winter activates like skiing and plan on making a few trips to snowy and cold locations, then an indoor electric heater may be a solid gift this year. You may be asking yourself, “why use an electric heater or stovetop when I have gas in my motor home already?” Good question. The reason is that when you use your propane heat & appliances inside and it’s really cold outside, you end up creating a ton of moisture and humidity inside the coach. The electric heater and cooktops will reduce the presence of humidity (which will ultimately cause you to open windows/vents and let cold air in the cabin) and keep warm. Things like electric heaters and electric stovetops will make as awesome gifts. Basically every major retailer out there sells these things and there will surely be great deals to be found.

Outdoor Sporting Equipment

The folding Oru Kayak is a perfect gift for the outdoor enthusiast

It’s no secret that most people living the motor home lifestyle are major proponents of outdoor living. This includes being heavily involved in hiking, climbing, cycling, fishing, kayaking, and everything else that allows us to experience nature while we’re on our travels. The thing is, is that we want to bring all of our toys along but space can be pretty limited. Sometimes the things we want to bring with us aren’t necessarily things we need to bring with us and on occasion, not all of our gear makes the cut on our travel checklists. If this scenario applies to someone you’re shopping for, then take a look at the Oru Kayak. This revolutionary, fold up kayak is designed specifically for the outdoor enthusiast with limited space. As Oru puts it, the kayak goes “From box to boat in 5 minutes”…basically like sporting goods origami. Not only will this be an amazing gift for water sports lovers, but it will neatly fit into the underbelly storage of any motor home.

So between bites of turkey this year, start thinking about your motor home loving friends and family and see how you might be able to enhance their holiday season. As far as we’re concerned, Santa drives a diesel pusher, none of this “sleigh” nonsense.

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Keeping Your Motor Home Safe & Secure During the Off-Season

The seasons have officially changed. Most of us have shifted gears, for lack of a better term, from thinking about our next weekend getaway or extended road trip to making plans for the holidays. But before you start solidifying your Turkey Day and Christmas plans, you may want to sure up a safe place to stash your coach until spring.

As any motor home owner will tell you, their rig is their prized possession (children excluded…maybe) and keeping it safe and secure is of utmost importance. We spend lots of money on purchasing and maintaining our motor homes to keep them running and looking good, and while we do everything in our power to make sure our rigs are pristine, some less than desirable characters may be taking notice as well. A 40-foot diesel pusher motor home screams luxury and could be a prime target for thieves looking for a quick score.

If you keep your coach stored at home during the late fall and winter months, there are several security measures you need to go through to make sure that your rig is protected. For starters, and most obviously, remove all of your valuables from the cabin and storage areas. Even if you’re confident that you emptied your coach out after your last trip of the season, check it again. The last thing you need is to find out your motor home has been burglarized and an expensive piece of camping equipment was taken. (Side Note: keep an inventory of everything in your coach and update it every couple of months. That way, if you do have a break in, you’ll have an accurate list of all of the valuables in your coach that you can provide your insurance carrier with to be indemnified). After you’ve determined that anything worth considerable dollars has been removed (that’s capable of being removed), it’s time to start considering other options to ensure the safety of your coach.

Here is where you have to choose a path down the proverbial ‘motor home security fork in the road’. One option is to invest in a relatively expensive RV specific security/surveillance system. There are several products like this on the market and they are sufficient for monitoring your coach remotely via video and sounding an alarm if a door or window is broken to deter further damage or theft – but is that enough? Why put yourself in a position where the attempt to steal or damage your property is even possible? Now think about your second option…to store your motor home in a state of the art, properly maintained and secured facility that is designed specifically for housing and servicing Class A diesel and Super C motor homes. Sounds expensive, doesn’t it? Perhaps more so than the aforementioned RV security system? Not even close. Just $129 per month is all it costs. That nominal fee will get you a spot in a facility that is locked, video monitored, climate controlled, and the perfect place to give you the peace of mind you’ve been seeking.


If you’re asking yourself where you can find such a place, the answer is at Dylans RV Center’s brand new storage, service, and concierge center in Sewell, NJ. We’re currently open for service and our storage center will be opening shortly! Spots are filling up quickly, so email or call us at 856-228-0090 to reserve your storage space and get a 10% discount on your first month of storage.


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Why Cummins Makes The Best Motor Home Engines

Aside from the obvious luxury amenities that come standard in most diesel pusher and Class A motor homes, there is another element that gets motor home owners excited…the power plant under the hood. Not only do we want an engine that can power through virtually any terrain, but we’re also looking for fuel efficiency, torque, a quiet ride, and perhaps most importantly, an engine that can be worked on by most truck mechanics and one in which parts are readily accessible when they are needed. In our opinion, Cummins has been consistently fitting that bill. With a nearly 100 year long history of producing high quality engines and components, Cummins is a leader in the diesel engine market, and has produced motors for nearly every type of truck that exists on the market today.

When it comes to motor homes, specifically, Cummins is so well respected for a multitude of reasons, but primarily for their durability. A well maintained Cummins motor could run for upwards of 1,000,000 miles if properly maintained. The other major plus is that there are certified Cummins mechanics nearly everywhere you go. So if you end up broken down on the side of the road, it won’t be long until you’re able to get someone to take a look at your motor and get your rig back up and running in no time. If you’re the type that has the know-how and likes to work on your engine on your own and find yourself in need of a part, it’s as simple as a quick Google search to find exactly what you’re looking for. There are dozens of authorized Cummins parts dealers throughout the country that can overnight ship basically any part right to your doorstep. The fact that Cummins has been in the game for so long and has produced so many motors and parts makes the availability of their products a great selling point.


Besides the convenience of getting ahold of Cummins parts or a mechanic, the efficiency of their engines makes driving your coach that much more enjoyable. When it comes to larger diesel pusher’s, Cummins’ ISL9 is where you’re going to want to be. This engine will push out up to 450HP and 1,250 ft. lb. of torque, so towing nearly any car or boat along won’t be a problem at all. In order to keep maintenance costs down, the folks at Cummins built this particular engine with fewer moving parts, which means less opportunity for breakdowns and failures in your motor. In addition to a more intuitive design, the ISL9 has an engine control module (ECM) that was built to enable multiple injection events which leads to a cleaner and quieter combustion. In English, that means this engine will have less mechanical issues, do better on gas than most diesels on the market, and won’t sound like you’re driving a tractor trailer down the road (although your engine will be equally as powerful and durable as most 18-wheelers out there).

Cummins also offers manufacturer warranties on parts and service, so owners can rest assured that they are purchasing a coach that will last them a lifetime.  All in all, if you’re in the market for a new rig, your best bet will be to choose one that comes with a Cummins engine. It shouldn’t be hard to find, most luxury motor home’s come standard with a powerful and reliable Cummins motor.

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Review of the 2015 Forest River Charleston 430BH

Forest River Charleston 430BH
2015 Forest River Charleston 430BH

The all-new Charleston 430BH floor plan by Forest River is exactly what motor home owners think of when they envision a luxury coach. The Charleston is the slightly larger and more powerful counterpart to Forest River’s flagship Berkshire model, and with just as many creature comforts and amenities.  With multiple interior and exterior options and furnishings, Charleston owners are sure to drive off in a coach that not only suits all of their wants and needs, but has the style and class that will keep heads turning wherever the road takes them.

The Power

Not all diesel pusher’s were created equally, and that is apparent when you open the hood of the Charleston 430BH. This coach is powered by an 8.9 liter, 450HP Cummins turbo diesel engine that makes driving this 43 foot-long, 22 ton a joy regardless of the terrain you’re on. 1250 ft. lbs. of torque make the Charleston a great coach to tow a vehicle, boat, or just about anything else owners need to transport along with them. Constructed on a Freightliner XC-Series chassis, owners can expect a smooth, quality ride for years to come.

The Exterior

With everything from a single piece, panoramic windshield, to multiple full-body paint options, to 2 lb. density, block foam polystyrene insulation throughout the cabin to keep the cabin at a comfortable temperature regardless of what’s taking place outside, the Charleston is almost as nice to admire from the outside than it is to actually ride in one. While there are nearly limitless options owners can choose from when purchasing their coach, the standard features put most other motor homes to shame. The exterior of the 430BH has bus style, side-to-side underbelly storage, an external shower, a power patio awning, external speakers, a fiberglass roof, Hehr frameless dual pane, dark tint windows, a 7-pin tow power connector, a 100 gallon, dual fill fuel tank, polished aluminum wheels, and much more. The Charleston comes standard with 4 deep cycle six volt house batteries on a slide tray and a 50 amp 120 volt distribution panel with an energy management system to ensure that owners will have power wherever the road may take them.

The Interior

Forest River Charleston 430BH

The interior of the Charleston 430BH floor plan is not only aesthetically beautiful, but also incredibly practical and functional. Starting in the ergonomically designed cockpit of the coach, the driver of this coach has the best seat in the house. A telescopic “Smart Wheel” adjusts to fit any size driver comfortably, while power adjusting automotive style foot pedals making navigating the roadways as easy as it is in a much smaller vehicle. Moving from the cockpit to the cabin, and then to the rear master bedroom has a very seamless flow, which was designed to make the Charleston 430BH feel like home. All interior appointments were crafted to give the cabin a luxury and homey feel – from the full size refrigerator and residential style kitchen, to hand crafted woodworking and trim, and the custom tile flooring, passengers will experience comfort like never before while on the road. The good folks at Forest River certainly didn’t forget about creating a spacious environment when building the 430BH as there is room for 10 passengers to sleep comfortably thanks to 4 slideouts, two roomy bunk beds, leather pull out, sleeper sofas, and an incredible master suite with a king size bed and rear entertainment center.

The 2015 Forest River Charleston 430BH is truly a coach fit for a king…and his family. The luxurious interior furnishings, power, and spectacular exterior look of this coach makes it one of the most desirable diesel pusher motor homes on the market.

Want to take a look at the 2015 Charleston 430BH? Click here! Do you have questions about purchasing a new or pre-owned motorhome or just about the luxury motor home lifestyle in general? If so, please contact us so we can answer all of your questions and concerns!


The 3 Scariest Roads In America

Halloween is upon us so we must weave our way through the seemingly endless onslaught of pumpkin flavored everything, costume selection, and candy consumption (it’s not just for kids, you know!) until the end of the month.  As road trip enthusiasts, we’ve probably, at one time or another, sought out the most frightening haunted houses and attractions around the country to combine Halloween with our most beloved hobby. With that thought in mind, we felt that we could use this opportunity to take a slightly different twist on the typical Halloween style blog that has both a seasonally accurate and informative message. You know what’s 10 times scarier than a demented zombie with a machete? Driving a Class A rig around a windy road covered in ice going down hill. Ask anyone who’s ever experienced road conditions like that and they’ll surely tell you they would rather take their chances with the zombie.

Route 550 aka The Million Dollar Highway – Colorado

The Million Dollar Highway in the winter
The Million Dollar Highway in the winter

The Million Dollar Highway gets its nickname because of its’ breathtakingly beautiful views throughout the 25 mile stretch from Silverton to Ouray. However, during this specific portion of Rt. 550, the road narrows to a 2-lane highway that twists and winds through the Uncompahgre Gorge, which can be one of the most intimidating and scariest places to drive any vehicle, let alone a 40+ foot motor home. Drivers will experience a lack of guardrails on the roadsides that are thousands of feet high, hairpin curves, and extremely narrow lanes. Oh, and snow season starts in October, so if you’re going to be driving through this pass, get your tires chained and hang on tight. Million Dollar Highway 1, Zombie 0.

James Dalton Highway – Alaska

James Dalton Highway
James Dalton Highway

For anyone who has ever watched the show Ice Road Truckers, you know exactly what we’re talking about here. Not only does the Dalton Highway have similar steep cliffs with no guardrails like the aforementioned Million Dollar Highway, but it also has the added element of serious unpredictability. What do we mean, you ask? How about avalanches, random whiteout snow storms, and a hundreds of miles of gravel roads coated with ice. Those who are brave enough to try and best the Dalton Highway are rewarded with gaining access to the Brooks Range, a desolate, mountainous range connect that is like heaven for the outdoor enthusiast.

Tail of the Dragon  – North Carolina

Tail of the Dragon
Tail of the Dragon

If the name of this road isn’t enough to scare you off, then it’s 300+ twists and turns might be. Considered one of the windiest roads in America, this 11-mile stretch on US 129 starts at the North Carolina/Tennessee border in Deals Gap and is a haven for sports car and motorcycle enthusiasts, but not so much during the winter months. At this time of year travelers will most likely have to deal with one, if not all, of the following in addition to the insane amount of twists and turns: bears, turkeys, deer, wild boar, down trees, snow, and ice. This might be a fun road to drive on a crotch rocket, but I doubt anyone in a diesel pusher is going to enjoy the Tail of the Dragon.

Remember this Halloween, zombies and monsters only exist on TV and in the movies, but icy, white knuckle inducing roads are real, and they’re out there…

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