Places You Need to Take Your Motor Home This Summer

As a motor home owner, no one needs to tell you that once you’re behind the wheel, it’s almost as if the world is your oyster. The joy of owning a motor home means that whenever you want, you can pack up, hit the road, and end up at any of a countless number of great destinations. However, that freedom can make it tough to choose where to go. If you need a little vacation inspiration, make these great motor home spots a priority this summer.

The Grand Canyon

It’s the Grand Canyon! While this too-impressive-for-words natural feature is almost a cliche vacation spot, multitudes visit every year for good reason. As one of the oldest national parks in our country’s history, the Grand Canyon has built up quite a reputation over the years, and it’s a reputation it’s earned quite easily. The crevice runs more than 250 miles long, with some gaps being up to 20 miles wide – nearly unfathomable and definitely a sight to experience. But don’t think that all you’ll be doing is looking. There’s actually a lot of activities you can take part in, including mule rides, helicopter tours, and of course, camping with your motor home.


The Redwoods of California

It’s a wonder that the redwoods in northern California aren’t an official wonder of the world! The tallest trees on Earth grow to be nearly 400 feet and live to be nearly 2000 years old, meaning that when you visit the many redwood parks of California, you’re almost stepping into a time machine into the distant past. This area of California is also very motor home-friendly, with tons of campgrounds to pick from, including the highly-rated Redwoods Resort in Crescent City.


It’s warm, it’s got the second longest coastline in America, and it could be the best state for motor home owners – any questions? While there’s a lot to do and see in Florida (Disney World, anyone?), no one will blame you if you’d rather just drive your motor home up to the beach and call it home for a little while. If that sounds good to you, check out resorts such as Red Coconut, Coral Sands, and Beverly Beach. At these resorts, you can literally park on the beachfront and fall asleep every night to the waves lapping the shore.


Who the heck would ever want to drive to Alaska?! Believe it or not, many motor home owners make the long, long drive up north every year to visit our country’s second youngest state. Sure, there will be challenges: getting the passports sorted, facing tough roads, driving long hauls, and yes, maybe even fending off some bears. But the feeling of accomplishment in making the drive–which can take up to a week or more–is too good to pass up for some. Plus, it can be a nice to get out of the states and visit our neighbors in the north. And you’d better believe that there are some excellent sights along the way. It’s perhaps the biggest adventure you can face in your motor home – are you up for it?