Prepping Your Motorhome For The Winter

Is your motorhome ready for the winter? If you’ve been through the seasonal changes before, then you might know just how important it is to properly store your motorhome during the colder months. Failure to do so will likely result in a variety of issues that could even make it difficult for you to travel when spring comes around.

We know how much you love your motorhome and keeping it in the best shape possible is a priority. Therefore, in order to help you keep your rig running in the best condition possible, here are some tips for prepping your motorhome for the winter.

Determine Where You’ll Store Your Rig

The biggest question to consider before winter comes is where you plan to store your motorhome. For some, you may have enough room on your property or even an oversized garage where you store your rig. Others may not be so lucky.

If you have to store your rig somewhere else, make sure that it’s a facility you can trust. Do plenty of research and look up reviews online, and you’ll quickly find out if the place you are considering is reputable. You may want to consider a lot that offers covered parking, or even garage options. This will help to protect your motorhome from snow and other winter elements.


Clean & Flush Before Storing

When coming home from your last fall road trip, you may be anxious to get home and relax. But before you park your rig for the winter, make sure that you take time to clean it thoroughly and flush any interior systems as necessary. Leaving food, garbage or other trash presents the opportunity for bugs and rodents to get into your rig. Inside the mainframe of the rig, leaving water, waste, or liquids that could potentially freeze is also a concern.

Before you park your motorhome for the season, do one final cleanse of the entire rig. Doing so will make it easier for you to hop in and hit the road as soon as spring comes around.

Try To Visit Your Rig

If possible, find a motorhome storage facility that is within close driving distance. This will make it easier for you to get to your rig and check on it every so often. When you visit, consider starting it up and letting the engine run for a few minutes. Providing your motorhome with some running time during the winter will help to keep its engine in good shape. Turning the engine on will also help to give your battery a quick jolt, which is always vital during the winter. A strong battery and a healthy engine will keep your motorhome in great shape.

Winter is coming. For those that love being out on the open road, these cold months can be treacherous if it means you can’t take your motorhome out to explore. But if you want to make sure that your rig is ready to roll when the temperatures start to rise again, consider these tips for prepping your motorhome for the winter.