Purchases You Must Make on Black Friday for the Motor Home Enthusiast

It’s the week of Thanksgiving and for many of you out there that means it’s time to start planning your favorite dishes, get busy in the kitchen, and coordinating travel plans with friends and family. For others, it’s looking ahead to a day of stuffing yourself to the point of exploding and watching football (and then repeating the eating portion until the dreaded day that the leftovers are gone). For us in the motor home community, it’s time to start thinking about all of the RV related Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals! The best holiday gifts for us involve things that we can use or do to enhance the experience of road tripping in our rigs, so don’t let your loved ones down this year. Here are some of the purchases you must absolutely make after you wake up from your tryptophan induced comas.

Grilling Accessories

Anyone who’s ever spent time at a campground will tell you, grilling is an absolutely necessary part of the experience. The emergence of competition BBQ and cooking shows based on the art of mastering the fire pit have helped to bring grilling to another level, and if you plan on stepping your game up, you’ll need the tools to do so. If you’re shopping for someone who is lucky enough to have a pullout grill built into the side of their coach, then you can save a few bucks on having to buy an expensive (and bulky) new grill, but you can absolutely go nuts on all of the accessories to enhance the cooking experience. We’re talking about high tech thermometers, grill racks for ribs and chicken, smoker boxes and wood chips, cutlery, and hundreds of other gadgets. Check out online retailers like BBQ Guys for free shipping and other deals geared around the holidays.

Electric Heaters & Cooking Appliances

If you and your family are into winter activates like skiing and plan on making a few trips to snowy and cold locations, then an indoor electric heater may be a solid gift this year. You may be asking yourself, “why use an electric heater or stovetop when I have gas in my motor home already?” Good question. The reason is that when you use your propane heat & appliances inside and it’s really cold outside, you end up creating a ton of moisture and humidity inside the coach. The electric heater and cooktops will reduce the presence of humidity (which will ultimately cause you to open windows/vents and let cold air in the cabin) and keep warm. Things like electric heaters and electric stovetops will make as awesome gifts. Basically every major retailer out there sells these things and there will surely be great deals to be found.

Outdoor Sporting Equipment

The folding Oru Kayak is a perfect gift for the outdoor enthusiast

It’s no secret that most people living the motor home lifestyle are major proponents of outdoor living. This includes being heavily involved in hiking, climbing, cycling, fishing, kayaking, and everything else that allows us to experience nature while we’re on our travels. The thing is, is that we want to bring all of our toys along but space can be pretty limited. Sometimes the things we want to bring with us aren’t necessarily things we need to bring with us and on occasion, not all of our gear makes the cut on our travel checklists. If this scenario applies to someone you’re shopping for, then take a look at the Oru Kayak. This revolutionary, fold up kayak is designed specifically for the outdoor enthusiast with limited space. As Oru puts it, the kayak goes “From box to boat in 5 minutes”…basically like sporting goods origami. Not only will this be an amazing gift for water sports lovers, but it will neatly fit into the underbelly storage of any motor home.

So between bites of turkey this year, start thinking about your motor home loving friends and family and see how you might be able to enhance their holiday season. As far as we’re concerned, Santa drives a diesel pusher, none of this “sleigh” nonsense.

Do you have questions about purchasing a new or pre-owned motorhome or just about the luxury motor home lifestyle in general? If so, please contact us so we can answer all of your questions and concerns!



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