Review: 2015 Forest River Berkshire 38A

Sheer elegance and pure beauty are two adjectives that come to mind when thinking of the 2015 Forest River Berkshire 38-A. Known for an emphasis on details, the Forest River model continues on the line of already superior rigs. If you are in the market for a new motor home, then the perfect place to look for a new unit might just be the 2015 Forest River Berkshire 38-A.

Here is a further look at the 2015 Forest River Berkshire 38-A, and all of the great features that it has.

Space For Everyone

You won’t have a shortage of space when in the Berkshire 38-A. This unit offers an oversized cabin that will sleep upwards of a dozen people. Along with multiple different sleeping quarters, there are also couches and fold out beds in the living room as well.

Along with massive living space throughout, the kitchen is truly another marvel as well. The size of the kitchen will please even the most demanding of chefs, as there will be more than enough room for everyone to spread out.

Even in the toilet and shower you’ll find that the 2015 Forest River Berkshire is very accommodating. You’ll have plenty of room, which will never make you feel like you are closed in or in a small cabin.


Everything You’ll Need

As mentioned above, the 2015 Forest River Berkshire 38-A also comes with plenty of amenities as well. This includes a full size kitchen, as well as a bathroom with a toilet, shower and sink. There is also a master bedroom with tons of storage, and hidden nooks and crannies hidden throughout. You’ll be amazed with how much you can fit in your motor home, and how much you’ll have at your disposal.

Home Away From Home

Staying in a hotel everywhere you go can be a pain. Along with that feeling of discontent because you’ll have if anything goes wrong, there is also the fear of sleeping in someone else’s dirty sheets. But when you have a motor home of your own, everything will be as you specify it. The food in your kitchen, the sheets on your bed, and the appliances throughout the entire motorhome will all be yours without anyone else using them.

A Price You Can Afford

What might be the most shocking part of the 2015 Forest River RV Berkshire 38-A is its affordable price. This unit comes in at less than $200,000. When you consider the amount of luxury it provides, it’s most certainly appealing at that price point.

Forest River is no stranger to superior quality marksmanship with motorhomes. That is no different in the case of the 2015 Berkshire 38-A, as it is a top option at its price point. Along with tons of space and beautiful crafted details throughout, this is a motorhome that will certainly allow you to ride in style while out on the open road.

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