Review: 2015 Newmar Bay Star Sport 3306

Year after year, Newmar releases new models of motor homes that continue to set the bar for coaches. This year it was the Bay Star Sport 3306 that really stood out amongst the competition of other motorhomes on the market. With the 2015 Newmar Bay Star Sport 3306, motor home owners are going to be rethinking the way that they hit the open road. And with all of the features in this model, you can bet that they’ll be enjoying every moment of their journey.

Here is a review of the 2015 Newmar Bay Star Sport 3306, including features and benefits of this unit.

A Beautiful Design

There is no question that the most appealing feature of the 2015 Newmar Bay Star Sport 3306 is it’s elegant and stylish exterior. The Bay Star Sport 3306 is a beautiful unit that has a silver exterior, as well as stylish markings along each side of the unit. There is also the Bay Star logo located at different points on the motor home, which lets others know that you have one of the best units on the road.


Completely Reinvented Interior

If you thought the exterior of the Newmar Bay Star Sport 3306 was beautiful, just wait till you look inside. This superior motor home has beautiful appliances and features throughout. This includes the countertops in both the kitchen and the bathroom, as well as the multiple beds that make it possible to sleep 8, and so much more. And because there is 3 solidest on the 2015 Bay Star Sport 3306, you’ll be amazed with the amount of space that you have for all of your traveling guests.

Some of the other features that are included inside of the 2015 Newmar Bay Star Sport 3306 include:

  • Heating and air condition system that can control the temperature in each room of the motor home.
  • Entertainment options that include DVD, CD, satellite radio, and video game setups.
  • Upgraded furniture and cabinet options.
  • Large toilet and shower for convenience.

When you step into the 2015 Newmar Bay Star Sport 3306, you’ll forget you’re inside of a motor home. Instead, you’ll feel like you are in a fully functioning home that offers plenty of amenities to keep ensure your comfort and satisfaction.

The Reliable Name Of Newmar

Purchasing a motorhome is no small task. Instead, a motor home is something that will likely be a carefully planned investment for you and your family. When you consider how important your investment is, it only makes sense that you’d want to keep it in the best condition possible. With Newmar, you get a reputable brand that is known for making quality motorhome units. Whether you are someone who plans to upgrade your unit every few years, or if you plan to buy for life, you can bet that your Newmar unit will be among the best possible options on the market.

Newmar knows what it takes to please their clients. That is why the 2015 Newmar Bay Star Sport 3306 is precisely planned out. Every square inch of the Newmar Bay Star 3306 was designed with the owner’s enjoyment in purpose, and it’s hard not to enjoy something as beautiful as this years model.

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