Review: 2016 Forest River Charleston 430BH

The recently redesigned Forest River Charleston is an excellent option for those looking for a diesel pusher. The Charleston is one of Forest River’s flagship models, and you can tell that this company put extra focus and attention into this rig. It’s the type of unit that is perfect for medium-sized families, and its heavy diesel engine is ready for whatever road lies ahead of you.

This review will take a look at the 2016 Forest River Charleston 430BH, a premium option for those looking to ride in comfort and class.


The Forest River is built on a foundation that consists of a 266-inch wheelbase from a Freightliner XC-R raised-rail tag-axle chassis. That makes for an incredibly sturdy base that allows for a smoother ride. If you felt every bump and turn in the road in your last rig, you’ll love how the 2016 Forest River Charleston is able to take on any number of different conditions and terrains.

While the 450-horsepower engine inside won’t have any problem picking up speed on the open road, that doesn’t mean that you’ll be needing to stop extra at the gas station. With an oversized fuel tank inside, the new Forest River can go further in-between fill-ups at the gas station. While many other rigs make you sacrifice power for fuel efficiency, or vice versa, you get the best of both worlds in the Charleston 430BH.

Under the hood it’s all about power and efficiency. On the exterior, the 2016 Forest River Charleston provides a beautiful appearance that is sure to turn heads. It comes in multiple different color schemes, each of which is coated with four layers of gloss and protection. Not only will your Charleston 430BH be a beautiful looking rig, but it’s going to stay that way for years to come with that protective coat.

As you move inside, the Charleston 430BH continues to impress. For those looking to travel with their entire family, you’ll be happy with the plethora of sleeping options. Along with a large bed in the back, there are multiple bunk beds, and the couch pulls out as well. Expect to fit between 8-10 comfortably while in the 2016 Forest River Charleston.

Also inside is a large kitchen with top-of-the-line amenities. The cherry solid-wood cabinetry and high-end finishes are just part of what will steal your eye when stepping inside the Forest River Charleston. There are also beautiful fixtures in the bathroom, including an oversized shower for taller travelers.

Techies will also love the newest Forest River Charleston, as it comes with multiple televisions and a sound system that can play throughout the entire unit. Your rig will be the center place for entertainment when on the road thanks to the included technology features that come in the Charleston 430BH.

Forest River is no stranger to making quality diesel pushers. Atop their line is the Forest River Charleston 430BH. Every part of this rig is built to exceed driver’s expectations. A foundation that will handle whatever road is ahead, an exterior that turns heads as you go, and an interior that will make for an enjoyable ride in comfort. These are just a few benefits in an expansive list that make the Charleston 430BH from Forest River an excellent diesel pusher for your family.

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