Review: 2016 Georgetown Standard 364TS

Quality motorhome manufacturer Georgetown’s motto may be “Engineered for the road,” but if the model 364 is anything to judge by, they’ve spent some good time on all the other great things you want in an RV. The 364TS is Georgetown’s largest model, but don’t let think that they’ve wasted any space. This quality rig is spacious yet efficient, and it’s more than ideal for just about anything, from a weekend camping trip to some cross-country sightseeing. There’s plenty to love about this coach.

Spacious Floor Plan

The one thing that will come to mind when you first step into the 364TS is, “Wow, this place is big!” If you’re planning on taking this couch with the family or a group of friends, there’s no need to worry about bumping into each other, because this rig is built for people. It sleeps up to eight, and with a standard bathroom and an added bathroom attached to the master bedroom, there’s no need to worry about taking turns.



When it comes to being fully stocked, the 364TS is just as impressive as it is spacious. Along with the basics, such as air conditioning and heating, you can expect a full kitchen with refrigerator, microwave, and range. Along with a pair of bunk beds, there’s a fold-down bed at the front of coach, just in case you need the extra room. Besides the necessities, you can expect to be fully entertained inside your house on wheels, which includes a TV and radio/CD player and comfortable seating for whomever is joining you on your tour.

The Little Details

While the 364TS may win you over with its large floor plan and luxurious facilities, it’ll be the understated details that make you love it. With some of the subtle design choices of the 364TS, Georgetown has proven that it doesn’t need to be extravagant to wow you (though it does that, too). Take, for instance, the TV/DVD combos included in each of the bunk bed areas, giving your guests choice to watch whatever they want. Or take the kitchen area’s Fantastic Fan, that, by many happy customers’ accounts, lives up to its name. Plus, with a flush-floor construction throughout the floor plan, you don’t have to worry about tripping over steps. Awning support on the exterior means that you’ll be comfortable on the outside, too.

Power Under the Hood

At 22,000 pounds of gross vehicle weight, the Georgetown 364TS is heavy, but the Ford V-10 under the hood is more than capable of powering this beauty of a coach, so you don’t need to worry about handling curves and hills. Additionally, because the 364TS sports side and rear cameras, parking and reversing has never been so easy. Just as good as this RV is on the inside, it’s matched by power and capability on the inside.

At its size, the 364 is a Class A motorhome, but it isn’t just its size that makes it top class. Whether you’re looking for your first RV or you’re trading up, the Georgetown 364TS has everything you could possibly need, and more!