Review: 2016 Show Hauler GarageCoach 45

For the ultimate adventurer, a regular motorhome simply won’t due. Instead, they’ll need something a little extra that offers enough added space for additional toys and vehicles. Whether you’re bringing along your personal car for easy transportation or a set of ATVs for the family to play with when you reach your destination, a garage coach will help you bring along those additional vehicles.

The new 2016 Show Hauler GarageCoach 45 is perfect for your next family outing. Not only is there plenty of room in the back for all of your toys, but you’ll also be impressed with the general quality workmanship provided with this model.

Here’s a review of the 2016 Show Hauler GarageCoach 45, a superior option atop the list for those needing something extra for their next road trip.

Riding In Comfort

The inside of the 2016 Show Hauler offers a favorable floor plan with plenty of room for everyone. The length of the rig is 42’, giving all of your guests plenty of space to stretch out. Keep in mind that some of that is designated for storage in the back, but you’ll be pleased with how the floor plan allocates the space available. A fully stocked kitchen and eating area is great for entertaining guests. As you make your way to the back, a full bath and large bedroom are separated from the rest of the unit. Every square of inch is utilized in the GarageCoach 45, which is perfect for the true adventurer.

A Beautiful Design

Quality workmanship can be seen throughout the 2016 Show Hauler. The kitchen offers stainless appliances and dark wood cabinetry. Head outside and you’ll notice that the diamond coating paint job is equally as detailed. With this rig, you get a hauler that you can tell is built to last. That should make you feel better about your adventure, no matter where you’re going.


Keeping Your Toys Safe

The boxed area in the back of the GarageCoach 45 is big enough for a midsized car, a few ATVs or snowmobiles, or a handful of other toys and games. This area is really appreciated, as it makes it much easier to bring along additional items without sacrificing your personal comfort. It also helps with better utilizing storage space, which means you’ll have more room to stretch out.

You’ll also rest easy, as the back area has a secure locking system. Also consider a video monitoring system, which will better help you to protect your investment. Safety is a priority when on the road, and this rig is crafted with that in mind.

Ready For The Road

Load up your bags and get ready to hit the road. No matter what adventure lies ahead, your entire family will experience it all with this toy hauler. With plenty of space in the back, power under the hood, and comfort inside, you’ll have everything you need with the 2016 Show Hauler GarageCoach 45.

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