Riding Shotgun: How To Be A Great Co-Captain

To some, riding shotgun is simply a way of getting more legroom or having your choice with what’s on the radio. However, sitting shotgun is a serious responsibility! Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to be a great co-captain while on the road. In order to ensure that you and your crew get to your destination safely, here are some tips for riding shotgun and how to be a great co-captain.

Keeping On Course

If there is anything that a captain will tell you while driving, it’s that they know where they are going. With that in mind, it’s never a good idea for the co-pilot to keep chiming in with, “I think we’re lost,” or “Do you know where we are?” However, that doesn’t mean that you should disconnect with things completely. Instead, a great co-pilot will always be aware of where you are and where you’re going, and only chime in whenever the captain gets completely off track.


Avoiding Distractions

When a captain is distracted, it is putting everyone in the vehicle at risk. That is why it’s vital that the co-captain keeps everyone else in the car under control and calm. If your crew is jumping around, yelling, or acting wild while in the back of your motor home, it’ll be difficult for the driver to stay focused on what matters, which is the road in front of them.

Play That Music, DJ

Keeping your captain and the rest of the crew entertained is a must for any co-captain! That is why it’s important to have some awesome music selections that everyone will love. If you are heading out on a long road trip, you won’t want to rely on local radio stations that fade in and out. Instead, load up your smartphone with a ton of music that all of your travelers will enjoy, and you’ll be the DJ that everyone will be complementing while on the road.

Finding The Best Places To Stop

While there may be a final destination, the great part about road trips is the other things you’ll stop and see on the way. As a co-pilot, it’s your responsibility to find the best places to stop along the way. Whether it’s the world’s largest ball of yarn or an amusement park for a day of enjoyment, a great co-pilot will have suggestions that everyone will enjoy.

Confirming Plans

A co-pilot will use the time while on the road to ensure that everything is ready when they get to their final destination. The driver has a lot going on and needs to rest once you get to where you’re going, so make sure everything accommodates for that once you park your rig. Whether it’s making sure that the camping grounds are ready for you or that you have a great place to eat once you get in, let your captain relax once you reach your destination by having everything ready for them.

Being a great co-pilot will make for a better adventure for everyone. To ensure that your driver can concentrate on the road ahead, consider the tips on this list for being a great co-captain.

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