Shopping for the Right Motor Home Insurance Policy

motorhome insurance

Insuring a motor home isn’t quite like purchasing a standard auto policy and even differs greatly from purchasing insurance for a towable RV. Because luxury Class A motor coaches come equipped with top of the line appliances, audio/video entertainment equipment, cameras, and other valuable items, and they serve as both a vehicle and living space, the policies are structured differently. The fact that many motor homes are customized to meet the needs of their owners leads to customized insurance policies.

Several factors will determine what type of policy you’ll need and how high or low your monthly premium will be. How you intend to use your coach will be one of the first questions underwriters will need to ask in order to being creating your policy. If you are a retiree planning on taking extensive trips or even full timing, you will require a much different policy than a young family that plans on taking a couple of trips throughout the year. Part of the reason for this is that someone who is constantly on the road not only has an increased risk of getting in an accident while driving, but also because they will be parked outside at campgrounds and RV resorts where there may be a higher risk of theft.  It isn’t very common for a motor home to get flat out stolen, but because luxury motor homes come with so many nice amenities, they can become targets for thieves looking to strip them down. If theft is something you’re worried about, you may want to explore personal property coverage that will protect you from stolen personal items like jewelry or electronics that you travel with.

One way to limit your risk (thus, keeping your premiums down) is to keep your coach in a secure facility that specializes in RV storage or to build a full size garage capable of housing your coach. The less exposed your motor home is, the lower your premium should be.

If you happen to be purchasing a brand new, expensive motor home, it’s very important to purchase a policy that has Guaranteed Loss Replacement. This policy clause will allow you to be fully indemnified and get a new coach (or similar model) within the first 5 years of the policy if your motor home is totaled. If your coach is totaled after the initial 5 years of the policy, you will be given the full replacement value of the coach based on its condition before the loss occurred.

Another important policy clause for the full-timers out there would be…you guessed it, Full-Timers Coverage. These policies don’t just cover your coach but also your personal liability coverage. Some insurance companies, like Progressive, even offer storage shed coverage for items stored away while you’re out on the road.

Emergency Expense Coverage is also a great thing to look into, especially if you’re traveling with kids and aren’t towing a personal vehicle. This type of coverage will pay for hotel accommodations and transportation in the event your motor home is incapable of being driven while out on a trip. Don’t allow yourself to be stuck on the side of the road next to a smoking engine.

There are limitless amounts of coverage options for motor home owners out there. Make sure to do your homework before speaking with a professional insurance agent so you can ensure that you’re getting the right coverage for the right price.


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