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Show Ponies

Entegra AnthemShow Hauler

Dylans RV is excited to report that we will be attending the 2014 Florida RV SuperShow in Tampa and the New Jersey RV & Camping Show in Edison this week!  We always love the opportunity to head (up or down) to the shows to meet the other dealers, check out the vendors (Tampa show vendors/Edison show vendors), see all of the awesome motor homes on display, and of course offer our customers amazing deals exclusively for the shows.  And, hey, a break from this weather may not be the worst thing in the world either.  70 Degrees in Tampa, baby!  Who cares if the drive is over 1,000 miles and about 15 hours?  Have you SEEN our ride??

Take a quick look at what we’ll be packing at each show…

Edison Show

2014 Entegra Coach Anthem

2014 Forest River Berkshire

2014 Forest River Charleston

2014 Forest River Legacy

2014 Newmar Dutch Star

2014 Newmar Ventana

2014 Newmar Canyon Star

Tampa Show

2014 Show Hauler MotorCoach Bunk Model

Going to RV shows is a huge part of being a member of the RV community for both buyers and sellers, but they can become overwhelming quickly.  The Tampa show alone exceeded 54,000 attendees last January.   Staggering attendance numbers like that have most dealers licking their chops and for good reason.  If sales is a numbers game then the odds are certainly in a dealers favor at shows like Tampa and Edison to strike a couple deals.  However, all the hype surrounding the “blowout deals” and “slashed sticker prices” can easily get a show-goers head in a fog and make them feel like they are being pressured into buying something.  Purchasing a motor home should be a fun and relaxing experience.  You’re most likely buying it to use for leisurely activities, so make sure you’re doing business with a dealer that can bring a laid back vibe to the otherwise hectic atmosphere a show can bring.

Here’s a few quick tips to remember when shopping for a motor home at a show…

Run from pushy dealers.  If you start to get the feeling that the dealer representative you’re speaking with is really pushing hard to sell you, it’s probably in your best interest to move on.  People at an RV show don’t want to be sold, they’re already sold…they’re at an RV show!  No, these people want to be educated.  A dealer should be going out of their way to thoroughly explain to you all of the reasons why a particular coach does or doesn’t make sense for you.  There’s nothing better than working with a dealer who genuinely has your best interest in mind and wants to deliver an exceptional customer experience.  Those things show and consumers absolutely recognize them.  Plus, there are far too many dealers at an RV show to feel like you’re stuck with one that you don’t love.


Ask tons of questions (and jot down the answers!).  We just figured out that you’re at the show to be educated on the newest product lines and their features, so get all of the info you can possibly gather while you’re there.  Any dealer worth a lick will go out of their way to make sure that you don’t have a single question before you leave.  That way you’ll have a much clearer idea of what type of unit best suits you and your family, and the dealer will know what inventory they have available to accommodate you

Know your trade information.  Information is key when negotiating a deal, so have intimate knowledge of your trade when speaking with a dealer.  The less information you have to provide the dealer with, the lower your trade-in value will be estimated.  Without all the specifics, the dealer will have to shoot you a low ball number to avoid the most amount of potential risk.  Make sure you have all of the details about your trade so you get less headache, get a fair offer, and get closer to making a deal.

Make sure you’re prepared before you make the trip to a show this year so you can get exactly what you want at the right price.  And remember, don’t get sold, get educated.

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Choosing the Right Floor Plan for Your Motorhome

Purchasing a new coach (that is, a coach that is new to you, whether it’s a brand new model or pre-owned) is a fun and exciting time.  However, there are tons of decisions that need to be made before pulling the trigger on a purchase…new or pre-owned, make and model, diesel or gas, how many slides, color, storage, lighting, and the list goes on and on.  Though, before you get into a lot of those things, you may first want to choose a floor plan that would best suit your needs.  Thinking about what you’re actually going to be using your motorhome for and who is going to be traveling with you should help paint a much clearer picture on what type of floor plan to consider.   Don’t feel like thinking? No problem! Lucky for you, we’ve come up with a couple helpful questions (and suggestions) to ask yourself that will assist novice RVers, lifelong motorhome aficionados, and everyone in between choose a floor plan that makes sense for them.


How often are you using your motorhome and for what purpose?

Not everyone who purchases a coach considers it to be a “toy” to be used as a substitute for an annual Caribbean vacation that gets used maybe a couple times a year.  There’s a huge contingent of people in the business community that conduct their affairs out of their RV and prefer to travel to meetings by road rather than by air and are spending tons of time in their coach and racking up lots of miles.  In those cases, where your motorhome becomes much more of a “home” and you’re not traveling with a large family in tow, then you may want to consider something with a floor plan like the 2014 Entegra Aspire 44B.  The free standing dinette doubles perfectly as a work desk, and the entertainment center that boasts a 50” LED TV and a fire place are the perfect amenities for a busy executive that needs to unwind (with or without a scotch…) after a long day on the road/at the office.

Entegra Aspire 44B floor plan

2014 Entegra Aspire 44B


On the flip side, are you the family man or woman that wants to round up the troops for an occasional trip to your favorite fishing or skiing spot without having to stay in the local lodge? If that’s the case, then something like the Dynamax DX 37BHHD is right up your alley.  This Class C motorhome features a master suite with a king size bed, bunk beds for the kids, and a booth in the kitchen where the family can gather together for a meal or for a game of cards (and a 350 horse power engine with 1,000 lb. ft. torque for Dad).  Let us not forget about the outdoor entertainment center with a 32” LCD TV and electric patio awning for when you and the fam need to get outside and stretch your legs.

Dynamax DX3 floor plan

Dynamax DX 37B


Who’s traveling with you?

As we mentioned above, if you’re traveling with children, Class C motorhomes like the 2014 Renegade Explorer XL and the Dynamax DX models are great due to their large dining areas and multiple sleeping options, but what about when the in-laws come along for the ride who don’t quite move around like they used to (don’t tell them that!)?  Have you considered what type of floor plan you would need to accommodate a physically disabled or elderly person who requires the use of a wheelchair?  Newmar offers the Canyon Star 3911 that features all of the luxurious amenities that Newmar customers have grown accustomed to (residential sized refrigerator, empire maple glazed cabinets, carpeting on slideout floors, etc.), but is also completely wheelchair accessible. This coach comes equipped with a NHTSA-compliant Braun Century 2 powered wheelchair lift, widened doorways, wheelchair accessible interior control panel, and more.

Newmar Canyon Star 3911 floor plan

Newmar Canyon Star 3911


There are hundreds of motorhomes with seemingly endless floor plan options to choose from, but making sure you pick the one that best suits you and your traveling companions is extremely important.  When making a purchasing decision, think about who’s coming with you, what you’re going to be doing on the way and when you get to your destination, and what needs those traveling with you have and you’ll be sure to make the right choice.

Check out Dylans RV Center in Sewell, New Jersey and speak to one of our experienced and knowledgeable staff to find out why we’re New Jersey’s #1 Class A Motorhome dealer.

Do you have questions about purchasing a new or pre-owned motorhome or just about the RV lifestyle in general? If so, please contact us so we can answer all of your questions and concerns!