The Best 4th of July Fireworks Displays in the Country

What’s Independence Day without some awesome fireworks to cap off a day of celebrating our nation’s birthday? While you can find a fireworks display in almost every city across America, you might have to do a little travelling if you want to see the best in the country. If you don’t mind a little road trip this summer, consider hitting up one of these amazing fireworks displays on the Fourth of July.

Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks in New York City

If you’re looking for the biggest fireworks display in America, you’re going to have to head to the biggest city in America. And who better to trust than the company with a stellar track record of putting on the most impressive holidays displays throughout the year – Macy’s, who has been holding the fireworks display for four decades. Along with the colorful half-hour display, you can expect to see some big name performers on stage during the event.

The Macy’s fireworks display, happening over the Big Apple’s East River, is bound to be packed with attendees, and obviously, you aren’t going to do well bringing your motor home into the city. If you need a place to park, check out the well-reviewed Liberty Harbor park, which is close to transportation to the city. Or, if you don’t feel like beating the crowds, you can simply tune in on TV, where the show will be broadcast live.


National Mall Fourth of July Celebration in Washington, D.C.

At 17-and-a-half minutes long, the fireworks display put on by the National Park Service in Washington, D.C., isn’t the longest display, but it is perhaps the most appropriate one. There’s nothing as appropriate as celebrating the birth of the United States in its capital, after all. The fireworks are set off from the reflecting pool area and can be seen throughout the D.C. area.

If you feel like witnessing what could be the most distilled display of patriotism in the country, your best bet might be to set up camp at Cherry Hill Park, which labels itself as the closest campground to Washington, D.C. Public transportation reaches the campsite multiple times a day, so you won’t have to worry about missing out on the fireworks.

Lights on the Lake in Lake Tahoe, California

Summer is the season for beach fun, so take your Fourth of July celebrations to the water in Lake Tahoe for the annual Lights on the Lake celebration. No boat? No problem. You can buy a seat on many of the ships that will be offering their services for the night for an up-close view of the proceedings. And if you’re more of a landlubber, you can watch from the shore, too.

Due to Lake Tahoe’s rural geography, there are many campsites surrounding the lake. Among the most popular are Tahoe Valley and Camp Richardson, though there are plenty others you can find by doing some quick research. Despite the amount of campgrounds, however, you’ll want to book soon as you can, as they’ll be sure to fill up fast for the holiday.

These professional-grade fireworks displays will surely light up the night in ways you haven’t quite seen before, and they’re held in wonderful locations that are already worth checking out on their own. As if you needed an excuse for another road trip!