The Best Ways to Save Money on Gas When Road Tripping in Your Motor Home

You know the joys of road tripping with your motor home: the great sights, the open road, the people you meet. But with all the wonderful things you might experience on your road trip, there’s also one less exciting aspect – paying for fuel. It’s no secret that as much joy a motor home can bring you, it’s going to need a lot of gas. If you’re trying to cut back on expenses, there are a few ways you can limit what you pay at the pump.

Go for the Lesser Price at the Tank

While choosing to fuel up at the gas station that has the lowest prices sounds like a no-brainer, there might be times when you’re tempted to pull into a station that is a little more convenient. Perhaps it’s right off the highway or on the same side of the road that you are. However, a small difference in prices, even if it’s by a few cents, can add up to be more than you first think. Since your motor home’s tank is larger than any other vehicle’s, that price difference is multiplied many more times. Even a difference of a few cents per gallon can add up to be a few dollars if you’re filling up. You won’t save millions by being smarter in choosing you gas station, but it will help you save regardless.


Use an App

There are a few different smartphone apps that can help you find the gas stations with the cheapest fuel. Of these, GasBuddy is one of the most popular. Users submit the fuel prices they see as they pass by gas stations, so all you have to do is search nearby for the cheapest price. Plus, the prices are usually up to date within the day. Waze is another app that’s quite well-regarded with drivers. While Waze functions mostly as a navigational app, it also includes a gas prices feature, as well as traffic reports and road closure information. Keep in mind that you can also save money on gas by taking the shortest route, which is something that a paper roadmap or outdated GPS system won’t be able to give you.

Join a Loyalty Program

Some gas station companies have loyalty programs that offer you discounts on your fuel or in-store purchases. Some even give you a bonus just for signing up. While it’s hard to argue with free money, it’s worth noting that the gas stations you enroll with might not have locations wherever you’re travelling to. But since these memberships are free to join, there’s really no cost to sign up, so you might as well. You could even sign up for all the programs you can possibly can, just to have your bases covered.

Keep Your Motor Home Up to Spec

For safety reasons, you should always inspect your motor home before taking a trip, so there’s a good chance you’ll have caught all the major issues before you even hit the road. Still, you should remember that if your motor home is a few years old or it’s suffered through a particularly bad winter, it might be worth it to get the engine checked out. An engine that runs inefficiently equals wasted fuel. You should also keep an eye on your tires to ensure that they’re properly inflated, as even a slightly deflated tire can affect your fuel economy.

When travelling with your motor home, it just takes a few well-thought decisions to make some nice savings. Although each of these tips will save you just a little money, it’ll be a nice chunk of change when added up. And with the money you save, perhaps you can even justify a longer trip!