Tips For Maintaining and Replacing Your Motorhome’s Tires

When you’re living on wheels, the lives of your tires are imperative. The wheels of your motorhome need to be properly maintained at all times, as well as replaced upon suggested recommendations. Since the conditions that you’re driving on are likely to be quite different than your everyday vehicle, wheel and tire maintenance for your rig need special considerations.

Stay safe on the road and follow these tips for maintaining and replacing your motorhome’s tires.



Check Tires Routinely & Before Trips

Before you start up the ignition and hit the road, be sure to check your tires before a trip of any type. If your rig has been stored for an extended period of time, any number of issues could occur without you knowing. Therefore, properly examine all parts of your motorhome before you go on your next adventure.

Keep Your Rig Stored In A Controlled Climate

Feel extra-safe each time you park your motorhome by storing it in a controlled climate. While some outdoor storage units may be less expensive, keep in mind that you’ll be better protecting your investment with better storage options. In addition, motorhome storage with concierge services will keep an eye on your wheels and make sure that they are always in the best condition.

Know The Terrain

Planning a trip that includes rough terrain? Your motorhome tires may need additional maintenance before you hit the road. By having the forethought of the type of terrain you’ll be driving on, you can ensure that your tires are ready for the road ahead.

Know What To Look For

If you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s always best to trust your rig to a professional. However, it’s also always a good idea to know the ins-and-outs of your rig for yourself. For example, check the sidewalls of the tires and the tread area to ensure they are in good shape. You can also check the valves and caps, as well as any additional extensions, to make sure they are fitted properly.

When To Repair

Don’t Travel On Inferior Wheels

The cost of new wheels may be an unanticipated expense, but remember that your tires are the foundation for the investment into your motorhome. By traveling on inferior wheels, or tires that are damaged, you increasing the likelihood of damaging your rig.

Use The Same Tires

Just as you shouldn’t use inferior tires, it’s also important to stay away from driving on varying wheels as well. Your motorhome will ride more smoothly on tires from the same manufacturer, which is something to keep in mind when it comes time to replacing your old wheels.

The wheels of your motorhome may be one of the most valuable parts of your rig. However, your tires may not get the same type of attention and love that you offer towards your interior. To make sure that your rig stays on the road and that you are riding safely, consider these tips for maintaining and replacing your motorhome’s tires.

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