Tips For Traveling In Your Motor Home With Your Pet

rving with pets
Taking your pet with you can make your next trip more complete!

About a month and a half ago, we touched on tips for traveling in your motorhome with your kids, now we’ll give you some advice on bringing the other members of your family along…your pets! Taking your dog or cat along on a trip is an awesome way to make sure that the whole family gets to enjoy the luxury of riding in your motorhome. Plus, dogs (and maybe cats, although they don’t get much road trip credit…) are the ultimate travel companions. Much like anything else, though, it really helps to plan ahead to make sure that both you and your pet are comfortable for the duration of your upcoming journey.

Make a checklist

When you’re about to head out on a lengthy vacation in your coach, you should be making a checklist for all the things you’ll need along the way. Maintain this practice for your pets as well. If it’s the first time taking your pet on a road trip, you’ll definitely want to make sure you are keeping them as comfortable as possible which means bringing their favorite toys, bed (and if you’re in the market for new pet bedding, check this site out), treats, etc.

Get Up-to-date Tags

Make sure your pets’ collar has tags with up-to-date info. We’d recommend putting your cell phone number and email address as well as your name in addition to your pets’ name. This way, if you happen to forget about your dog or cat while staying at a campground (yes, this CAN happen to you!), you can rest assured that whoever finds him/her will be able to get in touch with you.

Get Vaccinations & A Checkup

Schedule a visit with your local vet before leaving for your trip to make sure your pet is in good health and has all his/her current vaccinations. You don’t want to be on the road and find out your pet is sick and have to turn around and head home. It might also be a good idea to get a list of reputable vets in the area that you’ll be passing through that you can contact in case of an emergency. Here’s a good resource to use to find emergency vets wherever you are.

Know The Local Wildlife

Do some research on the indigenous wildlife of where you’ll be staying on your trip. If you’re bringing along a cat that likes to do his thing at night or a dog who has an outdoor bed and loves to be outside, make sure you’re not putting them in harms way. If you know that there is a possibility to see coyotes, bears, or other dangerous predators, you may want to rethink leaving your pet alone outside or unleashed at the very least.

Stay In Pet Friendly Places

If you’re planning on parking up your motorhome in campgrounds and RV parks, make sure that they’re pet friendly. Don’t make your pet feel guilty because they’re the reason you have nowhere to stay that night…This also applies to national parks and other places you may be visiting while away. Here’s a great resource for finding pet friendly RV parks around the world.

Check for Fleas & Ticks

After a day of hiking with your dog or if you simply let your dog or cat out all day, be sure to do a thorough inspection for ticks and fleas. Your coach is a place of luxury and comfort; so don’t let it get overrun with disgusting bugs! Plus, your pet will be miserable for the remainder of your trip which won’t be fun for anyone either.  Be sure to add flea treatment products (and maybe an overall pet first aid kit) to your checklist before leaving.

Bringing your pet with you on your trip is great way to keep the entire clan together and build the bond that traveling in a luxury coach tends to create amongst families. Just be sure to plan ahead your furry friend should be just as content as he/she is at home!


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