Travel Destinations That’ll Keep You Warm Year Round

Wouldn’t it be great if perfect weather followed you everywhere that you traveled? While you may not be able to control the weather, motorhome owners certainly can plan their next adventure to a destination that will provide the best temperatures imaginable.

Pack up your motorhome and get ready to head out, as these are the travel destinations that you’ll keep you warm year round.


No matter when you plan to travel to The Golden State, you’re in for great temperatures that’ll make for an enjoyable vacation. In areas of Long Beach, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Santa Maria and Los Angeles, temperatures rarely dip lower than 60° during the year. Not only does California offer beautiful weather, but there are also family-friendly activities offered throughout the entire state that are ideal for all of your passengers.


If you’re itching to get out during the early months of the year, then head south to Texas. While temperatures in the American Gulf may be quite hot throughout the rest of the year, you’ll find things to be more comfortable during the winter months. There’s also plenty to do as you work your way along the Gulf Coast, with various campgrounds for you to park at. The top cities to visit in Texas include: Corpus Christi, Del Rio, Brownsville and Galveston, all of which offer plenty for your family to do.



A city like Tucson can quickly become one of the hottest places in the country during the dry summer months. However, visit Arizona between October and April, and you’ll be in for temperatures that make for perfect golfing weather. It’s no wonder that so many snowbirds flock to Arizona during the winter, making it the perfect destination for you to escape to in your motorhome.

Oregon To Alaska

Looking for the adventure of a lifetime this year? With your motorhome, there are no limitations as you travel from Oregon to Alaska during the summer months. You’ll experience perfect Canadian temperatures during this time of year, which may otherwise be frigid during other seasons. A trip to Alaska provides the opportunity to see a part of North America that others only dream of, during a time of year that the weather is enjoyable.


Colorado is a top place to visit anytime of the year, with favorable weather during the spring and fall seasons. During the spring, take in a baseball game at Coors Field on a beautiful day. Or if you find your way to Colorado during the fall, watch the leaves turn different colors and eventually fall as the seasons change.

With a motorhome, it’s always a great time to travel. Even though it may be colder in some parts of the country, there are plenty of options for warm weather destinations that are worthy of visiting. Whether it’s a place you call home during the winter or an epic adventure during the summer, consider these as the best travel destinations that will keep you warm year round.