What To Do With Your Motor Home After The Season Ends

As the seasons change and we move away from summer (RIP…) and peak motor home traveling season comes to a close, many of us are left with some choices that need to be made about what to do with our coaches. When and where do I get it winterized? How often do I need to start it up or drive it throughout the winter months? Do I need to buy a cover? Where do I store my coach?

Only a small percentage of motor home owners actually have their own personal covered garage large enough for fitting a 40’+ vehicle (and the knowhow to perform maintenance work on it themselves), so most people will have to look to a third party to care for their baby during the off-season. We’ve all seen countless “RV Storage Centers” throughout our travels – primarily, these are your typical public storage facilities that will just as quickly store your living room furniture as well as your motor home. Not to say these storage sites are bad, but wouldn’t it be nicer to find a place that will not only store your coach, but will also maintain it, winterize it, valet it, detail it (both inside and out), and have the ability to do full customization work? If an RV mecca like this sounds like music to your ears, keep reading.

rv storage center
We’re not all lucky enough to have a setup like this at home

Coming very soon, Dylans RV Center will be opening a state of the art, 10-acre motor home service center and storage facility just down the road from our flagship location in Sewell, NJ. We fully understand the task it can be not only to get your coach ready for the winter months, but what a chore it can be to get your motor home ready for your next trip. Inspecting your brakes, tires, windows, gauges, slides, side-view and rearview cameras, water tanks, electrical components, auto-leveling jacks, and everything else is a job in itself. And don’t forget about stocking up on groceries, fueling up, and getting your coach washed before you hit the road. It’s a lot, and that’s why Dylans RV’s new concierge service will be available to our customers to have all of these things taken care of before you step inside your coach for your next trip. It’s as simple as picking up the phone, speaking with one of our certified RVDA technicians to let them know the day and time you need your coach ready for travel, and showing up to our facility.

If our concierge service packages aren’t what you require and you just need a safe and secure place to keep your motor home during the winter, we can accommodate that as well. Our goal is to deliver a service experience to our customers that is unparalleled in the motor home industry. What do we mean by that? How about priority service where no appointment is required to have your coach worked on – regardless of where you purchased it from? How about a one-stop shop for service, customization, detailing, and storage? How about a valet service that will pick up and deliver your coach to you wherever you are in the country? All of this can be yours for a low monthly fee with one of our new service center concierge packages.

For more information on our new state of the art service center opening this fall or to reserve storage space, call us at 856-228-0090 or email us at info@dylansrv.com.

Do you have questions about purchasing a new or pre-owned motorhome or just about the luxury motor home lifestyle in general? If so, please contact us so we can answer all of your questions and concerns!


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