What To Keep In Your Glove Box

When utilized efficiently, the glove box in your car can be a valuable part of your vehicle. This is the place where you can keep everything from an emergency First Aid kit to your insurance and registration. However, it’s important that you don’t overcrowd your glove box with unnecessary items that will only get in the way.

Here are some of the items that you are most likely to need when behind the wheel of your car. By keeping them handy in your glove box, you’ll be able to easily access everything inside without having to rummage around your vehicle aimlessly.

Drivers Information

This is a biggie. In the event you ever get pulled over or get into an accident, you’ll need to be able to show your license and registration in a hurry. If you aren’t able to show these documents, then you can be arrested. Do yourself a favor and keep these things within reach and you’ll be able to keep calm in an otherwise uneasy situation.


Having a flashlight will come in handy at night. There are countless scenarios that could take place that would result in you needing to pull over and check your car out at night. But if you don’t have a flashlight, you’ll be putting yourself in danger. While you may keep the rest of your emergency items in the back, keep your flashlight in the glove box.


First-Aid Kit

There are some oversized First-Aid kits that will not fit into a glove box. However, you can get a miniature kit that has just the basics and leave it within reach. Hopefully you never have to use it, but a small First-Aid kit will come in handy in the event of a minor medical mishap.

Pro Tip – Inside of your First-Aid kit, include an In Case of Emergency (ICE) card. This is a common place that people will look, and they will find contact information in the event of an accident or other emergency.

Slimed Down Version of Your Owners Manual

Your owner’s manual is important, but it isn’t something that you need to keep in your glove box at all times. That being said, there is still some valuable information that will come from your owner’s manual. Therefore, keep just the important details in a slimed down version, and then toss the rest of the book in a safe place.

Phone Charger

With as much as you rely on your smartphone for, keeping a portable charger will help you avoid a dead battery while on the road. While you may be able to charge your phone when you get home in most cases, think about what would happen if your battery died and you had an emergency while on the road. You can avoid this from happening by keeping a phone charger readily available in your glove box.

Your glove box space is limited, so it should be optimized with the items that you’re going to need most. As you fill your glove box, consider the valuable items here as the things you are most likely to need while on the road.

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