Why It’s Better to Travel in the Fall than the Summer

While it’s “officially” been fall for about a month now, we haven’t felt the full seasonal change until the last week or so. Leaves are changing (and falling off the trees in bunches), the days are getting shorter, we’re in full swing of football season, and the weather is starting to cool off considerably. For some, this time of year can be slightly dreary – after all, just a few short weeks ago many of us were still in vacation mode, then, BAM! You went from sipping cocktails on the beach to lazy Sunday’s in hoodies and sweatpants. See what we mean when we use the word ‘dreary’ (A.K.A. putting it lightly)? However, there’s still reason to keep your head up as we inch closer to those cold winter months, particularly if you own a motor home. Depending on how you look at it, road tripping in the fall may actually be better than traveling in the summer.

It’s way less crowded – everywhere

Taking a road trip in the summer isn’t exactly an original idea. The weather’s nicer, people have time off, and everyone is looking to cram in some family vacation time over a few short months. All of these things combine for crowded campgrounds, crowded beaches, crowded roadways, crowded state parks…get the point? Planning your trip for the fall is not only going to be a lot less expensive because you’re vacationing in the off-season, but it may also prove to be a lot more peaceful. No long lines, no parking on top of one another, less noise, sounds kind of nice.

Fall foliage = beautiful scenery

Acadia National Park in the fall

We already know that vacationing in a motor home is completely different than traditional traveling. Some of the best parts of your trips in a luxury coach involve the scenery. For example, driving through New England when the leaves are changing creates some of the most breathtaking landscapes the country has to offer. Plan a trip to Acadia national park in Bar Harbor, ME to get the full effect. You’ll definitely be the envy of all your Instagram followers…for that week, at least.

No oppressive heat

Most of us can agree that warm weather is great, but at the same time most of us will also say that excessive heat is miserable. When it’s too hot, the idea of going hiking or exploring a new town isn’t even close to appealing. There’s very little joy that can be experienced when you’ve sweated through multiple outfits in the same day. In the fall, that’s rarely an issue. You may be rewarded with an unseasonably warm day (somewhere in the 70’s, perhaps), and it will most likely get to the mid 40’s at night, but seldom will you find yourself absolutely freezing or feeling like you’re going to pass out from heat exhaustion. Remember, you can always layer up if it’s too cold, but we all reach a limit to what we can shed when it’s too hot.

Obviously, everyone has different opinions on when the best time of year is to travel. For some, traveling in the fall may not even be an option. But, if you have the opportunity, take a week in the fall to see what it’s like…you may be surprised.

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