Why It’s Better To Watch Super Bowl XLVIII From Your Forest River Berkshire

2014 Forest River Berkshire 400QL
2014 Forest River Berkshire 400QL

It’s Super Bowl week!  For all of you football fanatics out there, the glamor of the Super Bowl and all the hype surrounding the game (perhaps the greatest QB of all time and the league’s record setting offense going up against one of the up and coming, play-making QB’s and the NFL’s top defense and the first ever cold weather Super Bowl.  Whew, that was a lot.) takes some of the focus away from the fact that it’s almost February and we’re cold.  Like, really cold.  But we’re men (and very strong women)!  We’re not going to let a little weather get in the way of traveling up to the Meadowlands and having an awesome tailgate in our motor home.  Wait? What’s that you say? Metlife Stadium isn’t allowing any tailgating before the game?  And tickets cost how much?!   Ah, don’t worry about any of those things.  Read on because we’re about to tell you exactly why it’s better to enjoy the entire experience of the spectacle that is the Super Bowl from the plush confines of your Forest River Berkshire rather than being at the game.

Tickets are insanely expensive

The cheapest ticket to this Super Bowl on StubHub is around $1,600 for nosebleed seats.  With 20 year financing at 5.99%, that’s more than your monthly Berkshire payment.  And if you plan on bringing the family along for the ride then you may be spending almost a years’ worth of payments on one football game! Is your company thinking about getting a suite to entertain some of your biggest clients?  No biggie, it’ll only run you around $500,000.  What?! That is completely ridiculous (unless the Eagles are in the Super Bowl, then you gladly dish out half a mil).  You could buy two Forest River Berkshire 400QL’s with that kind of cash which will bring you way more than one evenings worth of enjoyment.

Concessions are also insanely expensive

With the combination of already extremely inflated prices for drinks (both alcoholic and non) and food at NFL stadiums around the country, let’s now combine that with the fact that this is the Super Bowl and it’s in North Jersey.  Beers are regularly a measly $14.  And that’s not even for good beer, we’re talking about Bud Light here, people.  Hungry? $6 hot dogs, $11 chicken fingers, and $10 Sloppy Joe’s are bountiful at Metlife Stadium.  So let’s do some simple math.  You, your wife, and 2 kids go to the game.  Each kid eats chicken fingers and drinks 2 sodas, the adults have 2 or 3 beers a piece and 2 hot dogs each, you grab a game program, and hats for the kids…plus tickets.  Total bill (not including possible hotel, parking, and other transportation costs or Super Bowl inflation) = approximately $6,500.  Highly doubtful you’ll spend anywhere close to that eating awesome, healthy food and snacks you prepared in your Berkshire diesel that has more counter space than your kitchen at home, a full sized refrigerator, a gas stove, and a convection microwave.  Not to mention that it’s beautifully crafted and features LG HI-MACS solid surface countertops and a gorgeous tile backsplash.

Cooking fresh, quality food is so much better than eating junk at a stadium

Forest River Berkshire Kitchen
Forest River Berkshire Kitchen

As we just mentioned, the Forest River Berkshire 400QL has an amazing kitchen and appliances and the food at Metlife stadium, while tasty, isn’t exactly what you would call “high quality”.  So put that kitchen to work cooking up Super Bowl favorites that the family will love.  Check out these recipes and ideas from Food Network.  Oh, and we doubt you’ll spend anywhere near the cash you would drop at the game.

Your Forest River Berkshire is far more comfortable than sitting in seats so high up that you can use the moon as an armrest

Forest River Berkshire Living Area
forest river berk tv Forest River Berkshire Living Area

The Forest River Berkshire 400QL has 2 LCD TV’s, an L shaped couch, a booth dinette, a fire place, and heat!  None of those things will be available to you at Metlife Stadium, unless of course you opt for the luxury suite package in the $500k range.  Don’t forget, the captain’s chairs spin around to face the living area to add some extra seating for your family and guests.


So if you happen to be in the market for Super Bowl tickets, think twice before you purchase, because you may be missing an amazing opportunity to bring the family closer together and add an element of luxury to your life that has no equal.  Oh, and by the way, Forest River is currently offering a $10,000 Factory Rebate on all 2014 Berkshire and Charleston models and a $5,000 Factory Rebate on 2014 Legacy’s! Call us for details!

We almost forgot!  Dylans RV Center will be featured on FOX’s Good Day Philadelphia tomorrow and Wednesday where the show will be broadcasting from our 2014 Entegra Anthem!

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