Why You Need To Know EVERY Feature Of Your Motor Home

Perhaps the most appealing part of purchasing a motor home is all of the features luxury coaches come with nowadays. New Class A motor homes are obviously beautiful to look at on both the interior and exterior, but it’s the intricate features of the unit that really make vacationing in one so pleasurable. Ah, yes. The features. Everyone loves the features. “What kind of features does it have?”… “What features have changed from last years model?”…Show me the features!”

New motor homes come with so many features – some more flashy and noticeable than others (i.e. an outdoor entertainment center or an electric awning), and some that are absolutely imperative when it comes to living comfortably while on the road (i.e. how to use your battery charger or how to hook up your electric at a camp site). It’s those unsexy features that motor home owners need to have intimate knowledge of that will be the difference between living comfortably while out on the road or being in a world of frustration.

motorhome features
Get to know the utility compartment of your motor home

One thing everyone should do upon taking delivery of their coach from a dealer is to make sure to pay very close attention to all of the ins and outs of every feature. This is important regardless of how long you’ve been RVing for. Don’t assume that you have everything figured out just because you’ve owned a motor home for a few years – manufacturers are constantly adding, removing, and changing the features included in their new models. In some cases, the full walk through of a motor home can take a couple of hours, so if you’re going to be spending that amount of time with your salesperson make sure to ask lots of questions and it may not even be a bad idea to take notes on certain things. After all, if you’ve never had to flush out a black tank at a busy campground before, not only could you potentially make a huge mess, but you could also have a lot of ticked off RVers waiting behind you in line while you fumble around trying to figure it out.

In addition to taking notes and asking tons of questions, be sure to bring someone else along with you when taking delivery of your new coach…preferably, someone that will be traveling with you like your spouse or adult child. This can prove to be beneficial for a couple of reasons. 1. It’s good to have another person who knows how to maintain the motor home riding along with you. It takes the pressure off one person being solely responsible for conducting all of the routine maintenance. 2. The person with you taking delivery may think to ask questions or point things out that you may not have noticed or just wouldn’t have thought are important enough to comment on. Like we said, ask lots of questions. The more information you have, the better prepared you’ll be for motor home ownership.

The loads of features your new coach will come with and learning about all of them can definitely be overwhelming for some. So do lots of homework before you buy, watch videos, read articles, talk to friends, and most importantly, pay attention. Everyone knows how to turn on a TV, but not everyone knows how to conduct a full inspection of their utility compartment.

Do you have questions about purchasing a new or pre-owned motorhome or just about the luxury motor home lifestyle in general? If so, please contact us so we can answer all of your questions and concerns!



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