Why You Should Buy A Garage Coach as Your Next Motor Home

If you’re in the market for a luxury Class A or Super C motor home, you’ve probably already decided that traditional methods of traveling aren’t for you. You’ve recognized the appeal of being able to pick up at a moments notice, gather your family, and see parts of the country you thought you would never see and meet people you thought you would never meet – all while staying in your own private palace on wheels. No more rushing through busy airports, no more hotel stays.

Since you’re now one of the rapidly growing population of motor home owners who like to do things a bit differently, why don’t you consider RVing differently as well? Toy haulers and garage coach motor homes are not nearly as common as their towable counterparts, but they are awesome and can completely change the way you experience life on the road. Here are a few reasons why…

1.    You can bring your toys with you!

Clearly, this is the most obvious reason why a garage coach makes for a great purchase, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t mention it here! It’s no secret that many motor home enthusiasts also have an equal enthusiasm for motorized sports. Do you and the kids have dirt bikes? Bring them.  Quads? Bring them. Dune buggies? You get the point. The garage space in your coach will help to add another element of fun to your future vacations.

garage coach motor homes
ShowHauler garage coach

2.    You now have a deck!

The additional space in the garage doesn’t have to be used solely for storing your toys; it can double as a deck also. However, if you’re lucky enough to have a multi-level garage, it could be used as both. Many garages come equipped with folding/removable benches and tables (as seen in this Newmar Canyon Star) as well as full entertainment centers that become the perfect indoor/outdoor living space. If you happen to find yourself at a campground entertaining lots of people, your garage can be used as that added space you need to accommodate everyone comfortably.

garage coach motor homes
Newmar Canyon Star Garage Unit

3.    Storage, Storage, Storage

If the storage space under the cabin of your coach doesn’t quite fit the bill for your needs, then a garage coach may be just what you’re looking for. A 10-foot garage will certainly help to increase the amount of cargo you can bring along with you on your travels. This especially applies to the full-timers out there or anyone considering full timing in their motor home. Unavoidably, over time we accumulate lots and lots of things whether we mean to or not. So if your coach is your home, having the extra storage space may be a good thing.

4.    Lots of sleeping space

While most luxury motor homes will sleep roughly 6 people comfortably, some garage coach’s will have dedicated sleeping space for up to 10. If you have a big family or take plan on taking multiple trips with lots of friends, the spare sleeping space can prove to be quite nice. Your best bet will be to find a Class A garage coach that has electric drop down bunks. This way, your garage can be a garage by day and a bedroom by night.

If you’re traveling with a large family, lots of toys, or have a great need for extra storage, it may be in your best interest to investigate the qualities of a garage coach.

Do you have questions about purchasing a new or pre-owned garage coach motor home or about living the luxury motor home lifestyle in general? If so, please contact us so we can answer all of your questio

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