Having an awesome soundtrack is one of the most important parts of taking a long road trip, if you ask us. The power of music is strong and we’re here to help you harness that power by making sure your coach is equipped with some audio equipment that produces such a crisp, clear sound that even you won’t be able to ruin songs with your “singing”. The whole idea of owning a motor home is to be able to travel with all of the amenities you’re used to at home, so why should your music have to suffer just because you’re away from your expensive home audio system?

How far you wish to go in setting up your sound system is entirely up to you. Meaning, you can completely customize your coach with a full-blown home audio system and all the components (a/v receiver, amp, subwoofer, in-wall/in-ceiling speakers, etc.) fully installed or you can purchase an all in one micro hi-fi system that is fully capable of putting out great sounds. Like most things in life, it’ll come down to your personal preference and how important having quality sound is to you.

For the music enthusiast

If you’re really into music and you own a motor home, you’re in luck. High-end audio manufacturers like Polk Audio have you in mind and offer a full line of speakers and components specifically for RV’s. Consider replacing your in-wall speakers with a pair of the DXi651’s. For only around $100 for a pair, you’ll be getting insane value for your money. These speakers feature Polk’s patented Dynamic Balance technology that makes for great sound while driving out distortion and other unpleasant noises. You’ll also need a subwoofer or two depending on the size of your coach and also how much bass you want to kick out. For your subwoofer installation, consider tucking them away underneath a fold out couch. The interior body of the couch will act as a housing unit for the subs that will help to create a deep bass sound throughout the cabin while keeping the speakers completely hidden.

Keep in mind, with a good receiver you can also integrate this system with your TV to create an awesome movie viewing experience. Check out the MM Series by Polk…subs specifically designed to for auto that have great sound quality. Again, for the money (around $279 a piece), you really can’t go wrong.

DXi Polk Audio speakers

Pair the DXi’s and the MM sub with a PA D 4000.4 amp and now you’re cooking with butter. This sleek amp by Polk puts out triple the sound than some if it’s larger, but less powerful counterparts. Throw in a pair of 6×9’s for the outdoor patio area with extended wires so you can take your music outside with you and move the speakers around to best suit your needs. All in all, you just got yourself a brand new, top of the line audio system for your coach for less than $1,000. Not too shabby.

For the music dabbler

For those that like to listen to music but aren’t hell bent on having every individual component to their system, then you may want to check out the Sonos wireless hifi systems. Why is Sonos perfect for you, dabbler? Because there’s not a tangled mess of wires to work your way through and hide, you can stash speakers all around your motor home so they’re barely visible but totally able to be heard and then some, and their systems are extremely user friendly. Sonos offers an app that allows users to control the entire system from essentially any mobile device and also has the ability to play different music in different rooms (What do you mean? You don’t want to listen to One Direction all night? No problem, close the door to the bedroom and listen to whatever you want while the kids do their thing). Finally, this system supports pretty much every music streaming app/service available so you’ll never be limited on what to listen to.


Hopefully, this will be somewhat helpful when you start thinking about how you can make your next trip just that much more enjoyable. In our opinion, each trip should come with its own soundtrack, just make sure you have a system that suits your needs to play it.

Do you have questions about purchasing a new or pre-owned motorhome or just about the RV lifestyle in general? If so, please contact us so we can answer all of your questions and concerns!

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