Fall Camping Destination in New Jersey: Take the Scenic Route!

If you’re looking for a great fall camping destination in New Jersey, why not plan a scenic tour? America’s Byways® is a collection of all of the less-traveled scenic routes through our beautiful nation, and while it pulls you away from the interstate or more heavily populated routes that get you where you’re going quicker, it’s the perfect way to travel in your new or used RV if you’re wanting a relaxed, beautiful road trip. If you love living in the moment and appreciating the beauty around you, check out these beautiful scenic byways in New Jersey this fall.

Delaware River Scenic Byway

Take time to appreciate the historic landscape of the Delaware River Valley and its role in shaping America’s history. This information is shared on the website:

The byway closely follows the still-intact 19th-century Delaware and Raritan (D&R) Canal that once powered the industrial revolution and now serves as both a recreational venue and water supply for thousands.

A gateway to American history, the Delaware River Scenic Byway is a story told along riverbanks and canal towpaths, at historic mills and farms, in quaint historic towns, and in the capital of one of the original thirteen states. Experience everything this byway has to offer from Trenton to Frenchtown.

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You can learn more about this scenic byway here.

Millstone Valley Scenic Byway

This gorgeous byway is found in north central New Jersey and is one for history buffs for sure! This information is included on the website:

[T]he Millstone Valley Scenic Byway offers you a glimpse into the past where well-preserved pieces of the canal era, the revolutionary war era, and early Dutch and American heritage live on. In addition to the major Revolutionary War troop movements and military campaigns that took place along the byway corridor, there are a remarkable number of intact historic districts, historic sites, and villages associated with each of these eras.

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Get more information about the byway here and here.

The scenic byways in New Jersey make for a beautiful day trip or a gorgeous drive to get to your destination, and there are lots of campgrounds in New Jersey that your family will love! Contact us if we can help you with some RV service before you hit the road.

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