What the Truck?!

An RV that slides into the bed of a pick-up truck?! That sounds like a dream come true! Dylan’s is thrilled to announce we have expanded our inventory to now include truck campers! The NuCamp Cirrus truck camper is now available for purchase at our Sewell, New Jersey show room! If you have never considered a truck camper before you might want to! These RVs are quickly gaining popularity in the RV world and it’s obvious why.


1. Easy to Drive

Truck campers slide right into the bed of a pickup truck so driving is no different that driving a truck. You don’t have to worry about heavy winds causing the vehicle to fishtail or hitching and unhitching every time you want to use your pickup truck.


2. Cheaper and Easier to Maintain

The fact that the truck and the truck camper are two different units makes maintenance a breeze. If you need to service your truck or want to upgrade you can without having to even worry about your truck camper. The same applies if you want to upgrade your truck camper, you can without having to buy a new truck. How great is that?! If your truck camper needs service you can just bring it in and drive right home in your truck!


3. Better Fuel Economy

It is much cheaper to fill up a pickup truck than a large motorhome. A truck camper is also much smaller and lighter than an RV so it does not require as much gas when on the road.


4. Easy to Store

Truck campers come with their own support system so you can remove your pickup truck and still enjoy camping! Their compact size makes them easy to store even in small places such as driveways! But if you need a place to store your RV Dylan’s makes it easy! We even have a state of the art service center with affordable storage available! Call (856)228-1003 to find out more information on RV service or storage!


5. No Registration Fees

Since the vehicle on this unit is a pickup truck, as long as your truck has registration and insurance you are good to go! No special registration, licenses, or permits needed.  It’s ready for you to go camping!

cirrus collage.jpg

6. Amenities

These truck campers are ahead of their time! They feature many luxurious features that are not standard in this type of RV. The ALDE heating system is guaranteed to keep this unit warm even in the coldest of temperatures. There are convectors in the walls and coils in the floors that release heat that circulates throughout the unit. When the heat rises it creates a barrier over the windows to keep the chill out! This unit also features a FROLI box spring system. The independent springs can be moved to different distances to eliminate any pressure points. The woven vinyl infinity flooring is built tough in the USA so you know it’s going to last. There is even an entertainment system at the end of the bed that can swivel to be viewed anywhere in the unit.  To see all of the cool features come to Dylan’s RV Center to see it for yourself, or take a virtual tour with Autumn! Watch the video below!