The Journey to Anywhere Starts at Our New Jersey RV Dealer

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If you’re planning a visit to our New Jersey RV dealer, then chances are that it isn’t the only trip you have in mind! After all, you’re not looking into getting an RV just to see how it looks in your driveway; you want to explore.

So, where should you set your sights? The team here at Dylans RV has some great destinations in mind, and a lot of them are closer than you think.

Exploring the East Coast

Everyone always says that traveling is about the journey rather than the destination, and that’s definitely the case when you’re enjoying the scenery from the comfort of a new RV from our New Jersey dealership. Whether you head north or south, the coastline promises a great adventure.

Heading north, New England has a lot to offer for road trippers. Whether you’re looking for long standing cultural spots or untouched wilderness, New England has it. You can even head as far north as Quebec or Montreal to get a taste of even more old world buildings.

Road trip destinations

To the south, the Southeastern Coast is waiting to deliver on sprawling scenes that compete with those of classic destinations out west, but do so closer to home. Traveling through Virginia and the Carolinas, the beaches are just begging to be explored or, maybe even better, laid out on for a nice break.

Slightly farther inland, the same states give way to Appalachia. A perfect route is the Blue Ridge Parkway, a famous stretch of nearly 500 miles that winds and weaves along the ridge and provides breathtaking sights at every turn.

Whichever point of the compass you follow, your adventure is sure to be one-of-a-kind in a new RV! For more information, or to start preparing for your trip by checking out a new RV or camper, be sure to contact Dylans RV online or to call our team at (856) 228 0090 today!

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