Creative Road Trip Games to Help Pass the Time

Your motor home is the key to never ending entertainment, but that doesn’t mean every moment on the road is an exciting one. You surely know the boredom that creeps in when you’ve been travelling for a while and each signpost and mile marker starts to look the same. Remember, though, that’s it’s also about the journey, not just the destination, so it’s in your best interest to have as much fun as as possible on your trip. Liven things up with some of these road games, and you’ll pass the time a little more easily.

Exquisite Corpse

Never mind the grotesque name – this game is loads of fun and family friendly. There are a few variations on it, but they all require team input and startling results. In its original form, Exquisite Corpse is a drawing game, so you’ll need some paper and drawing utensils. Take a piece of paper and fold it across into however many players there are. Each player takes turns drawing on only their part of the paper, extending their art slightly onto the other spaces but also being mindful not to peek at what other players have drawn. When everyone’s finished, take a look at the finished drawing to find out what kind of baffling collaborative artwork you’ve all come up with.


Group Storytime

Exquisite Corpse can be fun, but it leaves the poor driver out of the game. If everyone wants to play, consider choosing a game that requires no pen or paper. Going around in a circle, take turns in providing one sentence to a growing story. The beauty of this game lies in its open-endedness, as how tame or ridiculous your tale ends up depends on your group. Plus, it can last as long as your players are willing to come up with a storyline. For extra credit, see who can come up with the best illustration for your group story.

Fortunately, Unfortunately

The idea of Fortunately, Unfortunately is similar to group storytelling, but with a clever twist. One player gives the group an unfortunate scenario, and the next player comes up with a way of getting out of that messy situation. Then, the next player provides an unfortunate twist to the second player’s solution. For example: “Unfortunately, I forgot to pack my lunch to school,” to which a player could respond, “Fortunately, I brought some lunch money with me.” A third player could then respond, “Unfortunately, a bully stole my lunch money,” and so on. After a few rounds, you’ll be laughing at how far you’ve come from the original premise.

Twenty Questions

While this classic game doesn’t win any points for novelty, it does take some creativity to play well. If you’re unfamiliar with the game, all it takes is at least two people and a little bit of brain power. One person takes a turn by thinking of something–anything–and the other players have to figure it out, but only by asking yes-or-no questions. As per the game title, they have 20 attempts to suss it all out. Is it a person? Is it a famous character? Perhaps. You’re only limited by your imagination.

When you’ve had enough of the road, you could always turn to the radio, or even a board game. However, these games rely on few materials and a lot of creativity, making them creative ways to pass the time. You might just find you and your group playing them even when you’re off the road!