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Keeping the Crew Busy on Your Next Road Trip

Games for RV travel

One of the best benefits of owning a recreational vehicle is that you can get comfortable and settle in for long trips. While having food, space, and bathroom facilities on board opens up the door for trips to farther destinations, all the comfort in the world won’t save you from the road trip’s natural enemy–bored kids.

Keeping your passengers, especially younger ones, busy can help make sure things go smoothly. So what should you bring along to keep the crew busy? Here are a few of our favorite suggestions.

Card Games

Having table space and seats that face each other available changes the game for RV trips–literally! Cards might seem impossible on a car ride, but they’re a no brainer in the RV. From the classics you play with a standard deck to specialized games like Uno, card games are versatile enough that you can get a lot of options from something that’s the size of… well, the size of a deck of cards! Switch to a new game when the novelty wears off and you’ll be able to watch the miles fly by.

Card game at an RV table

Video Games

Whether handheld or on the TV, video games are almost magic in the way they captivate children for long stretches. Even better, most modern consoles allow you to download games directly onto the console so that you can avoid losing space to a bulky collection. If you do need to bring discs, a travel DVD case can pack them into a tiny space.

Outdoor Games

Great for a campground, outdoor games help travellers to stretch their legs and get the blood flowing. Even during a rest stop, a quick game can be perfect if it’s fast to set up. Ladder ball, a game where you toss balls on strings onto a ladder made of piping, has become popular in the past few years, and its easy-to-assemble PVC frame is lightweight and compact.

You can also consider a washer toss. Similar to corn hole, this game involves tossing washers into a low box with an upright PVC pipe in the center; you get points for landing in the box, and more points for landing inside the pipe. To save space, you can use chalk in place of the box and just stand the short piece of pipe in the center.

Whatever you and your family get into to pass the time, a road trip is a great time to bond and enjoy each other’s company while you’re traveling. For more information on RV road tripping, be sure to contact Dylans RV by calling (856) 228-0090 today.